The Seres Agenda: (Uncover Deliberately Hidden Truth)

The Seres Agenda: (Uncover Deliberately Hidden Truth)

by Robert Scott Lemriel
The Seres Agenda: (Uncover Deliberately Hidden Truth)

The Seres Agenda: (Uncover Deliberately Hidden Truth)

by Robert Scott Lemriel


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                                                                        THE SERES AGENDA
                                                         (Uncover Deliberately Hidden Truth)

Mark Santfield was out camping in the High Sierra Mountains of Northern California and he did not see it coming. He had not suspected a thing, until the disc-shaped spaceship was hovering sixty-feet above him and that uplifting male human sounding voice telepathically introduced himself right inside his head.

Recently, he had became successful from the publication of his first conspiracy theory book about a shadowy government operating behind the scenes with suspected totalitarian extraterrestrial oversight, and he just finished doing research for his second book. He had interviewed dozens of men, women and children that claimed aliens abducted them, abused them in some manner, and then returned them with no memory of the experience. That is, until deep hypnosis regression therapy sessions awakened them to what actually happened. Even after he had finished interviewing the sincere claims of these people, Mark was still very skeptical about the truth of their stories, until the spaceship from another world and its seemingly benevolent pilot appeared overhead.

At that moment, the only thing he could think of was he was about to become like one of those questionable abducted people himself, except he was being asked. He mused about how ironic it was that he was about to gain first-hand experience aboard an alien space ship to actually discover the truth he sensed was mysteriously parallel to what was already in the sequel book he had just finished and titled,

                                                                         “The Seres Agenda.”

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692143872
Publisher: Total Spectrum Publishing
Publication date: 04/15/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 350
File size: 897 KB

About the Author

After forty-years of extensive direct experience-based research, R.Scott Lemriel has finally put forth the first of two published books - The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway (Book One of The Parallel Time Trilogy) - from among four completed book manuscripts. The Seres Agenda was created for the purpose of sharing Mr. Lemriel's uniquely uplifting and consciousness transforming adventures with his current and future readers for their unexpected benefit. The hidden truths revealed on this journey beyond Earth are entirely based on the author's direct experiences with uncovering hidden or subconsciously suppressed truth. This inter-dimensional door-opening book is now here on planet Earth.

Table of Contents


      Acknowledgments     i

  1  The Silent Observer     1

  2  Contact Over the Bermuda Triangle     5

  3  The Mysterious Ra Mu in Washington, D.C.     25

  4  The Hidden Doorway of Mt Shasta     29

  5  Earth's Secret Parallel Time     38

  6  Telemadia (3) - The Setting of a Dream     47

  7  Oceana and the Visions of Mayleena 54

  8  Etta and the Dren City of Onn     64

  9  The Orphan Sen Dar's Destiny     78

10  Reflections of Admiral Starland     99

11  Surprise Visit to Promintis     108

12  Sen Dar's Cave of Deliverance     112

13  Rude Awakening on Lodrea (3)     116

14  On the Journey to Yalgull Space     124

15  The Glonden - Yalgull Alliance     132

16  Child Lost and Found     142

17  Captain Kalem and a Dren Named Etta     156

18  Etta's Bond of Friendship     165

19  Sen Darion War and Peace     175

20 From Ashes to Fire on Maldec     197

21  Death and Transformation     223

22  Now That's a Way to Get Around!     236

23  Deception of Stralim on Atlantis     241

24  Lemuria, Ra Mu, and Kalem's Mission     248

25  A Rat in the Road to Romantic Destiny     254

26  A Madman's Demands     265

27  Fight in the Cavern of the Drens     273

28  Death and Resurrection     279

29  Reunion and a Fond Farewell     283

30  Romance in Paradise     289

31  Now I Have You - Now I Don't!     295

32  The Polar Shift     299

33  Meeting The Ancient One     308

34  Final Farewell on the Island of Atlantis     313

35  Escape to a Future Parallel Time     317

36  Starland Comes to Earth's Present Time     321

37  Return to the Parallel Lemuria of Earth     325

38  Master Ra Mu Returns Home     333

      Brief Synopsis for Books Two & Three     337

      Glossary of Characters and Terms     339

      About the Author     375

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