Seven Cups of Consciousness: Change Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms

Seven Cups of Consciousness: Change Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms

by Aleya Dao
Seven Cups of Consciousness: Change Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms

Seven Cups of Consciousness: Change Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms

by Aleya Dao


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Knowing that you are “a spiritual being having a human experience” is eye-opening and inspiring, but can it tangibly transform your life? Pioneering healer Aleya Dao does more than say yes to this question — she shows you how, with stories and practices that are as potent and fresh as a morning cup of coffee or tea. By turning to your inner world, you can work with the limitless energies that create your outer world, making strides you never thought possible. With the help of your Higher Self, your angelic support Team, and the challenges you encounter every day, you will discover a whole new experience of empowerment, purpose, and joy.

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Publication date: 08/15/2015
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Aleya Dao opened the first alternative health clinic in Telluride, Colorado, and has an international healing practice through her online subscribers and students. She splits her time between her home in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Clovis, California, and Santa Barbara, California.

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Seven Cups of Consciousness

Change Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms

By Aleya Dao

New World Library

Copyright © 2015 Aleya Dao
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60868-333-8



You Live in a Multidimensional Reality

You are a multidimensional being expressing yourself in multiple realms.

The world you live in is made up of multiple dimensions. The physical dimension is just one floor of a multistory building. Each floor or dimension holds different energies and levels of consciousness.

The physical dimension contains solid objects, a linear time line, finite resources, and limited space. You can only accomplish a certain amount in a day, depending on your energy level, the amount of time you have, and the resources available to you. It is a finite experience.

The nonphysical dimensions are more etheric realities. Time is not linear, space is infinite, and resources are endless. For example, when you dream, a few seconds may seem like several hours. During a meditation, you may grasp a concept in seconds that might otherwise take years of study to fully comprehend. When you use your imagination or fantasize, you are accessing different dimensions that contain different layers of information and perspectives.

Let's take a quick dimensional trip. Imagine standing in the lobby of a hotel. You step into a glass elevator and press the button for the sixth floor. As you ascend and look down at the lobby, you have a different vantage point. You see things that you could not see before. When you arrive on the sixth floor, you are able to access information that would have been otherwise unavailable. Once you have gathered all the information you need, you travel back down to the lobby. When you use your energetic glass elevator, you may find yourself traveling faster than light and receiving profound wisdom. You will see your challenges from a different angle. You will come up with solutions and receive new insights.

The information you access can be viewed as physiological (simply a function of the human brain), as spiritual (a connection to God), or as an energetic multidimensional reality, depending on how you view the nature of the Universe.

The key lies in your ability to focus on your inner world, using your imagination and intent as a way to connect to other dimensions. When you close your eyes and focus on your breath, you take your awareness off your outer physical life and move into an inner dimensional one. This shift in awareness opens you up to a multidimensional reality.

As you sip from this First Cup, I will share with you how to stay in your glass elevator and safely travel from the physical dimension up into the higher dimensions. You will learn how to receive information from these higher realms in a way that empowers you and helps you change your life.


Let's take a moment to explore some of the energetic facets that make up your multidimensional reality.

Divine Line

Inside you flows an energetic river of light that I call the divine line. It is energetically attached to the front of your spine. Imagine your divine line as a column, a tube, or your inner glass elevator shaft. The light that flows in your divine line is your essence, the aspect of you that is divine and perfect. You are just a beam of light. Isn't that refreshing? All you need to do is love the light that flows in your divine line. That should be much easier than loving your belief systems, your behavior, your consciousness, and any issues you might have.

The more you hold your awareness in your divine line, the easier your life becomes. If you hold your awareness outside your divine line, you will experience disconnection, loneliness, and a fear of abandonment. When you take a deep breath and pull yourself into your divine line, you will perceive a greater sense of connection and safety.

Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the aspect of you that is expressed in a higher dimension. When you travel up your divine line, you are able to connect with your Higher Self, which has access to your energetic fields. Think of it as the aspect of you that is hanging out on the higher floors and has the bird's-eye view.

Divine Spark

You also express yourself in the divine Source. Source is known in many religions as God or the place where we are all One. From my perspective, God is not an omniscient being or person. Instead, God or Source is the essential consciousness that creates life and being-ness in this Universe. Each of us is an aspect of Source. I call this aspect your divine spark; it is your God-self. Your spark creates a reflection of light that creates your divine line. You are just a beam of light expressing and radiating from Source. How lovely.

Divine Cosmic Loop

You have another energetic aspect that I call your divine cosmic loop. Your divine spark creates your divine line, which loops. Imagine light flowing from your divine spark in the heart of Source, down through the top of your head, down the front of your spine, out your base chakra, and into the heart of Earth. It then loops back up to your divine spark in the heart of Source. When you hold your awareness in your divine cosmic loop, you will feel a greater sense of freedom, power, and connection.

Body Deva

Your body has its own consciousness, which I call the body deva. I think of the body deva as a nature spirit and as an aspect of Earth. Your body deva has its own divine line, just like you do. While your divine line runs along the front of your spine, your body deva's divine line runs through the spine, more specifically within and around the spinal cord. It flows out the base of the spine, into the heart of Earth. Earth is also a conscious, evolving being. She too has a divine spark in the heart of Source that creates her own divine cosmic loop. Your body deva's divine line is connected to the cosmic loop of Earth.

Energy Fields and Chakras

As your divine line flows up and down the front of the spine, and your body deva's divine line flows through the spine, energy passes back and forth between these two lines. This exchange of energy and information creates the energy centers known as chakras, which in turn create your energy fields.

Your energy fields are another energetic aspect of you. Your Higher Self uses your energy fields to receive information, shift energy, and connect with your body deva and your Team.

Your Higher Self is far wiser than your mind. It carries your Soul's wisdom from all your lifetimes. This energetic part of you does all your heavy lifting in the higher realms. The more you use your Higher Self, the faster and stronger your shifts will be.

Your Team and Guides

You are not alone. You have both guides and a Team of angelic beings who surround and support you. Your Team members are Souls who are living in a higher dimension and have agreed to support you. You may perceive them as male or female or as a group. Your Team members surround you 24/7, never leaving you. Your guides appear and support you depending on your needs. Your guides are usually more evolved than you and your Team. They may consist of archangels, saints, or Ascended Masters, all of whom are highly evolved beings. Your guides and Team are here to help you. All you need to do is ask.

The Higher Self, divine lines, divine spark, divine cosmic loop, chakras, energetic fields, Team, and guides are all expressed in nonphysical dimensions. You can use these dimensional aspects as resources to help you evolve your consciousness, manifest your intentions, and transform your challenges.

Since an image is worth a thousand words, you can go online to see the images I created that depict these energetic aspects: www.cupsofconsciousness/meditations.

The Cosmic Two-by-Four

During my first enlightenment experience in 2001, I was engulfed in a multidimensional reality, which felt just as real as the physical world. It was an amazing, overwhelming, clarifying experience that took me years to fully comprehend and integrate.

Your first experience of a multidimensional reality may be just as mind-blowing. Any time your perception of reality radically shifts in a positive way, it is a moment of enlightenment. You may have many mini-moments of enlightenment in your life, or you may have one big one. To give you a taste of what a "big one" feels like, I will share mine in more detail.

My awakening moment came while I was receiving a sound healing session. As Mary McLaughlin's "Bring the Peace" pulsed through the sound table, and I took a deep breath, my consciousness abruptly altered.

My awareness instantly shifted from the physical realm into a higher realm. A white light flashed over me, and I found myself standing on a platform of light looking down at the planet. I felt an exquisite vibration of love. I saw thousands of light-beings full of love and compassion surrounding Earth. Millions of lines of light encircled the planet, creating spheres and grids that held uncountable numbers of vibrations and consciousnesses.

I felt peaceful, warm, safe, and connected to this exquisite fabric of love. There was a profound sense of support and strength inside me. I had clarity and a deep understanding about the nature and purpose of life that reached far beyond the simple knowing of my mind.

I felt a group of light-beings around me, and a surge of energy pushed me off my platform of light. I instinctively curled into a tight ball as I accelerated down a tunnel. The music became louder, and I felt myself passing through thick blankets of light, the energetic veils that separate the dimensions.

I became aware of my body and felt a current of energy rushing down the back of my neck and down the front of my spine. I could feel a river of light flowing through the top of my head, down the front of my spine, through the center of Earth, and looping up behind me into the heart of Source, where my divine spark resides. I could feel and hear a group of energetic beings around me. I would later refer to this river of light as my divine line, and the angelic ones as my Team.

I felt my body tingling and radiating with energy. I could literally feel the light emanating from my fingertips. My awareness of the other realms activated. I felt the exquisite vibration of love encompassing everything. I had a deep inner knowing of my own essence and of my journey that extended far beyond my earthly years. All that I had known quietly faded away and a deep peace, connection, and inner knowing of who I truly am came into being. From that moment on, I was aware.

Many mystics have talked about this experience as an awakening or as enlightenment, and I can see why. I literally awakened to a new reality. Everything was different. I could see through the veils, the energetic curtains that separate the dimensions. I perceived swirls of color, light, and sound representing subtle energies. Information flowed to me via channels that had just opened up for me. I could see and understand a new conception of reality.

I slowly got off the table and instantly felt dizzy. I sat down for a moment and collected myself before I quietly thanked the practitioner and headed for the door. As I stood outside, taking deep breaths of cold air, I felt my Team surround me. I got in my car, and heard them say: "Now drive."

I thought to myself, "Sure, no problem. I just shifted my entire reality. I have had a massive spiritual awakening, and I am now able to perceive multiple dimensions simultaneously. My body is tingling and shaking with energy. And they want me to drive?" I made it two blocks before I had to pull over and walk the short distance home.

That night as I lay in bed vibrating, I thought about my new reality. I could feel a river of light inside me. I could feel how the river is connected to Source. I could perceive other realms and beings in other realms. I could hear other people's thoughts and feel their feelings. If I had not been an alternative medicine practitioner and a doctor of Oriental Medicine, I might have thought I was experiencing a psychotic break. Fortunately, I had read about all the potential symptoms of an enlightenment experience.

Of course, it's one thing to read about these experiences, but to actually have them ...? Well, there is no comparison. Your journey is yours, and yours alone. Whatever you have read in a book (even this one) cannot completely prepare you for a major shift in consciousness. But it can help remove the fear of having totally lost it.

Developing Your Energetic Senses

Being aware of and feeling the energy in the other dimensions is different from feeling and being aware of energy in the physical dimension. It is not something you can tangibly see with your eyes, touch with your hands, smell with your nose, or hear with your ears. The energy in the other realms is subtle. It may feel like little wisps of energetic wind, a flash of light, a tingle on your arm, a quick high-pitched ringing in your ears, a weird swirling sensation in your head.

Your body's five senses give you information about the physical dimension. In addition to your five physical senses, you have five energetic senses. When you develop your energetic senses, you will be able to perceive other dimensions.

The easiest way to develop your energetic senses is to identify your strongest physical sense. When you talk, do you describe things by the way they look, sound, feel, smell, or taste? Are you more sensitive to light, sounds, smells, taste, or touch? When you determine your strongest physical sense, you can focus on strengthening and opening this sense at an energetic level.

Imagine having energetically sensitive eyes, ears, nose, mouth, or hands. Think of these energetic senses as your sixth sense. They pick up information in dimensions other than the physical. Clairsentience is energetically feeling, also know as empathic sensitivity. Clairvoyance is using your energetic eyes, also known as your third eye. Hearing energetically is called clairaudience. Clairgnosis is clear knowing. The ability to energetically taste is clairgustance. And having an energetically awakened nose is clairalience. Everyone has the ability to energetically feel, hear, see, smell, and taste. You may have already developed a few of your five energetic senses.

When you are just beginning, I recommend using your imagination. Imagining your energetic senses puts them into your conscious awareness, where you can pay better attention to them. The sensations are so subtle that, with all the noise of life, they can be easy to miss.

The more you use your Higher Self, imagination, and intent, the more you will develop multidimensional awareness. The energetic protocols and meditations in this book will also help you develop your energetic senses. I recommend doing this slowly and carefully. It can be intense if you go too quickly.

Get In Your Divine Line

Before you jump into pumping up your five energetic senses, I recommend first learning how to connect with your divine line. My expanded awareness of other dimensions was overwhelming; I needed to find a place where I could go that would be quiet, safe, peaceful, and calm. That place was in the inner waterfall of light: my divine line. You will need a place of refuge as well.

I learned the importance of connecting with my divine line from my angelic Team. One night I was having a hard time sleeping, which was not unusual, since sleep was hard to come by those first few years after my enlightenment experience. As I gazed up through the skylight at the starry sky, I felt the familiar presence of my Team. A soft shimmering vibration radiated around me. I felt a swirling in my head that made me dizzy as I received the energetic information. (I quickly learned that the fastest and easiest way to receive energetic information was to relax, close my eyes, let go of my need to know what the information was, and just feel the energy coming from my Higher Self.)

I felt my Team members come closer and heard their gentle, loving words, inviting me to take a deep breath in. As I relaxed, they pointed to the light flowing up and down the front of my spine. My Team said, "This is your divine line. Hold as much of your awareness as possible here. Connecting with your divine line is the safest way to travel to higher dimensions."

With each inhale I pulled myself more and more deeply into my divine line. After a few minutes, I felt a warm flow of energy gently pulsing up and down the front of my spine. I could see a beautiful, pure light flowing in this column, and a sense of peace and calm enveloped me. I felt myself standing in an exquisite shaft of light.

As I held my awareness on my divine line, my Team instructed me to firmly attach my divine line, which was bubbling off, to the front of my spine. I used my breath and asked my Higher Self to use my energy fields to firmly attach my divine line to the front of my spine.

If your divine line is not fully attached to the front of your spine it will negatively affect your chakras, your ability to be grounded, and your connection to your body. Imagine driving your car while simultaneously holding yourself off the driver's seat. If you have resistance about being in a human body, your divine line will not be firmly attached to the front of your spine and may bubble off, as mine did initially. This resistance makes for a bumpy ride.


Excerpted from Seven Cups of Consciousness by Aleya Dao. Copyright © 2015 Aleya Dao. Excerpted by permission of New World Library.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


1. FIRST CUP: You Live in a Multidimensional Reality,
2. SECOND CUP: You Are Never Alone,
3. THIRD CUP: You Can Change Your Inner World,
4. FOURTH CUP: Your Challenges Can Help You Grow,
5. FIFTH CUP: Your Body Is a Nature Spirit,
6. SIXTH CUP: Your Soul Has Wisdom and Inner Gifts,
7. SEVENTH CUP: You Are Perfect,
Conclusion: Sipping from All the Cups,
Audio Meditations,
Online Resources,
About the Author,

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