Searching for the Church: Finding One Faith

Searching for the Church: Finding One Faith

by Art Stanton


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In this era of merging nations or One World Government interests, it might well be essential that Americans strengthen their own internal representation of God if we hold expectations of maintaining a separate identity among the greater international religious mix. Who we are as people capable of setting excellent examples for those we strive to lead into the first world thought patterns might be aided by impeccable comprehension of those very guides that we deem as informative. It might be rather contemptuous of a nation of America's material wealth to identify economics with moral standing. None-the-less, we have arrived at the end of the age. The time is full with the present position of circumstances as they have remained for the past two thousand years. Having witnessed the events prophesied for this time, we would be remiss not to be concerned with events laying ahead in the next age, the Age of Aquarius. I do not represent myself as a prophet, the time itself has closed all events for this epoch; but I suggest some considerations of biblical perspectives that are linguistically beyond doubt. Many of which include unique and international demands upon the human population for these very frightening times.

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The author spent his formative years as a member of a family of diverse religious denominations. Consequently, he was exposed to mudslinging and grudge grinding among the holiest people in his world, his family members. After years of subjection to various inflexible opinions, it came as a jolt; all of these dissenting opinions were based on one source document, the Bible.
This revelation was more than strange. Where intellects were above average, it seemed that religion stymied reasoning capacity so that otherwise cordial family members bordered on hostilities, at least on subject matters that dredged up religious faith.
At length, the slogan," the devil made them do it", did not seem so farfetched.
This text is the result of seeking for resolutions to family disagreements on biblical beliefs in the hope that zealotry may no longer leave the room when reason arrives at the family reunion.

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