Sky Shamans of Mongolia: Meetings with Remarkable Healers

Sky Shamans of Mongolia: Meetings with Remarkable Healers

by Kevin B. Turner


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Part travelogue, part experiential spiritual memoir, Kevin Turner takes us to visit with authentic shamans in the steppes and urban centers of modern-day Mongolia. Along the way, the author, a practicing shaman himself, tells of spontaneous medical diagnoses, all-night shamanic ceremonies, and miraculous healings, all welling from a rich culture in which divination, soul-retrieval, and spirit depossession are a part of everyday life.
Shamanism, described in the 1950s by Mircea Eliade as "archaic techniques of ecstasy," is alive and well in Mongolia as a means of accessing "nonordinary realities" and the spirit world. After centuries of suppression by Buddhist and then Communist political powers, it is exploding in popularity in Mongolia. Turner gives compelling accounts of healings and rituals he witnesses among Darkhad, Buryat, and Khalkh shamans, and goes on to provide us with his insights into a universal shamanism, principles that lie at the heart of shamanic traditions worldwide. This astounding, inspiring book will appeal to shamans and shamanic therapists, students of Mongolian culture and comparative religion, and fans of off-grid travel memoirs.

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ISBN-13: 9781583946343
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 04/12/2016
Pages: 248
Sales rank: 1,245,854
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Kevin B. Turner is the director for Asia and faculty member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by Michael Harner. After years of study with yogis, monks, and lamas in India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Japan, Kevin met Michael Harner in 1997 and trained in core shamanism, an integrative, nontraditional approach to shamanism. He teaches Core Shamanism internationally, offering several workshops a year. Turner is also a full trainer at the Monroe Institute, which offers programs and training in the out-of-body experience, clairvoyance, remote viewing, psychokinesis, and psychopomp work.

Table of Contents

Introduction 3

Chapter 1 The Deep End First 13

Initial Interviews with Mongolian Shamans 17

Narantsetseg 17

Ariyunaa 20

Munkhbat 21

The Artful Dodger 22

Otgonbar 23

Damdinsuren 23

Journey to Khuvsgul Province 24

Chapter 2 Entering the Circle 37

A Convocation of Shamans-The Khentii Gathering 43

Chapter 3 The Many Lives of Mongolian Shamanism 59

Earliest Sources of Inner Asian Shamanism 59

Shamanism in the Era of the Great Khans 64

Mongolian Shamanism and the Reincarnated

Lama System in Tibet 68

Shamanism in the Communist Era 74

Chapter 4 Darkhad Shamans: Touching

Primordial Roots 77

Calling On The Constellation Of Destiny 77

A Shamanic Test 82

Darkhad Shamanic Cosmology 87

Munkhjargal Böö: A Darkhad Healing Ceremony 93

Chapter 5 Khalkh Shamans: Resurrection and Revival 99

Shona: A Khalkh Healing Session 101

Munkhbat: The Shaman Who Journeys 105

The Three Souls 109

Narantsetseg: Interview with a Khalkh Shamaness 110

Chapter 6 Buryat Shamans: Spiritual Warriors Of The North 123

Altantsetseg: Interview with a Buryat Shamaness 123

Delgernandjil: Russian Spies, Television Shows, and another Test 128

Ariyunaa: Shamanic Healing and Black Magic 130

Buryat Cosmology 136

Chapter 7 The Buryat Shanar: An Initiation of Death, Ascension, and Rebirth 139

The Buryat Shanar Initiation Ceremony 140

Sacred Space 140

Offerings to the Spirits 141

Circumambulating the Tree 144

The Ascent 145

The Return 146

Comparison to World-Ascension Initiations 148

Serpents of Knowledge 149

The Sacred Tree 150

The Ascension 151

Transcendence 154

The Sacred Return 154

Chapter 8 Mongolian Shamanism Meets The World: Challenges Ahead 157

Chapter 9 Shamanism As A

Personal Evolution 173

Shamanism as a Path to Awakening 173

The Universality of Shamanism 175

Tengerism: A Closer Look 177

Personal Myth 179

Shamanism and Science 180

Neuroscience 181

Studying With a Mongolian Shaman 182

The Future of Shamanism 182

Glossary 187

Notes 191

Bibliography 197

Index 203

Acknowledgments 211

About The Author 213

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