Communicating with Spirit: Here's How You Can Communicate (and Benefit from) Spirits of the Departed, Spirit Guides & Helpers, Gods & Goddesses, Your Higher Self and Your Holy Guardian Angel

Communicating with Spirit: Here's How You Can Communicate (and Benefit from) Spirits of the Departed, Spirit Guides & Helpers, Gods & Goddesses, Your Higher Self and Your Holy Guardian Angel

by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, Joe H. Slate PhD

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Bring Your Unconscious Powers into the Conscious Mind and Make a Life of Greater Success and Happiness

Master the Tools of Psychic Empowerment and Self-Knowledge

Become more than you are

Spiritual communication is no longer a passive state of waiting to hear the spirits speak through a medium or channel. Discover how to manifest an active state of consciousness and create direct communication with specific spirits and spiritual entities. This is a do-it-yourself book, personal and individual, so you no longer have to depend on groups and institutions for power or authority.

With clear and precise instructions, Communicating with Spirit shows you how to return Spirit to your inner self, open the doors to communication at the spiritual levels, and extend perception from material limitations toward the inclusiveness of higher-dimensional awareness. Explore yourself and the world of spirit—the answers come from within.

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Publication date: 08/08/2015
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About the Author

Carl Llewellyn Weschcke (Minnesota) was the owner and chairman of Llewellyn Worldwide, the world's oldest and largest metaphysical publisher. He played a seminal role in the rise of Wicca and Neo-Paganism in the 1960s and 1970s and has been called "the father of New Age" for his public sponsorship of occult subjects. Weschcke also served as the 7th Past Grand Master Ordo Aurum Solis.

Joe H. Slate is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice with a PhD from the University of Alabama and postdoctoral studies in hypnosis and psychosomatic medicine at the University of California. He is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Athens State University and Honorary Professor at the University of Montevallo.

His research interests include health and fitness, rejuvenation, pain management, reincarnation, astral projection, and the human aura. His research has been funded by the US Army, the Parapsychology Foundation of New York, and numerous private sources.

He is a member of the American Psychological Association and a Platinum Registrant in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. He is founder of the Parapsychology Research Institute and Foundation (PRIF) and author of several books, including Beyond Reincarnation; Psychic Vampires; Aura Energy for Health, Healing & Balance; and Rejuvenation.

He has appeared on numerous talk shows and TV programs, including Sightings and Strange Universe.


Joe H. Slate is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice with a PhD from the University of Alabama and postdoctoral studies in hypnosis and psychosomatic medicine at the University of California. He is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Athens State University and Honorary Professor at the University of Montevallo.

His research interests include health and fitness, rejuvenation, pain management, reincarnation, astral projection, and the human aura. His research has been funded by the US Army, the Parapsychology Foundation of New York, and numerous private sources.

He is a member of the American Psychological Association and a Platinum Registrant in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. He is founder of the Parapsychology Research Institute and Foundation (PRIF) and author of several books, including Beyond Reincarnation; Psychic Vampires; Aura Energy for Health, Healing & Balance; and Rejuvenation.

He has appeared on numerous talk shows and TV programs, including Sightings and Strange Universe.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents


Why so much detail?


Why so much detail? While many of the concepts presented in this book are historically familiar, others are actually revolutionary and challenging to many familiar ideas and historic myths. On a chapter-by-chapter basis, readers may easily embrace what we’ve provided in one chapter, question what is in another chapter, and not recognize the challenge in a third. Yet, we do believe that what the whole book provides will find not only acceptance but also support – perhaps even enthusiastic endorsement.


Each chapter stands alone, and yet is integral to the whole system of New Age Spiritual Communication that reflects what we call “New Age” and “Aquarian thought and action.” We support the transition from “old age” Piscean ways to New Age/Aquarian (and Information Age) ways with sufficient detail and commentary to show the evolutionary movement of human culture through historic cycles.


We believe that these chapter summaries pointing to the transitional challenges from the 5,000 years of the repressive political and social domination of male-dominant monotheism to the New Spirituality will help the reader focus on the real psychic, psychological, and spiritual factors involved in Communicating with Spirit in contrast to the historic and mythic claims and common assumptions about Spirit and Spirituality.


The Human Person is a complex multi-dimensional entity with conflicting drives and needs that are resolvable as the Spiritual Dimension is engaged. Each chapter is a progression towards that goal.


We encourage you to read the entire Table of Contents before moving on to Forewords and onward through the book as a whole, including Appendices, Glossary, and even familiarize yourself with the Index as a working tool.


In one sense, we are following the well-travelled teachers’ road -

  1. Here’s what we’re going to tell you (the table of contents;
  2. Here’s what we are telling you (the chapter text and ending meditation ); and
  3. Here’s what we’ve told you (the glossary and in-depth index).


The glossary presents the special words and phrases as they were used in the book. The definitions provided summarize ideas from the book as a whole while pointing to the parts with suggestions for further study and development.


Every book is a Shared Endeavor between Reader(s) and Author(s)

Every book is shared endeavor between authors and readers. We, the co-authors, put a lot of work into the book – always with the reader in mind. We try to clearly communicate ideas, recognize those that may be challenging to the reader, and provide a series of charts and tables, programs, exercises, rituals, and meditations to work with the reader in our shared endeavor. At the end of most chapters we suggest a simple meditation – not as a formal and structured program or ritual, but simply an idea to think about in a particular way.


Meditation on an idea

The Procedure is simple: We suggest having a journal (preferably a loose-leaf binder so you easily go back to expand an idea)for your work with this book, and starting off by writing down the idea for the first meditation. Sit back and relax, with pen or pencil in hand, or with a tablet computer at the ready (if that will be your journal).


Passively ruminate (literally to “chew the cud”) and thoughtfully go over the idea, and let it “talk to you.” Don’t make an effort, just relax; don’t get out the dictionary or look up anything in an encyclopedia or on-line, just relax; if you want, just relax and close your eyes. Whenever it seems right, just write down whatever seems right. End the session.


Before you start the meditation on a second idea, read over what you wrote about the first to establish a passive continuity between them, and then proceed as with the first.

            Thank you, and Good Wishes from your partners, Joe Slate and Carl Weschcke


Foreword: A New Beginning                                                                             xxx

Everything has a “Past,” and the study and practice of any subject involves the past of the person, of the community, and the subject – but the most important factor is how you look at “the evidence.”


Contents include: Don’t let the Past be a limitation on your fresh thinking and independent investigation. A Fresh Start - everything you now do is a “Next Step.” Spirituality is Dynamic and encompasses more than “talking with the dead.” “Ye are Gods in the Making.” That is the obvious purpose of our existence – to evolve and fulfill our highest potential, to become all that we can be, and thus to realize the unity of human and the universe: As Above, So Below.


Meditation: What does “Communicating with Spirit” mean to you?”                                 xxx


Preface – After Death: What Where, Channeled from A Ghost named George - xxx

The Importance of the Question before the Answer. George writes: I don’t use words or images, just ideas that I push out to the channel. Ideas become impressions and then words as answers. But, without a question, there can be no answer, and the way the “question” is framed is of the utmost importance to the quality and definitive power of the answer


Contents include: The Physical Body is a “temporary vehicle.” “You” are not the physical body which is a temporary but necessary “vehicle” for you during physical life. There’s more to “you” than the present physical body and personality. After Death Survival. After physical death, your personality survives in that composite vehicle and moves on to the astral vehicle and eventually moves on to finish the journey and incarnate once again in a new physical and composite vehicle to continue to grow. “You” are not your Soul. Your personality is not the whole soul but one of many aspects of it incarnating life after life and occupying a series of temporary vehicles each composed of the substance of one dimension after the other. To the Land of Oz via a Shamanic tornado. There is a real and a subtle connection between the essential astral dimension and the astral world of our experience. Dorothy, in the fictional Wizard of Oz, traveled to the “astral” land over the rainbow via a physical whirling tornado, but she returned to “physical” Kansas by an act of imagination to return from the astral to the physical.

The “boundary” between inner and outer is the Wizard’s domain. Realize that it is only the physical universe that occupies “space.” We use psychic science and technologies to explore inner space, and physical science and technologies to explore outer space. We are the “boundary between inner and outer” and it is with our Wizard’s techniques of hypnosis/self-hypnosis, meditation, magick, divination, shamanism, mediumship and channeling that we probe inner space and bring back experiential knowledge into our conscious realization. You have the potential. Each of us has both the potential and the obligation to become “wizards” able to function between the worlds and bring back the knowledge and know-how of the gods to empower each person to become more than she/he is and all he/she can be. Who is George? Carl writes of his initial encounters with George in the old mansion, and how this relationship has continued with the psychic or psychological George prompting answers.


Illustration, Art: a Shmanic Tornado whirling Dorothy                                              xxx

Illustration, Art: Astral Land over the Rainbow                                                         xxx

Illustration, Art: The “boundary” between inner and outer is the Wizard’s domain.


“Meditation: You are not the Physical Body”                                                                   xxx


Introduction – The World of Spirit                                                                   xxx

Survival after Physical Death. Belief vs. Faith, and Personal Responsibility for your own growth and empowerment. Psychic Empowerment & Self-Knowledge: Knowing your own body, mind & spirit is the foundation for this journey of a life-time to become more than you are! The True Answers come from within – not from teachers, religionists or sacred literature. They may help, but you are your own best teacher and the answers live within you. Never accept answers on faith alone.


Contents include: What, and Who is Spirit? It is the “surviving personality,” a unique manifestation of the Soul, but not the Soul itself. “Spirits” are everywhere: spirit guides & teachers, guardian angels & invisible helpers; nature spirits & elementals, fairies, gnomes, elves, sprites, and more; angels and ruling spirits of places & forces; higher intelligences and archangels; ascended masters, inner plane adepti, astral travelers (living persons projecting out-of-body); consciously and un-consciously created thought-forms, mythic and deific images empowered by ritual and prayer; religious entities & powers, gods and goddesses, etc. with the surviving personalities of so-called “Dead People.”


Spiritual Communication is real, and you will learn it. Mind under Will functions downward through the Astral to manifest in the Physical World. You can learn to communicate upward to invoke the powers of your Higher Self and higher bodies and energies to manifest a good life. Surviving Personality of a deceased person in transition to another dimension (This is discussed in considerable detail, along with what happens when the personality moves “upward”). While incarnate in the physical vehicle, the personality also functions in the astral, mental, and causal vehicles operating together but with the physical predominant. After physical death, the personality is focused in the astral vehicle still united with the mental and causal, all to be successively cast off. With each level, the opportunities of experience and learning change.

You don’t have to die to consciously focus, experience, and work in and through the astral, mental and causal vehicles. It is this expansion of consciousness and extension of focused awareness that we call “psychic empowerment” which comes as you become more than you are and all you can be. Spiritual Communication follows certain “rules” involving prayer, magick, shamanic and other extensions of consciousness, invocation and “worship” “bringing within” all the attributes, symbolism, and energies focused into a specific deific image that is alive on the astral level of universal consciousness. All interaction with the astral and higher worlds is consciousness-expanding and empowering. We grow not only through learning material facts and rational thinking but through Mind-extending experiences and Psychic Development, Training, and Empowerment enabling our function at higher levels of consciousness.


Communicating with your Higher Self is the goal of most magical and spiritual training, and leads to what psychologists call “integration” of the elements of the psyche.


List - Questions and answers about “Spirit”                                                  xxx

List: Matters to think about throughout the book                                                    xxx

Table: Fifteen Types of Spirits                                                                                    xxx

Table: Four Definitions of the “spirit realm”                                                             xxx

Table: Fourteen Basic Considerations for Communication with Spirit         (Consciousness)                                                                                             xxx


“Meditation: What, and Who, is Spirit?”                                                                             xxx


Chapter One - The Nature of the Spirit Realm and the Nature of Spirit Communications xxx                   Contents include:

The Reality of the Spirit World, and its distinction from, and inclusion, of the physical and astral planes. The six dimensions of Space, Time, Thought, Love, Intuition, and Divine Union. The Nature of the Spirit World: Sprit is the universal “Divinity” that is everywhere and in everything and everyone, and can be experienced as “person” or “force.” There are many levels and forms of spirit entities, but the way most people today experience them is determined by their religious faith rather than actuality. All perception can become a matter of personal choice. Most religions substitute spiritual experience with “faith” and deny personal communication. True Spiritual Communication is not a passive but an active relationship with a spiritual entity. Spirits are forms of consciousness, as are we. New Age replaces hierarchy with equality, restores man and woman as partners, values knowledge over authority, and disclaims sexuality from being sinful and evil to being a source of joy and union with the Divine in all there is. Three kinds of Spirits. The 59 varieties of male Monotheism; the many variations of female Polytheism. Other kinds of spirits, hauntings, poltergeists, and psychic residue. Magick is communication with Spirits, and is the oldest and truest form of religion! The nature of spirituality and the process of “Becoming.” In your communication, ask questions and test and verify the answers by age-proven “correspondences.” Psychic Empowerment comes through Involvement in life, not Avoidance. The three methods of communication.


Illustration: egg shaped auras surrounding the body                                                xxx


“Meditation: The Nature of the Spirit World”                                                                   xxx


Chapter Two - Interactions between the Spiritual and Physical                                  xxx                Contents include:

Spirit and Consciousness are everywhere. There is no place where there is absence of consciousness and spirit. They are not the same, nor are they opposites. There are no firm barriers separating this from that – only beliefs do that. To open ourselves to the “whole” view, we have to free ourselves of inhibiting beliefs. Spiritual and Physical are not opposites. Duality, as a perspective, is a fact of physical life, and life is in all things including so-called “in-animate” matter. Matter and Energy are convertible, one into the other, although not simultaneously. All energy manifests as positive and negative, universally but not simultaneously. Movement from Duality to Trinity always requires Action. To merge Consciousness with Spirituality requires a unity of action charged with energy and purpose involving forms of meditation, ritual, magical evocation and invocation, and ecstatic practices to bridge the gap.

Every Man and Every Woman is a Star. We move forward through the empowering technologies and transcending communications derived both from ancient shamanism and the new science of the paranormal. We raise our levels of consciousness through the use of rituals, self-hypnosis, meditation, mantras, sex magick, astral projection, chakra work, visualization, dance and gestures reflecting purpose, desire, and aspiration. The Cosmic Directive is for growth and development, but Spirit responds best to our initiative, to our conscious action, and to our expressed needs.

Ask, and Ye shall Receive!


Procedure - Turn Away, Deny, and Turn Within                                                         xxx


“Meditation: How are ‘Consciousness and Spirit everywhere and in everything?”           xxx


Chapter Three - The Nature of Mind, Body, and Spirit Interactions                    xxx

Spirituality defines who and what we are. Spirituality is the guiding force that empowers us to become “all that we can be.” It gives us strength in daily life to meet life’s challenges.

Science and Spirituality, acting together, unleash our potentials for solving the most challenging world problems as well as improving the quality of life – health, longevity, career, and more. Overcoming Self-imposed Limitations. Scientific research into the paranormal teaches us that every problem is capable of solution and that every secret is capable of being unveiled, and applied.

Scientific Research into the paranormal: understanding both physical and spiritual realities, advancements in psychology, relevance of past-life experiences to present-level development, spirituality and longevity, medicine and psychotherapy, empowering effect of Near Death Experiences, evidenced of spirit guides, astral projection and other realities.

Overcoming Self-imposed Limitations, your subconscious mind can become a channel through which you can draw upon universal resources to balance and empower your total being—mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Programs in this chapter:

14- Step Spiritual Equilibrium is Power in Action Program to balance mind, body, and spirit, merging energies with the Etheric Double to facilitate interaction with higher dimensions, planes, and guiding spirits as sources of knowledge and power.         Xxx                                                                 

The program has four major applications:

  1. Program Application: Spiritual Equilibrium for Psychotherapy and Self-empowerment for managing stress, reducing pain, overcoming depression, extinguishing phobias, and instantly generating an empowered state of well-being and security.                                                                                     Xxx


  1. Program Application: Spiritual Equilibrium for Psychotherapy and Self-empowerment Health & Fitness for weight loss, slowing aging, activating rejuvenating energies. xxx      


  1. Program Application: Spiritual Equilibrium for Psychotherapy and Self-empowerment Resolving Conflict. Through holistic balancing of the mind, body, and spirit, you become empowered to resolve conflict, regardless of its nature.                                                                         xxx


  1. Program Application: Spiritual Equilibrium for Psychotherapy and Self-empowerment Diversity, Clairvoyance and Creativity. Expanded awareness leads to insights related to stress, past-life images, social situations and spirit presences. xxx                                                                     

“Meditation: What does ‘Interaction with Spirit’ mean to you, now?                                xxx


Chapter Four - Bi-directional Endlessness of Spirit                                           xxx    

You are Mind, Body, and Spirit. Spirit is the energizing force that identifies and sustains your personal existence in each lifetime and in-between. Within that endless scope, spirit gives identity and meaning to your evolving being uniquely different from that of all others.

Spirit is the Essence that empowers you to learn, grow, and succeed, overcoming all obstacles. The doors to opportunity, growth, and abundance is never closed when mind, body, and spirit work together in harmony.

Motivation, and the Zeigarnik Effect: Nothing ends as long as we can begin again – returning again and again to complete the tasks we’ve set for ourselves.

Spirituality is the essential core of our existence: Our research from controlled laboratory studies to surveys and subjective reports shows the bi-directional endlessness of our personal existence, increasing our understanding of spirituality as the essential core of our existence. We have uncovered evidence of higher spiritual planes and developed ways of engaging their specialized powers. At a deeply personal level our research expands our awareness of protective spirit guides, personal growth facilitators, and even rejuvenation and longevity resources.

Motivation in the Afterlife, and again in the Next Life is consistently multi-purposeful and growth oriented. In addition to completing unfinished tasks each lifetime was motivated by a variety of needs to correct and compensate for past-life mistakes and failures, to set new goals and fulfill specific growth needs and achieve higher levels of personal growth by assimilating past experiences, to gain new experiences that will become growth resources in the afterlife, and even for unforeseen rewards in a new lifetime on Earth.

Setting Life Goals brings Quality and Long-Term Meaning. The driving force underling the choice to reincarnate is the need to maximize growth potentials and raise them to new levels of possibilities.

Preservation of Peak Growth: existence is a continuous, never-ending growth process. Past growth experiences, whether in each lifetime or the discarnate realm, are never lost, because of the continuously cumulative and persistent nature of our personal growth. At our transition to the sprit realm, preservation of peak growth is instantly activated.

The decision is yours. While often facilitated by benevolent spirit guides and growth specialists, the decision to experience a lifetime is never forced upon the individual, and the responsibility for each lifetime is yours alone.

Spiritual Alignment is the supreme force that energizes your growth and gives quality to your existence from your endless pre-existence to present moment and beyond. Once you are spiritually aligned, you become empowered to engage the spiritual realm as a source of both power and enlightenment, to more fully develop you extrasensory powers and to activate them as needed, to increase awareness of your relevant past and past-life experiences that hold special significance to the present, to engage precognitive awareness of future personal and global events, to experience clairvoyant awareness, often in imagery form, to include distant situations and events related to your present life situation.


Programs in this chapter:

Two Spirituality in Action Programs designed to generate a state of both inner and outer spiritual alignment.                                                                                     

8-Step Spiritual Alignment through Automatic Writing Program engages a conscious-subconscious interaction empowering you to reach beyond the commonly perceived limits of your existence. It recognizes the subconscious as not only a wealth of past experience but a powerhouse of insight and potential as well.                                                                                                                                                            xxx

6-Step Synchronicity in Action Program. Each lifetime offers particular potentials that may require accessing resources buried in the subconscious while engaging other dimensions of power, including the spirit realm. This program promotes your total growth and empowers you to engage new sources of power and apply them to achieve specifically stated goals.                                                                             xxx


“Meditation: What is your main goal in this life, and how will it affect your next life?”       xxx


Chapter Five - Spontaneous Spirit Manifestations and Interventions                           xxx

Becoming Open to Spirit. Once you are receptive to the spirit realm, nothing is beyond your reach. Its limitless wealth of empowering resources becomes readily available to you.

Spirit is always positive, always purposeful, and always ready to intervene. Spontaneous spirit manifestations and interventions are consistently purposeful and empowerment driven, providing new sources of information and power to meet life-threatening circumstances and avoid adversity, cope with misfortune, solve pressing problems, and even shape future events.

No Evil in the Spirit World. Contrary to myth and religious mis-representation, we find no evidence of any negative destructive spiritual force. But there may be subconscious negative mental projections of oneself upon external influences, correctable through self-understanding and personal growth.

The Boomerang Effect. The spirit dimension is a positive repository of power to enrich your existence, accelerate your progress and achievement. Negativity and malevolence in any form cannot co-exist with that power. Any attempt to engage spiritual power and negatively target it will return upon the sender with disempowering forcefulness.

Meeting Worldly Challenges is our problem. Evil does exist in the physical world, but to attribute that force to the spirit realm shifts responsibility away from ourselves as beyond our control and our capacity to correct it on both personal and global levels. By assuming responsibility and taking corrective action we can we make the world a better place for all.

No Evil Possession. Our research into cases of alleged evil possession consistently showed them as subconscious defense against “unwanted” thoughts, emotions, or actions following a painfully traumatic experience or the repression of “unacceptable” thoughts or behaviors denied conscious awareness or expression. Claims of evil possession thus become a defense mechanism that allows the free expression of otherwise unacceptable drives or impulses justified by attributed to an evil force beyond the control of the individual. Simply identifying the source and “ventilating” the stress associated with the condition are often sufficient to fully “expiate” the perceived possession.

Dreams are Spiritual Gateways to interaction with spirit guides, connecting us to higher planes, providing insight for important decisions, sources of creativity, activating subconscious resources, enriching social interaction, generating clairvoyant insights, uncovering past life experiences, and facilitating Out-of-Body travel for knowledge and power.

Dreams can be used as Spiritual Therapy to relieve past life trauma through insight into the source of fear and pain, often located in a past-life experience.

Lucid Dreams and Out-of-Body Travel during Sleep facilitate creativity and Astral Plane Interactions for healing, viewing Akashic records, interacting with your spirit guide, experiencing insight and illumination, and gaining needed personal information and accelerated growth.

Spontaneous Intervention in Emergency Situations. Spontaneous intervention, by benevolent spirit guides, can warn of danger and in some instances, actually intervene to prevent injury or other adverse consequences.

Animals as Intervention Specialists. As spirit messengers, animals can connect us to the spirit realm in ways that enrich and empower our lives. Among the familiar examples are animal companions that often appear to sense danger and then act purposefully to warn of risks.

The Spirituality of Nature. Inspiration, success, enlightenment, enrichment, and an unlimited range of spontaneous spirit manifestations and interventions are all available through mindfully connecting to the power of nature.


“Program for Dream Works - Interactions with the Spirit Realm”               xxx


“Meditation: How to become ‘Open’ to Spirit?”                                                xxx


Chapter Six - Deliberate and Induced Interactions                                                     xxx

Simple Techniques for Your Personal Experience. Nothing is more convincing of the power of spirituality than personal experience, and it is your controlled personal experience that will open the doors to purposeful interaction. Numerous strategies are available to facilitate personal spiritual interactions, among which meditation, self-hypnosis, automatic writing, the pendulum, crystal gazing, table tipping, and séance work are all relatively low key in terms of time and money invested and yet extremely productive of real knowledge, verifiable information, and measurable results.

Each of the interactive programs presented here show spirituality as an interactive experience that defines the quintessential nature of personal existence.


9-Step Program for Spiritual Empowerment through Interactive Meditation is a research based program that focuses on the capacity of mental, physical, and spiritual functions to interact in ways that unleash new power and enlightenment from both within the self and beyond. Spiritual enlightenment, enriched personal relationships, accelerated learning, academic and career success, better health and fitness, and even financial achievement are all possible through the application of this approach.                                                                                                          xxx


Spiritual Empowerment through Table Tipping commonly involves four participants seated around a light-weight 4-legged “card” table, their hands relaxed and resting lightly on the surface. Involvement with an “entity” is easily accomplished, and a simple code for yes/no question and answer established. The continuity of a group experience brings increasingly higher levels of interaction and supportive information.                                                                                                                 Xxx


The Pendulum, as a self-empowerment focusing tool that induces a receptive state of attentiveness connecting conscious awareness to spiritual sources of power, is simply a small weight suspended on a string or chain of a convenient length somewhat shorter than your forearm. A fancier one can be purchased at any metaphysical store. It is used to gather objective information often unavailable from other sources. When it is suspended from one’s hand a variety of movements can convey a variety of responses to questions by the holder. Commonly, a two-and-fro movement signifies a “yes”, side-to-side a “no”, and a circular movement is neutral or “cannot say” in response to questions asked.                                                            Xxx


Pendulum Rejuvenation Program uses a programmed (see chapter text) quartz pendulum to reverse the physical signs of aging.                                                        Xxx


Crystal Gazing using a crystal engenders both spiritual enlightenment and personal empowerment. It can unleash hidden potential and open new levels of personal awareness. In the psychotherapy setting, it can facilitate relaxation of the brow that rapidly progresses downward through the total body. Crystal gazing shows unusual effectiveness in meditation to promote empowering interaction with subconscious and spiritual sources of power.                                                                               Xxx


“Meditation: How can simple exercises empower you spiritually?”                           xxx


Chapter Seven - Science and the Spirit                                                           xxx

The Merging of Science and Spirit. While we are “conditioned” to view reality in familiar physical terms, modern physics and quantum theory offer a better understanding of the non-physical as an extension of a greater reality in a collective merging of science and spirit in new body of knowledge to enrich and empower our present and future existence. The Personal Experience of Spirit from Near Death Experiences and Past Life Memories to connections with spirit presences give new meaning to life and greater strength to meet its challenges.

Astral Projection and the Spirit World provide new sources of Energy and Knowledge, including communication and direct observations of subtle realities, techniques of color healing and other OBE therapies for stress management, rejuvenation, and Psychic Empowerment.

Inner Body Travel identifies and resolves subconscious growth barriers and disempowering stress released to stimulate new growth opportunities. OBE Probes of the Subconscious Mind reveal and release dormant skills from previous lives.

Science and Spirit interact in new sources of Spiritual Empowerment, Spiritual Exploration, and Spiritual Enlightenment.


“Program: The Astral Sweep Procedure”                                                                  xxx

”Meditation: How are we ‘conditioned’ to overlook the spiritual aspects of Reality?” xxx


Chapter Eight– Shamanism & Spirit                                    

To go Beyond the Ego without losing consciousness. That’s where Spirit comes into the picture. Spirit is the substance of consciousness, and it is consciousness and energy that move the Universe. Spirit, and Spirits, are everywhere and Spirituality is Universal. Spirit is the primal substance fundamental to all existence, to all life, to all there is. Spirit is the “beginning,” and the matrix for what follows. Spirit is not something “high,” and beyond ordinary life. It is Life. Spirit is not “non-sexual,” because sexuality is just as spiritual as chastity and self-denial. Shamans are Spirit Talkers and are the “direct experiencers” of ecstatic union with “Spirit” and the entities active in the inner world also influencing the outer world. Shamans were the witches and “wise women,” the medicine men and women, herbal and spiritual healers, the mid-wives facilitating women giving birth, the travelers to and messengers from the Spirit World, and the visionaries able to describe the non-physical inner worlds in understandable mythic language and poetry. The primary mode of Shamanic Transcendence is that of Ecstasy, leading to the trance induced journey during which the spirit body leaves the physical body to enter the non-physical Spirit World to gain knowledge and solicit the help of spirit entities for their people. Shamanism is not a religion, it has no dogma, no theology, no “priesthood.”


The Forgotten Inner World: - Shamans were forgotten about in our modern materialist age. Spirit was ignored by modern science and spirits were relegated to superstition and horror fiction, and religionists twisted spiritualty as they sought control over their human “sheep.” Spirit was placed in fictional “heaven” outside of physical reality and beyond human reach. Altered States of Consciousness can go beyond ecstasy to “trance with a purpose.” Training, Mind Control, Discipline, and Intuitive Shamanism enable the shaman to continue the journey, and to follow new directions as they may appear. It was the shaman’s ability to ask questions of spiritual entities and receive answers that led to the beginnings of the spiritual technologies that were then further developed into the sciences of astrology, alchemy, magick, Tantra, yoga, and other ways to understand and apply knowledge of “how things work” from the non-physical to the physical dimensions.


The New Age of Shamanism contrasts with the Old Age of organized Religion and Institutionalized Values! Shamans are individuals who look beyond the ordinary and thus become extraordinary through their own personal study and actions. They are not limited to how they learn, so learn anyway they want and study whatever interests them, they turn within and learn from “spirits” and from the World Around. You can learn shamanism from books, from lectures, workshops, teachers, and whatever you want, and from your own direct experience. Today’s shamans study the psychology of altered states of consciousness, the construction of the human brain and central nervous system, chakras and the subtle energy systems, the body’s sexual system and the trigger points and psychic switches leading to ecstatic experience and those particular states “beyond orgasm,” and what is known as “sub-space” in relation to Power Animals, forms of spirit and god possession, and states of consciousness shared between the inspired Lover and the Beloved.


The oldest, and most fundamental of these, are shamanic practices that raise consciousness to induce trance and ecstatic states to take us from outer to inner worlds. These and other trance inducing techniques include: Meditation and Visualization (the extended focus of attention on a perceived and then visualized image), Trance Dancing (repetitive whirly and swaying sensory actions leading to fatigue) and Sensory Overload (drumming at 200-220 beats per minute, flashing lights, and repetitive chanting), Restrained Movement with light bondage while dancing, walking) and Sensory Deprivation (sleep or meditation mask), Tantric Sex (extended arousal through stimulation of many of the physical “trigger points” to the edge of orgasm, and then “holding back” until starting again and again to finally “explode” in a long and sometime multiple orgasms, and Orgasmic Denial (continued arousal and denial leading to prolonged mystical or “sub-space” trance), Drugs (natural hallucinogens and psychedelics) and Wine (never to the point of inebriation), Rites with a Purpose (rituals of invocation of specific deities to gain their qualities) and Initiation (rituals to impress the group’s egregore upon a new member by multiple visualization or to bind the member to priest or priestess, usually by sexual union), S/M (Sensual Magic of heightened body awareness through sensual dress and adornment) and Fantasy Role-playing (in which committed consensual partners unite in a power-exchanging relationship in which one enters into prolonged trance or “Sub-Space” for a guided journey). All Spirit Communication requires energy, and the “higher you go, the more you need.” Sexual Energy and Sexual Fantasy (a particular aspect of the Imagination) are extremely powerful “tools for Consciousness Work. Repeat: Sexuality is not contra to Spirituality but intrinsic to all life.


The Bicameral Mind & the Triune Brain. Until about 3,000 years ago, we were essentially “asleep” and many people are still “mostly asleep” even today. We lacked full, alert “conscious awareness” and were mostly reacting automatically just like animals. We accepted words from “authorities” (religious, political, governmental, teachers, counselors) as commands from gods, and most still seek such guidance in preference to rational analysis and assuming responsibility for our own thoughts and acts. Thus, the “secret knowledge” of raising and altering consciousness, inducing trance and ecstatic vision was violently suppressed over the past several thousand years by the male dominated monotheistic religions. Our modern world is too large, too complex, and too integrated for any sectarian religious theology or political ideology to dominate and repress human consciousness as espoused by militant and repressive religion. We must move forward, not backward for world peace and human survival are at stake.


Pre-Hindu Shamanic Tantra from before the Aryan Invasion of the Indus Valley has survived and contributed to our knowledge and aptitude to work with both the physical and the metaphysical (more subtle) forces and substances of shamanic Tantra in which there are no real boundaries between the worlds. Shamanism is Empowering and Transformative and shamans can cross the barrier between human and animal in a variation of Animism. One variation of this is found in Voodoo where a god (loa) possesses a human and is said to “ride the human as if a horse.” That, however is an inadvertent possession, while others have deliberately sought to be a horse, or wolf, tiger or other “were” creatures. Such “possession” is not demonic as claimed by the Church but a means of experiential knowledge of alternate realities that are part of the greater cosmic reality.

Partnering with Power Animals, Allies, and Totem Animals. Each species of animal has unique characteristics, and the spirit of the Power Animal represents the species as a whole. One variation of this “Intuitive Shamanism and involves the three companion animals – horse, dog and cat. The domestic cat may be used as a “Fetch,” or the “Witch’s Familiar” serving as a magical envoy into the spirit world. Another other comes during a shamanic journey in which the traveler discovers and meets his/her Power Animal which then serves as a Guide. “Some people identify with their spirit animal to the point where they feel themselves to be that animal and their actions, responses, and perceptions reflect the energy of the animal guide.” In addition, there is the transformative assumption of the Power Animal encountered in B/d induced role-playing “subspace”* during which one temporarily becomes the animal spirit. A Growing numbers of psychotherapists use guided visualization techniques to evoke images of ‘power animals’ or ‘spirit guides’ and then encourage clients to interact with and learn from them. Guide Fantasy is “visualization,” and visualization is intrinsic to “the Magickal Imagination” that connects us directly to the subconscious mind and to levels of the “spirit world.” The subconscious mind is our personal door into the Collective Unconscious, which is, in turn, part of Universal Consciousness. Humans, spirit animals, and real companion animals share consciousness at the lower astral level and can communicate with one another through human controlled fantasy.

Sexuality that is conscious has the power of transformation, and the greater the sexual energy the greater the potentials for self-transformation and spiritual development. Sex is a powerful shamanic and magical tool that stimulates creativity and enables particular forms of communication beyond normal human limitations. And, Sex is a powerful means to the blending of two unique persons in a complementary partnership.


One of the newly encountered Altered States of Consciousness that S/M couples are experiencing in their sexual practice is known as “Sub-space,” in which the submissive person (most often the female, less often a male) totally submits to the dominant’s control for her (the “sub’s”) pleasure, and then into other aspects of their consensual dance. She let’s go of objective awareness to turn within – sometimes to pure nothingness as in deep meditation, other times to a wealth of fantasies, and – then – under his guidance or her own intention, she awakens feminine archetypes in her subconscious to communicate directly her needs and questions. These may take the form of goddesses and spirits in communication with her at high spiritual levels or just a flow of mostly unconscious awareness. Such sexual role play or the extended shamanic experience that can be developed in a carefully scripted “ritual drama” that is open-ended so that new psychological and spiritual experience can occur for both partners whether as shaman and assistant or as sexual partners and role players.

Every Man is a god, but with a goddess companion; every Woman is a goddess, with a god companion. And it is the ultimate goal of every human to become Deity. In our partnership, we develop the inner divinity in every way, whether in sexual play or in what we say, and all we do day after day. The constant interplay of consciousness and energy is physical and spiritual, emotional and mental, and – above all – magical, mystical, and alchemically transformative. When we live in Awareness, we are awake and alive in every sense.

Shamanism: the Direct Experience of Spirit.


            Illustration a shaman – man or woman or both – with a drum                                 xxx

            Illustration any of Epona, the Celtic horse goddess                                      xxx

Illustration any Tantric (Hindu) goddess in full regalia                                             xxx

Illustration any wild dancing at a Pagan event, or a concert                                   xxx

            Illustration any woman looking like she’s possessed by a deific spirit                     xxx

            Illustration any woman swinging entranced in Japanese Shibari                             xxx


“Program for Sexual Interchange while Out of Body”                               xxx


“Meditation: How is that Shamanism can be both Ancient and Modern techniques for human interaction with Spirit?”                                                                     xxx


Chapter Nine - Religion and Spirit                                                                   xxx

Where Spirit is No Longer Found! We’re devoting three major chapters to the discussion of Spirit and Religion because religion is where most people expect to find “Spirit,” and where – unfortunately – it’s no longer to be found. Rather than Spiritual Communication with a loving and accessible power, the religions that now dominate half the world’s populations demand worship of a distant deity through institutional intermediaries. These old Abrahamic religions (all Middle Eastern in origin) are organized around “stale-dated” theologies and laws.

Human Bondage through male-dominant “religion.” Islam, and fundamentalist Christianity seek to impose antiquarian theology and religious “law” on everyone by dominating education, laws regulating public and private behavior, politics and government, the economy and military while denigrating all independent thought and any behavior contrary to their dated codes.

Theocratic and Monopolistic. These religions are theocratic and monopolistic by intent with no place for democracy nor modernization, and seek to eliminate all competition, forbidding spiritual communication other than prescribed rote prayer and public ritual, proclaiming procreation women’s only justification, that any sexual pleasure proves her sinful origin, and that scientific knowledge is a waste. Why should any religion worship Death in preference to Life? How can any religion promise eternal life in exchange for taking life from others? Transcendence does not demand sacrifice, denial, chastity, or repression, nor does it call for the blood sacrifice of “unbelievers.”

Shamanism and Religion. As we’ve seen, Shamanism is not religion but the origin of religion itself. It is a collection of verifiable spiritual technologies and practices leading to individual transformation and transcendence, ecstatic states of consciousness and shamanic journeying producing a heritage of spiritual knowledge, multi-body healing wisdom, extensive botanical knowledge, life-based relationship counseling, and life-supporting information. As a living tradition and practice, shamanism is both ancient and perpetually new.

The Astral (“Spirit”) World is Real. Know-How brings power and access. By imaging thought into form, you create a “search engine” to access universal consciousness. An astral thought form can become a vehicle for personal communication with a chosen spiritual entity. Never doubt the capacity of the Human Mind! The whole purpose of spiritual practice and study is to become more than we are and all we can be – which is potentially all there is. And since consciousness is everywhere and in everything and every being, the best thing we can do is to understand and train our own consciousness to go everywhere and enter into anything, to communicate with any being as we perceive need and value. The better our mind is trained, the more disciplined we are emotionally, the better and more broadly we are educated, the greater will be our ability to gain knowledge and know-how, to innovate to meet new challenges and opportunities, and to transform experience into wisdom.


All Religions are “man-made,” but Spirit is real, constantly manifesting within all things. From natural perception came the “worship” of the Feminine as mother of all life and of the Earth as the Great Mother of all Nature. Spirituality identified with the inner feeling of the Feminine as the Source of All, and sexuality as the direct experience of the invisible spirit moving within woman’s and man’s bodies. From sexual pleasure men and women discovered love, and with understanding of their shared involvement in reproduction arose the joy of family and the fundamental partnership of man and woman in committed relationship that started the long road through Family, Community, and Culture to what we now call “Civilization.”

Religions evolve from myths that were attempts to understand the world in story-form. Most myths remain as part of the descriptive qualities of each of the many deific forms in polytheistic religions. But those that adopted a monotheism around a single Father God proclaimed their myth to be real history even when the various elements are readily seen as derived from older myths and contradicted by verifiable fact and common sense.

We study the three types of religion, and the presence or absence of Spirit in each. In the dominant patriarchal religions, there is no place for the human Spirit for the intent is control through emotional manipulation and threat. Religions of “faith,” are emotional, irrational and undemocratic. We review the functional factors of all religions, the geo-cultural classifications, the theistic categories, and the styles of worship in preparation for our analysis of the Old Time Religions in chapter ten and the New Spirituality in chapter eleven.


Illustration: Ceres, the Roman Goddess of Agriculture                                            xxx

            Illustration: The Horned Shaman                                                                               xxx

Illustration: The First Day of Creation                                                                        xxx


Illustration of a really stern woman expressing anti-sex, anti-dancing, anti-pleasure, etc.          xxx

            Illustration of the Great Mother Goddess.                                                             xxx

Illustration showing the triple Goddess as Maiden, Mother, Crone – all happy.                       xxx


“Meditation: On your discovery of Spirit Within”                                              xxx


Chapter Ten –That Old Time Religion, but Where’s the Spirit?                                  xxx

Serving the “Plan.” The dominant Abrahamic religions have been used to assert political and “spiritual” control over the various populations of Europe and the Middle East. Originating in the Middle East, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all monotheistic and male-dominated. The emphasis is on humans serving an undisclosed “PLAN” of a distant masculine One God as interpreted, and enforced by His male-dominant hierarchical institutions whose fundamentalist goals are intellectual and sexual repression, restraint on scientific, social and economic advancement, and suppression of women.


Refuse to be Limited! Today, people who are free to choose a religion or spiritual practice want more than an antique myth, other than a stale-dated morality defying common sense while seeking to impose irrational and anti-scientific claims on their lives. People today expect more than mind control, more than denial of Spirit within, other than worship of death rather than life and to joyfully kill others and sacrifice their own lives to impose one religion on all people. They lose respect for a religion that tells them how to dress, who to talk with, that practices terror and murder in place of personal growth, that honors corruption, theft, piracy, and ransom over work, enterprise, and skill. “Don’t think, just Believe” that Nature can be abused and Science ignored in the expectation that “The Lord will provide.” That Religion, except as implemented through terror, fails in today’s world of educated people with developed minds; people who can determine for themselves what to wear and who to talk to and when and if to conceive children; people who wish to improve their own lives and that of their children; people unwilling to merely “follow the leader” when they can see he (never a “she”) will lead them over a cliff towards an ideological disaster.


Mind and Spirit, and Evolution. Perhaps the most mis-understood and the most important concept in any study of Spirit and Consciousness is the Process of Becoming, or “Evolution.” Evolution began at the “Beginning,” and continues as confirmed by Science generally and most Esoteric teaching. Evolution is not limited to Cosmology and Biology, but everything continues to change and evolve. Even our psychic and psychological nature and or human institutions evolve, and so it is with the Human Spirit. Spirit manifests in “structures” that change and evolve, enabling individuals to evolve, grow, and become.


That Old Time Religions tried to “hold back Time” with their frozen myths and theologies from the past. The Church persecuted free thinkers, the wise women known as Witches, the healers known both as wizards, the heathen honoring the Natural world and its cycles, the astronomers who said the Earth rotated around the Sun, and tried to confine education (limited mostly to reading and writing) only to its priests. Even into the mid-twentieth century the Church prohibited its members from reading books that offended its censors. Today we see the Feminine “returning” and taking on new roles – not merely in equality with the Masculine but – as we will later discuss – transformative in both outer institutions and in the re-balancing of the inner dimensions of Man and Woman.


As the first kind of religion, the matrilineal, was based on Love, so the second kind, the patrilineal, is based on Law. Where is Spirit in these two forms of religion? In the first, Spirit was seen everywhere, in the second it is seen nowhere. Spirit that first appeared to the lone prophet next appeared to the priest behind closed curtains. What had been open to all was now closed to all but the few. In the third, as we will later see, Spirit can be seen and invoked by all. The Church’s formula for control of its people was adopted in the 20th century by both German National Socialism (Nazi fascism) and the Soviet Union’s World Communism to intrude another particular worldview and belief system on an entire people, surrounding them with a unifying symbol, stirring music and public drama to inspire acts of devotion, and to enforce adherence through rewards and punishments to establish the superiority of the “faithful” over all Outsiders who were therefore to be defeated, converted, or enslaved and eliminated.


Why should we be taught to fear God? The God of Abraham is a jealous God demanding obeisance to Him alone; obeisance which is tested as when God orders Abraham to murder his own son as proof of his faith, as when Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt, and “those who don’t obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus: They will be punished with eternal destruction.” And in Islam: “Anyone who disobeys God and His messenger will abide in the fire of hell forever . . .” We are told we must fear punishment because we are all “born in sin.” While Christianity promises that Jesus’ death on the cross redeemed all humanity, today’s preachers still thunder that we must fear God, and obey His message. But what of Love? What of Mercy, What of Justice and Goodness? No – in essence we must beg for favors from His interpreters. And to follow orders from our those who are the managers on Earth for God’s Will.


The real issue is what any religious or spiritual set of practices can do for its followers. We need no longer merely stay in a religion because we were “born” into it. Instead of being dominated by it, we can choose what we want, what we believe in, what we feel will help us, etc. Instead of being “bound” to the “state religion” we make choices, we move about, look for alternatives, and determine what best serves our spiritual, emotional and social needs.


The chapter reviews the essential details of each of the three monotheistic religions and their related sects, and of the challenges and problems each presents to the modern world. These include Baha’i, Druze, Rastafari, and Samaritanism. The chapter includes a discussion of the Dominant Characteristics of Monotheism and concludes with a discussion of What Went Wrong? and the necessary lesson we must extract. We must take back control! You can’t give control over your life to a theocratic institution nor to a distant master. You cannot abandon your own person-hood, nor can you give up responsibility for your own decisions. You need to control your own powers by not giving others control over yourself – not physically, not emotionally, not mentally, not of your will, and not of you spirit. All power must flow through your Body and Personality – under Management of your Higher Self – the incarnate representative for your discarnate Soul. Your Immortal Soul grows through your life journey – life after life and lives between lives.


Ultimately, Self-Control, Self-Initiative, and Self-Responsibility are the foundation to your Self-Empowerment –without which, you would be nothing! And we conclude with instructions on how to invoke your Higher Self.


The chapter concludes with a            “Ritual To Invoke Your Higher Self”           xxx


Illustration three symbols for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam placed appropriately – or in the section on Abrahamic Monotheism.

Illustration suggesting divinity from within (but not the traditional “Jesus heart.”)

Illustration of a symbol to represent the “New Age”?

Illustration of the lone country church, perhaps with members picnicking among the grave stones.

Illustration suggestive of the New Feminine. Perhaps and empowered CEO.

Illustration of the Roman Army marching, or of an army marching behind a Illustration Christian           banner as in “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

Illustration a picture of Moses with the Ten Commandments.

Illustrations of Krishna, Dionysus, Zoroaster, Attis, and Horus.

Illustration showing many Muslims at daily prayer

Illustration photo of Malala speaking at the UN.


“Meditation: What does it mean to you that your Spirit or Soul is continuing to evolve, and that Humanity, as a whole, is also continuing to evolve?”                              xxx


Chapter Eleven –The New Age Religions, Spiritual but not Religious!                         xxx

Those Old Time Religions that Lost their Spirit. A review of the 10 characteristics: 1) They are all monotheistic; 2) Their “One God” is male; 3) They have a common Middle Eastern origin from Abraham born 1812 BCE; 4) The share a common mythology of messengers, commandments, miracles, and relationships; 5) All practice wars of aggression, territorial expansion, conversion, and “justified” acts of terror against internal unbelievers and external enemies. 6) All claim a religious law superior to human law; 7) All seek to impose their theology and religious laws on all people; 8) All forbid Spiritual Communication; 9) They had no place for the Human Spirit; 10) Intellect is subordinate to required “faith” manipulated by clergy as Spiritual Leader, Father, Mentor, Confessor, Administrator of Punishments, and Absolver of “sins”.


The Beginning of the New Age, and of New Age Spirituality began even before 1809 when mystic artist and poet William Blake described the coming New Age of spiritual and artistic advancement, the new energies were reflected in changes from the repressive, faith-bound, anti-intellectualism of Pisces (symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions) into the Aquarian expectation that rationality and science would bring an age of technological progress and economic plenty. While called a “Western” movement, it is really global.

From Spiritualism to Quantum Physics. In the 1848 it got a physical grounding and a metaphysical boost with the birth of Spiritualism and Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine in 1888. From metaphysics the New Age spread to science and then to socialism and politics in 1894 and the arts in 1908 and finally into quantum physics. In the 1960’s it took on shamanic twist with the psychedelic culture that quickly spread into a widespread and transformative cultural movement. Already the “new world” is vastly different and the new times have barely begun.

Born Again Witchcraft. In the 1970’s, both the New Age and the Age of Aquarius became synonymous with the rebirth of Witchcraft, Paganism, and “born again” astrology, chakras, magick, meditation, mysticism, and yoga. Today the New Age is so pervasive that subjects like Tantra, Taoism, Kabbalah, Tarot, Theosophy, Alchemy, etc. are no longer specifically identified as New Age any more than is parapsychology, Jungian psychology, or the quest for peace.

Ages of Enlightenment and Reason. On the one hand, the New Age is essentially an occult movement, while on the other hand it is the direct opposite of the old meaning of that word as secret and hidden. New Age beliefs and practices are blatantly public, open-minded, participatory and invitational. Rather than antiquarian, it in the forefront of science, environmentalism, women’s rights, life extension, democratic principles, high-tech, and all that contributes toward the modern open society.

Innovation and Hi-Technology. i-TechnologuyT

The Aquarian Age is here, and here to stay for more than 2,000 years, while the New Age will be even more enduring but under new names. Both are transformative of our culture from economics to politics and to science. It is reflected in the new technologies of the Internet, communications, 3-D printing, small particles, space travel, higher consciousness and more – all rapidly accelerating and demanding social changes that are both rational and spiritual, causing reactions from the “Old Guard” politicians, religionists, and elitists who prefer the old ways.

New Age Spiritual Movements. The bulk of this chapter is taken up with short comparative descriptions of 47 major spiritual and religious movements commonly identified with the New Age, along with an analysis of their distinctive meaningful factors and mention of various associated movements.

Illustration: Add sectarian Art for each listing:

Illustration: Illustration: William Blake

Illustration: Boston’s “Latin School” from the 1600’s

Illustration: Alice Bailey

Illustration: Anything symbolizing the “New Age” – perhaps “Peace Symbol”


Illustration: “Hair” the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical 1967

Illustration: Harmonic Convergence of 1987

Illustration: Anything suggestive of Voodoo

Illustration: Alchemy Symbol

Illustration: An alchemist at work

Illustration: Atheism symbol

Illustration: Christian Science symbol

Illustration: Druidry symbol

Illustration: Eckankar symbol

Illustration: Eye of Horus symbol of Egyptian Magic

Illustration: Ma’at or any other symbol of Egyptian religion

Illustration: Theosophical symbol

Illustration: Any other esoteric societies like Anthroposophy, Alice Bailey’s esoteric school, Rosicrucian Fellowship, Philosophical Research Society, etc. Also Madame Blavatsky, CW Leadbeater.

Illustration: Gnosticism symbol

Illustration: Triple Goddess

Illustration: Other Goddess Movement symbols

Illustration: “Every Man and every Woman is a star”

Illustration: The Great Mother

Illustration: Hindu symbol

Illustration: Hindu Goddess

Illustration: Sikh emblem

Illustration: Buddhist Wheel emblem

Illustration: Official symbols of Aurum Solis, Golden Dawn, O.T.O.. Society of the Inner Light

Illustration: Zoroastrianism symbol

Illustration: Mandaeism symbol

Illustration: Sufism emblem

Illustration: Kabbalistic symbols, Tree of Life, the Lightning Flash on the Tree, the Serpent of Tree, etc.

Illustration: Symbol suggestive of Martial Arts, Yoga, Tarot

Illustration: New Thought emblem

            Illustration: Seicho-no-le emblem

Illustration: United Church of Religious Science

Illustration: One Dollar bill

Illustration: Benjamin Franklin

Illustration: George Washington

Illustration: Hammer of Thor emblem

Illustration: Scientology emblem

Illustration: Secular Humanism emblem

Illustration: Spiritualist (religion) emblem

Illustration: Pentecostalism emblem

Illustration: Shakti

Illustration: Tantra – the Sri Yantra symbol – taken from Wikipedia article

Illustration: Taoism Yin/Yang emblem

Illustration: Unitarian Universalism emblem

Illustration: Wicca emblem

Illustration: Gerald Gardner photo

Illustration: Witchcraft Feri Tradition emblem


Program: The Ultimate Formula for Spiritual Communication                                  xxx      


“Meditation: What do you want in any form of New Age Religion or Spirituality?”       xxx


Chapter Twelve– The Spirit, the Medium, the Channel, and You                                           xxx

We are all Spirit Communicators – unconsciously broadcasting and unconsciously receiving at the deepest levels of our etheric and astral bodies. Each living person incarnates Mind and Spirit, Feeling, Will and Purpose within a single multi-level physical and non-physical vehicle we see as a physical body and experience as personality or psyche.

You are – potentially – a Power House. But most people are barely “awake” at the physical and subtle levels of conscious awareness, and have little control over the non-physical levels of feeling, thought and will. Our bodies are alive at the deepest levels where we are constantly broadcasting messages from and between body cells and organs, and radiating it all from inner selves to all selves everywhere.

Reacting without Thought. Mostly we react without thought or awareness to physical events. Our attention is drawn to stories of crime and disaster and exciting events of no real meaning, all tending to produce unintentional emotional reactions which are energetically broadcast to the Universe. We react unconsciously rather than acting consciously and intentionally, and don’t even know the difference. We are “asleep at the switch” like a hot race car, all gassed up, engine roaring, and no driver, no map, no guidance, no flag to drop.

Know, and Take Charge. The potential for greatness is here, but without willful purpose the only direction to go is nowhere. You have to understand who you are and what you are, wake up and take charge of your own life. Don’t let others, not their institutions, nor their automated systems rob you of purpose and your precious assets and life energies for their self-serving benefit.

It’s Small Thing that Control Big Things. The modern world is a Brave New World in a New Age of Challenge and Response. It’s the awakening of a bigger New World, but Quantum Physics shows that small things control bigger things in a fundamental dimension of Particles or Waves, Matter or Energy, responding to human attention and intention introducing change at fundamental levels of Reality. All Big things are built from small things as points of leverage which can influence and change Big things to bring about corrections in those big institutions out of harmony with the natural world and the fundamental cosmic purpose of individual growth and evolutionary development. In Spirit you have the Power.

We have to find our own Answers. It’s as we become conscious and intentional communicators that our actions become transformative. Spirit Communication should be more than just exchanging pleasantries between human and spirit, and needs sufficient psychic empowerment of the human to make interaction meaningful and reliable. Just passively listening to a spiritual entity claiming to be your guide, an ascended master, or an angel speaking of wonderful futures or advising radical changes of lifestyle is as useless as coercive guidance from an old time religionist in the confessional booth. Ask and question the answer, analyze and examine, test and verify.

Conscious and Deliberate Spiritual Communication. This chapter describes the types and mechanics of spiritualist trances and séance phenomena, and the types of and methods of channeling. At one level, there is little difference between the medium, the channel, and the shaman.

Connection to Spirit. There’s connection to Spirit but with a difference: for the Medium and the Channel, the connection is to an external spiritual entity – whether a surviving personality of a deceased person or to a spirit guide or higher entity – or for the shaman the connection starts with the astral body traveling to other realms to observe, learn, and inter-communicate.

Vibration is Identity. The shaman and the channel alters her consciousness to release the subtle body and become harmonious with the targeted level or being. It’s only as levels of consciousness are synchronous that real intercommunication is possible.

The Structuring of Consciousness. While discussed in chapter eight, shamanism is mentioned here to better distinguish the methodology of the medium and the channel. In all cases, even though rarely mentioned, it is the intentional imposition of “structure” on the consciousness of the actor in a manner similar to that of ritual magic (to be discussed in chapter thirteen) that intentional goals become realized.

Spirituality is not passive. It is important to realize that spirituality is not a passive “wishy-washy” out-of-this-world state. While it can be defined as an attitude or as a state of-mind, it is a matter of study and discipline to become more than you, and all you can be.


Meditation” What does it mean that ‘Spirituality is not passive?’”                                    xxx


Chapter Thirteen – Magick, Evocation & Invocation                                         xxx

Wake up, and Live! Most people are barely “awake,” going through life more unconscious and reactive than conscious and “in charge.” The brain does not think by itself, it only operates automatically and reflexively, reacting to stimuli received from the physical body, the physical world, or through non-physical psychic perceptions. The untrained and undisciplined and wasted through lack of understanding of its nature and potential, and its domination by emotions of fear, hate, worry, fantasy, and the insatiable desire to be entertained. Magickal Power is a Skill to be learned, like any other, through study, practice, and experience, self-analysis and development, and applied to daily life to make every day better in every way. The Great Secret: Magick is a Way of Conscious Living.


Magick is an Art, a Science, a Philosophy, a set of Psychological Principles, a collection of Consciousness-changing Technologies and their many applications in both what we call “high” and “low” forms, and spiritual development. Magick is Applied Mind Power by means of techniques of focused intention and visualization involving a systematic organization and movement of symbols and their accompany psychological forces to accomplish specific psychic and material benefits. At the foundation of the symbol system are ‘correspondences’ based primarily on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and other practices, many derived from Tantra and Taoism. The common element is energy as power and consciousness focused on a specific goal.


Spiritual Communication is between the middle self (Conscious Mind), the lower self (Subconscious Mind), and the higher self (Super Conscious Mind). As directed by the Conscious Mind we communicate with spiritual entities either through the Subconscious Mind or the Super Conscious Mind. The more we understand each of these “worlds” occupied by the three selves, the more power each gains, the more integration of the three we create, and the more effectively magical Mind Power can be applied to magical living and our evolutionary goal to make Magick conscious and to fully integrate Inner with Outer, Subjective with Objective, and Cosmos with Psyche.


Before time began, when the devolution of spirit into incarnation was incomplete, there was interaction between spiritual entities and forces with humans. Here we had the appearances of Gods and Goddesses, elementals, angels and other forces. Here, too, was the beginnings of Magick, the foundation of spirituality and religion, with the development of symbols and accessories, and of “correspondences” for magical control and verification. We have the functions of Worship as Invocation, Meditation as Evocation and the Conscious Interaction between Inner and Outer, Lower and Higher, and of Humans with Deities to bring Spirit Power down into the Mental & Astral to bring about effects on the Etheric/Physical. And, as Spiritual Beings we reach up to the Spiritual to access not only the powers within but the limitless powers beyond.


Invocation and Evocation. Moving from the generally ineffective external religious forms to the interior “scientific” forms of spirituality and magick, worship takes on a different role than rote prayer and the unconscious groveling and posturing before “graven images.” Instead, Conscious “Worship” becomes an active method of assumptive meditation and visualization we call Invocation, and a method of active and intentional prayer and focused meditation we call Evocation. Both are forms of communication with “spiritual entities” of all types ranging from functional aspects of the Universe to human-created “Thought Forms” both deliberately and spontaneously imagined.


Integrating Visions from East and West. In this particular magickal program, we deal with two major visions – East and West – of Tantra and Kabbalah in their non-religious “science” aspect. We further recognize the influence of ancient Egyptian Magick, Chinese Taoism, the Greek and Roman pantheons, the Celtic-Druidic, and other traditions from around the world as all contributing to our integrated worldview. Nevertheless, while particularly recommending the Tantric and Egyptian deities along with Kabbalist tools for a your later magickal studies, because of the relatively wide range of deities and the richness of symbol and detail for each, we want to keep our examples simple and familiar to make the principles of practice easier. We will work with the Roman goddess Libertas so familiar to us in the Statute of Liberty located at the Gateway into America, and with the Greek Athena, goddess of wisdom, law and justice, courage, inspiration, crafts and skills, and patron of education, her statute seen in the reconstructed Parthenon in the city of Nashville, TN, home of Vanderbilt University.


Are Gods, Goddesses, and other spiritual entities real? Yes and No. Magick (or Religion, or any other system) may not seem fully valid for you, but change your procedural perspective and see individual aspects as tools and you can learn to apply them to accomplish your specific goals. We’ve become conditioned to think of gods and goddesses as spiritual entities to be “worshipped” from afar, but that’s the error of religion. And it’s a serious error on the part of historians, scholars and theologians to see all deities as functional only within a “religion” and even worse to classify all these systems that have deities as “religions” within the same definition of what are essentially political and business institutions as we’ve seen in the previous chapters.


Ancient Ways and Modern Magick. All deities are ancient, and all were man-made in a time when the creation of such deific thought forms was natural and spontaneous. Early humans saw things that they didn’t understand, things to which they responded emotionally, and slowly they created stories that “humanized” these things to give them a human perspective. Deities live! And become complex compounds of energy and meaning. Over time, these stories became more complex and the Gods and Goddesses gained stature and power and each came to “rule” various functions of nature and psyche. Deity as a “magickal formula of psychic procedures in humanized form.” Each major deity became and remains a compound of psychic energy, emotional (astral) images and powers that can be organized into a collection of knowledge and “facts” related to their assigned “rulerships” that we can access, study, and employ in carefully choreographed programs to accomplish appropriately related goals. It works because The human person in all its dimensions has the “circuitry,” the “structures,” the “spaces,” the “zones,” the “cells,” the “energies,” and the awakened and unawakened “correspondences” to all there is known through the Hermetic principle As Above, So Below. And equally as imaged in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life which provides the organizing principle worksheet for all magickians.


The chapter provides complete guidance to the Invocation or Evocation of the Goddesses of Liberty and Wisdom in formulas that can be adapted for any deity, and the reasons for either procedure, and the ways for their specific application to your particular goals.


Illustration: Statute of Liberty                                                                                   xxx

Illustration: Athena from Parthenon in Nashville                                                      xxx

Illustration, Art: Aquarian Man and Woman                                                  xxx


Ritual & Magickal Invocation of Athena                                                                   xxx

Ritual & Magickal Evocation of Athena                                                                    xxx

Ritual & Magickal Invocation and Evocation of Liberty                                xxx


“Program: The Astral Powers Basic Training Procedures”                                        xxx

Inclusive of:

The Etheric Training Memory Stations Procedure                                         xxx

Advanced Astral Training, including                                                  xxx

The Qabalistic Cross Exercise                                                                        xxx

The Magic Circle Exercise                                                                              xxx

The Four Elemental Winds Exercise                                                               xxx

Creating the Body of Light Procedure                                                           xxx

Transfer of Consciousness to the Body of Light Procedure              xxx


“Meditation: the Experience of Past Life Memories”                                        xxx


Chapter Fourteen – Becoming More than You Are, Evolving to All You Can Be            xxx

You’re not Finished! “Becoming more than you are” is not simply a motivational phrase, nor is “Evolving to all you can be” only a statement of possibility – it’s all about what you can do to accelerate your own multi-dimensional evolution. And what you should do!


A Complex Multi-Dimensional Being: The first step is the fundamental need to recognize, and remember, that the human person is a far more complex being than commonly perceived as just the physical body, brain, and the familiar personality. You are more than you think you are – a multi-level being of subtle energy bodies beyond the physical - but your degrees of unawareness limits your abilities to function at greater levels. Mostly, you are asleep at the switch, and have little or no idea of what being even a little more awake would be like. Reactive Emotionality, or Developed, Balanced, and Reliable: The more we develop our “lower” vehicles (Astral/Emotional and Mental) and perfect natural Psychic powers into reliable skills and dependable abilities, the more accessible become the powers of the “higher” vehicles to develop the Intuitive Mind and other faculties of the Super-consciousness. A Life of Purpose: Instead of passive acceptance and response to “whatever comes your way,” you can act with understanding of your needs and true desires and plan ahead to live a life of purpose, with growth and development to become all you can be.


Real Human Growth is through Intentional Self-Improvement: The next step is the recognition that real human growth and development is intentional and purposefully transformative. It marks a shift from simple biological “passive” evolution that happens within a mass (or species) context to that of a willful and “active” drive for self-improvement in an individual and personal context. We need to understand that evolution, growth and development is not only physical but non-physical as well, that it is Cosmic in extent but also specific to humanity, that for the human it is singular and multiphasic, and not uniform in all vehicles, sub-vehicles, levels, states of awareness, etc. Some growth is spontaneous, driven by cumulative effects of past actions, while other growth is developmental.


Bigger Steps. Throughout history, in many cultures, there have been more fully awakened individuals who have left us guidelines and examples by their teachings and in the lives they lived. The awakened states of consciousness have many names: Ascension. Buddhahood, Cosmic Consciousness, Enlightenment, God Consciousness, Liberation, Rising on the Planes, Salvation, Samadhi, Self-Realization, Super-Consciousness, Union, Way of Return, and others. The methods and techniques themselves vary and the best known mostly reflect the historic achievement of one person but no one way is universal, and all religious institutions denying personal spiritual fail in this manner.


Different Strokes for Different Folks. There is little uniformity among the transformative systems other than the belief that the human person is something more than a physical entity and that what is in the non-physical is of considerable transforming power and glory such that the one transformed becomes a “Super Person” able to perform miracles of a paranormal nature. Yet, within the mainstream of Western religion there is no encouragement to the individual person to become more than they are, and of the many teachers of non-religious transformative systems most will caution their students that the development of paranormal powers is a diversion from the true path of Attainment. Others disagree. All intrinsic powers (psychic, mental, spiritual) should be developed and become reliable skills, fulfilling the potential for all you can be provided for in the plan for both personal and species-wide human attainment. That personal plan is the matrix around which each of the individual’s bodies is formed as a basic structure of its potentials based on genetic programming and the carry-forward karmic memories from past lives as planned prior to conception. The structure is formed for each body from causal down through mental, astral, etheric and physical, and then developed within each body as the current life progresses through the natural cycles of growth, maturity, and decline.


The Ways of Growth are Developmental through the Higher Dimensions by means of consciousness functioning in the coincidental vehicles. All transformative techniques are systematic programs involving the etheric, the astral, and the mental vehicles in their several levels – sometimes specifically, sometimes progressively, and sometimes collectively. With further development, we move on into the causal level where all becomes one. Beyond that there is no need for physical incarnation. Your Assignment – that You must not refuse - is the “wholeness” of your being that will be brought to the point of transition between the lower and middle worlds, still below what is called the “Abyss” that eventually must be crossed into the higher world. But first we have to leave behind the “garbage” otherwise known as karma that clutters the astral and mental bodies together called the “Spirit” to then center consciousness in the causal body which when united is called the “Soul” – although not yet the ultimate individuality also known as the SOUL. Your goal for now is to transform and perfect the essential natures of the lower bodies including that of Intuitive Intelligence so that you become “master of your own destiny,” no longer dependent on others for the knowledge that empowers the Self in daily life. You do “take it all with you!” It is the “whole self,” in which the Lower Self has been “alchemically” purified and transformed into the Higher Self.


Where do we go from here? To become an “integrated whole” you have to purify and transform the lower complex of physical and etheric bodies as well as the middle complex of astral, mental and lower causal bodies, and then unify them into the higher causal body. This is your purpose and your assignment that must be completed before you are ready to call your Holy Guardian Angel, and hold conversation with that entity to prepare to cross the Abyss. All the knowledge and information you need is available to you in print and online, in classes and lectures, and through question-and-answer courses. But, not only must you seek out that information and knowledge, but you must learn to qualify and judge its importance and direct value to you. The responsibility is on you to ask the right questions and seek out the right answers. Your growing Intuitive Mind must recognize “right from wrong.” Move onward to a higher dimension of Spirit and your Higher Consciousness, communicate with your Higher Self, Listen to your Intuitive Mind, and discover your True Will. These are not empty phrases, but real challenges to overcome the Past and welcome the Future. Of course there is great value in techniques and programs from those great, mostly nameless pioneers whose practices and systems were at the source of pre-religious esoteric wisdom. Our need is to simplify those old ways back to their pure essence for effective spiritual experience. We have mostly adapted from models based on the Kabbalah and Tantra – the core wisdom of East and West. Most will be familiar to students of both, and it is that key familiarity of terms and systems, symbols and images that opens the doors to the perennial wisdom that is both ancient and still living. In the techniques that follow, we have attempted to do that, but it is up to you not to merely follow the formula but to directly experience each step of the way under your own authority. That’s what we are trying to accomplish in this work of Becoming More than You Are.


THE WAY OF ATTAINMENT: Your True Will, Your True Path, Your True Love. Here we offer several progressive procedures to initiate the programs that ultimately will become your own Intuitive Way to Attainment. Included are specific adaptations of:

Ritual for Establishing Your Astral Room and Work Place                          xxx

Ritual Forming The Qabalistic Cross                                                                        xxx

Ritual, the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram                                                  xxx

Ritual for Creating & Energizing the Magick Circle                                     xxx

Ritual Forming the Pentagrams                                                                                 xxx

Ritual Evocation of the Archangel Guardians in the Six-Rayed Star                       xxx

Ritual for The American Middle Pillar & Auric Energizer                                         xxx

Ritual for Activating the Six Centres on the Body                                                    xxx

Ritual for Unifying & Empowering a Group                                                               xxx

Ritual for Group Blessing of the Earth                                                                      xxx

Ritual for Exercising the Power of the Group Mind                                      xxx

Ritual for Establishing the Group Mind of the Intimate Couple                               xxx

Ritual for Establishing the Group Mind for Sexual Union                                         xxx

Ritual Practice for the Presence of the Holy Guardian Angel                                 xxx

Ritual Invoking Your Holy Guardian Angel                                                                xxx

Program & Procedure for Opening the Third Eye                                                      xxx

Program & Procedure for Closing the Third Eye                                                       xxx

Ritual for Closing your Astral Room & Work Place                                      xxx

Program & Procedure for Raising Consciousness                                                    xxx


Illustration The Six Psychic Centres of the Body                                                       xxx

Table: Psychic Centers: Locations, Names & Sephirothic Correspondences          xxx

Table: Psychic Centers: Names and Associated Images                                           xxx

Table: Psychic Centers: Names, Locations, & Colors                                               xxx

Table: Psychic Centers: Names, Symbols, & Elucidations                                        xxx

Table: Six Psychic Centers of the body                                                    xxx


“Meditation: How does the phrase Different Strokes for Different Folks apply to personal evolution?”                                                                                             xxx


Chapter Fifteen - Excellence as continuous growth                                          xxx

Spiritual Excellence is a dynamic, endless process of Personal Development and Self-Improvement. Through the belief in excellence for continuous growth, all barriers to our personal development and fulfillment can be dismantled and replaced with new resources that accelerate growth and generate personal empowerment.


There’s an old saying: Seeing is Believing, but a more meaningful saying could be: Unless you believe, you cannot see! Embracing the concept of Excellence opens the doors of perception to the universe that is in contrast to that of limited expectation. Expectation is like a cause, and for every cause there is an effect. We grow, the universe grows, and we expect more, and more becomes new reality. Once embraced, the dynamic of Spiritual Excellence can actively banish negativity, insecurity, feeling of inferiority, and all self-imposed limitations. It can build a powerful expectancy effect that is essential to self-empowerment and the successful achievement of personal goals.


Program: 9-Steps for Building Excellence through Spiritual Interaction             xxx

Expectation, like Intention, is Causal and expands your world of opportunities. Set your goals both realistically and expansively. Your universe of opportunities expands as your imagination soars.


Program: 8-Steps for Experiencing Your Spiritual Element                       xxx

Our review of case reports showed repeatedly that personally experiencing the unique spiritual element through this program can activate your inner growth potentials while connecting you to the highest resource of the spirit realm. Once situated within the energy orb as your unique spiritual element, you can stimulate the spiritual growth process and focus it on personal goals. You can activate dormant inner potentials while accessing the outer sources of spiritual enlightenment and power. You can generate a state of spiritual balance and attunement that is essential to your success.


“Meditation: What does ‘endless process of Personal Development and Self-Improvement’ mean to you?”                                                                                        xxx


Chapter Sixteen - Rewards of Spirit Interactions                                                             xxx

Communication, Interaction, Growth, Integration. Spirit interactions are essential to our spiritual growth. Without them, spirituality becomes merely a concept with little relevance to our existence as spirit beings. The spirit dimension is rich with empowering resources and rewards and is constantly receptive to our interactions. Through spirit interactions and their accompanying energy and information flow we discover the true nature of spirituality and the immense rewards of spirit interactions. The primary goal of sprit interactions is spiritual growth. We are here to learn and grow, but our spiritual growth, whether in each lifetime or between lifetimes, is endless yet uneven. Periods of growth are followed by stagnation during which we review lives’ lessons and gain new insights and resolve growth barriers. We grow through the evolutionary process of challenge, insight, and response.


Through the exercises given here, we make spiritual connections that activate potentials and gain awareness of spirit guides, and become empowered to meet new challenges..


Exercise – 5 steps to Becoming Spiritually Connected and Empowered                 xxx

Exercise – 8-step Tree Embracement Exercise                                                         xxx


“Meditation: How can OBE Probes of the Subconscious Mind reveal Dormant Memories of Previous Skills?”


Appendix A – How to Make and Use a Magick Mirror for Self-Empowerment, Self-Discovery, Magickal Operations, Evocation, and Divination                    xxx

Properly used for Self-Discovery, a Magick Mirror, can reveal important information to the “Seeker.” And, properly used, the Magick Mirror (also known as a Black Mirror) is a power tool not only for Self-Discovery, but more commonly for Divination (also known as skrying), as well as the more esoteric operations of Self-Empowerment, Self-Improvement, Evocation, and in Magickal Operations.

The nature and value of the Magical Black Mirror as a doorway into the astral dimension is described, and the multiple uses discussed in ways to encourage the reader engage in the practice. The important function of active imagination and the necessity of its conscious management is fully developed. Several applications not previously well-known are described for the benefit of students of Tarot, Astrology, Kabbalah, and with applications for health and healing, divination, dream-working, evocation of spirits and other entities, as well as magickal operations. Detailed instruction on making and using the mirror are given.

Illustration: The Black Mirror with Symbols


Appendix B – Traveling in Spirit                                                                                        xxx

Astral projection was long ago known as “Traveling in Spirit” and may have been a more common experience before modern times when we all became more focused on physical reality as the cultures changed and our physical needs became more demanding. This was further reinforced as the Church claimed dominion over all things spiritual and philosophy and science more and more focused on the mysteries of the physical universe. In recent years, Astral Projection is again practiced with the aid of especially prepared audio CDs.


Vibrational Astral Projection is especially attractive and accessible to nearly anyone in the product described here.

Appendix C – Lab Research Reports                                                                                     Xxx

The research projects discussed in this book include instruction research activities as well as controlled laboratory studies.

The detailed research reports to these projects are available in the Library Archives at Athens State University in Athens, Alabama.


Glossary and Suggested Reading List                                                                              xxx

Note: The primary intention of a Glossary is specific to words and concepts as used within this book’s text. As such, it is not a comprehensive dictionary or encyclopedia and doesn’t include words believed to be generally familiar to the reader unless the usage here varies considerably from “standard” definitions for reasons that will be generally obvious. For further reference, please refer to the Llewellyn Encyclopedia at


For most words, reference to the extensive Index will provide all the definition and details needed. However, in this glossary we have included more detail for certain words and concepts than is usual for a Glossary when we consider them important developmental steps in expanding your awareness and background knowledge in relation to the subject of this book. We want to make this book as complete as possible by providing all the tools you need for actual practice rather than only “reading about,” although we believe you will find it a “good read” and an interest intellectual journey.


The occasional reference (See Index & text) directs you to the Index because the subject is considered so important that we prefer that you review what has been written rather than any alternative.


In addition, please remember that to a limited extent, this glossary performs the third function mentioned in the Detailed Table of Contents: “This is what we’re going to tell you, this is what we are telling you, and this is what we told you.” This “Three-Fold Learning Experience” has been used over many years in various forms in many situations. Remember too that the numbers Three and Seven are recognized as powerful factors in psychological and magickal operations.


Index – List of words for                                                                                                            xxx

This Index is more extensive and detailed that are most. Our reason for this is the belief that our readers will find value in returning to previous discussions and expositions of certain words and concepts, and then even a initial “casual” mention will later add to further studies on the same subject.



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