Everyday Magnificent: Practices to Activate an Unlimited Life

Everyday Magnificent: Practices to Activate an Unlimited Life

by Gabriela Masala M.A.


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Everyday Magnificent is a workbook for a life of awesome. Dive in for practices that inspire your whole being, reshape your worldview, and reinvent your best life.

This book oers a fast track to an embodied life of gratitude, creativity, mindfulness,

presence, and joy. It is rich with activities, inquiry, and practices to engage your

whole being in the great adventure of your life.

This is not just a journal; its a guide to experience a new way of living.

The content and the process take the reader on a journey from which they are

sure to emerge happier and more engaged in creating their most magnificent life.

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ISBN-13: 9781504398855
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 05/01/2018
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

Gabriela Masala, M.A. has been steeping in universal wisdom teachings, contemplative expressive arts and energy medicine for over 20 years, Her facilitation supports access to authentic voice and expression, helps people meet their evolutionary edges, and tap their infinite potential. She is passionate about the creative process as a catalyst for transformation, and pioneering what it means to be fully alive.

Gabriela holds a Masters degree in Culture and Creation Spirituality, with a focus in Art as Meditation. Her decades in the professional world of Mind/
Body/Spirit education have taken her around the globe inspiring groups of all sizes. She is a long time practitioner of several schools of yoga, dance,
healing and expressive arts. She is a an author, recording artist, entrepreneur,
founding principal of Source Consulting Group, a happily married,
devoted mother, and lover of life.

www.gabrielamasala.com, www.sourceconsultinggroup.com

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Foundational Activities


Journaling is a contemplative meditation tool. It accesses the authentic voice, and reveals gems of awareness to enrich our lives. We suggest you practice "sprint" journaling, for all the writing exercises. Sprint journaling means writing in a continuous stream of consciousness, without much "thinking." Hold the intention to deepen beyond superficial content and move beyond the voice of the inner critic and censor. We encourage being spontaneous, playful and vulnerable in your writing responses. Surprise yourself with what emerges rather than habituating to the conditioned response. Allow your responses to access the mind of the universe and intelligence of your unlimited nature. Animate your words, and detail your feeling state with full sensory descriptions. Use the power of words to harmonize, create from wholeness, appreciate life and spark new possibilities.

Free Write Prompts and Inquiry

Before responding to the prompts and inquiries, take a moment to center within and quiet your mind. You may choose to practice a meditation or touchstone first. Respond with the same quality of presence and attention you would give a beloved friend. Take focused time to complete your responses authentically without censorship. Invite your unlimited nature to guide the way. Inquiry and open ended sentence stems have a way of tapping us into the infinite field of possibilities where all potentials exist simultaneously. As we respond in sensory detail, we are matching our vibrational frequency to the potential that already exists in the field. This creates an electromagnetic signature that calls the potential into activation and manifestation.

Gratitude and Synchronicity

Focus your attention on all which generates gratitude and reminds you of magnificence in your life. List and detail where you are experiencing gratitude, and perceiving synchronicities. Notate specific ways you are feeling grateful, seeing interconnection and alignment with the Unified Field. These moments may have a whimsical sense of being tickled, awed or surprised by life. They may even have a quality of the miraculous, appearing "out of nowhere". Gratitude is a fast track to flowing with our unlimited nature. Learn to look for it, see it, appreciate it and flood it through your field of awareness.

Source Creations

What are you called to bring into manifestation? This tool helps to detail the life you are inspired to create. Include both short term and long-range creations that are informed by your Source, and call you to be and give your best. These likely point towards dreams, visions and expressions of your soul evolution, passion, joy and contribution to the whole of life.

Empowered Actions

Empowered Actions are those you can integrate immediately as you move into your day or week. Actions can be tasks as well as behavioral practices, that shift habits and develop new skills. Marry intention with effort and follow through by living these into action in your daily life.

To BE Lists Invite deeper, more intentional Being in all you are doing. How do you want to feel? What states do you want to experience and what do you want to emanate? How will you show up to the Being of your doing, of your living? List it!

To BE Today:

Happy/Joyful from the inside out










Every 10-20 pages of your Journal, you will find a Distillation. After a meditation practice or touchstone of your choice, reread the content from past Journal entries to distill essential wisdom. As you reflect on your writing and drawings, use a different colored marker or pen to underline, highlight or circle repetitive words and phrases that "pop" out at you. Pay attention to words with an energized presence for you.

Be intuitive and concise as you are guided to the words and phrases which best distill a core message from your inner-most self. Next, on the Distillation journal page, write only the highlighted, underlined, circled words in the sequential order they appeared. Consider this a summary of loving intelligence, from the Quantum Field, emerging especially for you. Free write any additional reflections or awareness. Once complete, read it out loud. Listen for affirmative direction and guidance offered back to you.

Open Reflection

There are pages left blank intentionally. They are meant for reflection. Use them as inspired to journal, create energy sketches, images or symbols from your inner journey.


Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred circle. Found in virtually every culture, mandalas are utilized for meditative purposes, healing rituals and ceremonies. Their circular form reflects the harmony of nature and containment of the whole. Creating within a circle, offers an avenue for the unconscious to express and unify with daily life matters. It's an evolutionary form of "process art" that shifts awareness, reveals insights and creates whole being coherence. Drawing elevates states, creating the chemistry of connection and relaxation. Creating mandalas, taps whole brain intelligence and integration. It offers access to information beyond linear, written language, to the language of the soul.

Mandala pages include single, series (for an evolutionary reflection), and Dream Design templates. Single Mandalas capture the wholeness of a moment, area of inquiry or reflection from the nonverbal realms. The Mandala Series can be used to receive insight, digest a process or discover more information about any area of inquiry through a progression. Begin with issue or subject of awareness in first mandala. In the second mandala, invite transformational guidance into the process. Complete the final mandala with receptivity of resolve, and gratitude for answered prayers. Notice the shift in your state as well as what the progression of color and energy has revealed.

As you explore with your mandalas, use color, images, or symbols and unleash creative inspiration. Allow "energy" sketches to emerge, rather than being bound by mental images or preconceived ideas of what to draw. You can choose to draw with (or without) a specific focus or inquiry. Create a mandala after meditation to ground awareness, or use the content of your writing prompts and life journey. As always, invite your unlimited nature to express through you.

Dream Design

The Dream Design Mandala template is a tool for dimensionalizing intended outcomes: magnetizing specific realities into being. In the template, you will make a small, neutral, mono-color energy sketch of the current starting point. Then, with arrows pointing toward the main event (your dimensionalization), you will draw your dream design in full color and detail as a manifested "future", now a reality. The focus is the fruition of a best possible outcome, mapped in the same circle of potentiality.

The Dream Design should pop off the page with its color and energy. Remember the power of this tool is "seeing it" drawn as a reality, "believing it" as a potential that can come into form; and then "acting on it". You can draw inspiration from your Inquiries, Source Creations and Empowered Action prompts. Remember to energize the journal content with loving attention in meditation and with action in daily life. It is an art to cocreate with the Quantum yet surrender outcomes. Trust that the power of life will organize what is in your highest and best good, whether it matches your pictures or not. Trust in a Divine, higher order and enjoy the experimentation.

Everyday Magnificent: Life Practices

These tools are geared towards cultivating a living meditation practice that activates our unlimited nature.

Meditation is a gift we give ourselves and a way we can contribute to the collective field. One definition of meditation, that I love, is "to become familiar with". When we unplug from excessive external stimuli and hypnotic driving forces in our environment, we can become familiar with the Mystery of our own being. Some call it our quiet, still center, others refer to it as Buddha nature, the voice of God within, union, emptiness, mindfulness, the vast field of potential, etc.

By all names and methods, the practice of familiarizing ourselves with the state of stillness, silence, and wholeness, is a gateway to our unlimited nature. There are several meditation options detailed in this section, most of which evolve from four basic postures. Elaborate with your own variations. Remember it is not the amount of time in meditation that matters, as much as the quality of attention, consistency of practice, and the states we are able to access and sustain as we make contact with the Field.

Seated Meditation Sit upright, with eyes closed, and bring attention and awareness to the present moment. Some seated meditation practices follow breath, others mantra (repetition of ancient prayers or invocations), while others focus on observation of space, body sensation or developing witness state. Use your favorite method/s and integrate new ones to expand your practice.

Standing Meditation Standing meditation helps to cultivate balance, presence, strength and focus. With eyes open, (or closed), use it to expand 360 degree awareness. Feel the strength of your body, vertically connecting to the life force of the Earth beneath you and the Cosmos above you. Imagine your spine as a conduit, like connective tissue between the "Heavens and Earth".

Moving Meditation In movement, we generate, integrate and circulate energy. Bringing attention and presence to our movement, amplifies energy and increases embodied awareness. Moving meditations may include walking, athletics, dance, martial arts, and energy medicine practices, such as Yoga or Chi Gong.

Reclining Meditation In this position of receptivity, our autonomic nervous system can naturally restore and recalibrate. The reclining meditation is a wonderful way to integrate and settle. Savasana, the "corpse" pose from the yoga tradition, exemplifies the value of this meditation. The key here is surrender, letting go and being held in the Unified Field.

The following practices integrate variations of the four meditation postures along with other expressive arts meditation practices. They are offered as starting points. Use them to inspire your exploration, and experiment with creating your own variations. Practice daily to expand your awareness and accelerate your Everyday Magnificent journey. Over time, intentional awareness can give most every form of daily sitting, standing, moving and reclining a quality of living meditation. Start where you are, as you are; with loving compassion. We suggest beginning all meditation practices with some version of Intentional Breathing and Unity Coherence.

Intentional Breathing

Begin all activities, practices and touchstones in this journal by focusing on the breath. Begin with taking 10 relaxed, deep breaths. Build up to a practice of 5-10 minutes of full, steady breathing. Try increasing the length of inhale and exhales over a count of 5 seconds. Allow a circular breath pattern to emerge. If attention wanders with thought forms or feelings, return to the sensation of the breath, breathing you.

When fatigued, anxious or frustrated, pause and take 5 of these steady, full breaths and notice if your energy shifts to a more relaxed and spacious state. Experiment with breathing techniques from favorite yoga or healing arts practices. Deepen your intimate relationship and commitment to intentional breathing. Allow breath to circulate and replenish your being. Many wisdom traditions say, "breath is life". It is a direct path to revitalizing and optimizing the health of body, mind, spirit.

Unity Coherence

In a seated posture, close your eyes, center with your breath and relax your body. Breathe with steady, full inhalations and exhalations. Allow your breath to become rhythmic and circular. Bring attention to your chest, as if the breath is moving in and out through the center of your chest. Keep attention on your heart center as you breathe. Begin to elevate your state by generating the emotion of gratitude. Bring to awareness anything for which you feel grateful.

Expand this awareness from your heart in every direction. Imagine gratitude radiating with each generous breath. Now circulate this state by breathing it through your whole body and energetic field. Extend a state of relaxed wholeness and communion with all life. Feel held, breathed and carried in the web of life; the Unified Field.

See and feel your whole being fueled and circulating loving, coherent energy: steep, absorb, regenerate. Flood your whole brain and nervous system with this unified, coherent energy. Radiate this coherent energy to all beings and all life. Continue this practice for 5 to 10 minutes. Revisit it often. At first it may take repeated practice to establish and maintain a state of coherence. With consistent practice, Unity Coherence can be activated and sustained throughout the day.

Making Intentional Breathing and Unity Coherence baseline practices (repeated often) will better serve your Everyday Magnificent journey (visit www.heartmath.com for heart coherence info).

Walking Meditation

Take a walk outside, connecting to the ground beneath you and the sky above. If possible, walk barefoot on the ground to better entrain to the frequency of the Earth. Feel your body as an extension of the Earth and Cosmos. Breathe and connect with the life force animating all life. Imagine your whole nervous system opening and drinking in the intelligence of the Unified Field. Offer gratitude. Observe life around you and feel yourself intimately connected to all things and all beings. As you continue walking, reflect upon and energize the details of your Source Creations and Dream Designs. Generate an elevated emotional state of love and gratitude for the potentials you are magnetizing that already exist in the Quantum Field. Embody these potentials and walk into their reality. Broadcast an electromagnetic signature of unity, coherence and gratitude. When you feel complete, give thanks and surrender all outcomes into the Unknown.

Dancing Meditation

Center in stillness. Begin to move (to music or in silence). Move authentically. Breathe and connect with the energy animating all life. Feel yourself connected to all things and all beings. Allow the energy of spontaneity and playfulness to move you. Let the dance inhabit you. Reflect upon and energize the content of your Source Creations and Dream Designs. Visualize the life you are designing as a present moment reality. Generate an elevated emotional state of love and gratitude for how it feels to live your "dream" reality and dance these potentials into being. As you complete, surrender your experience to the intelligence of the Unified Field. If you are able, lie down and take a few minutes to integrate in a reclining meditation.

Vocalize: Tone-Chant-Sing

As you get comfortable with breathing practices, experiment with vocalizing, toning and resonating sounds on the exhale. Improvise or practice one of many forms of toning and chanting. You may try integrating Sanskrit mantras (which resonate electromagnetic signatures of unity, wholeness and love). You may prefer to sing songs you love, or make up your own. Allow your voice to sound and reverberate. Allow energy to move! Don't stop if you hit resistance. Instead, keep going beyond the edge of your comfort zone. Remember, we are exploring the unknown and unconventional. Tears may come or bursts of cathartic energy. Allow the process. Give sound to your soul, to your prayers. Play with vocal range and ride waves of sound and vibration. Experiment till tones drop into silence. Offer gratitude and linger in the silence as long as you are able.

Soul Dance: Vibrate-Shake-Elevate

Play music that inspires your body to move. Walk, dance and wiggle, letting your limbs and spine move fluidly. Allow spontaneous, free movement to dislodge stuck energy. Release tension and let your dance bring you to life. Tremble, vibrate, shake, flow, groove. Follow the joy of movement as you embody melody and rhythm. Use the dance to liberate, elevate and energize your emotional state. Visualize and embody your best self and best life as you move. Ride the dance into the Unknown and surrender into the moment. Be free. At the height of the experience, offer gratitude for your life and naturally wind down. Lie down, sit or stand in stillness, sensing your heartbeat and breath. If any guidance or insights come to you, grab for your journal as you complete and write them down.


Excerpted from "Everyday Magnificent"
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Table of Contents

Introduction, pg. 6,
How to Use This Book, pg. 7,
Outline of Tools and Practices, pg. 9,
Foundational Activities, pg. 10,
Life Practices, pg. 15,
Touchstones, pg. 22,
Everyday Magnificent Journal Pages, pg. 26,
Afterward, pg. 151,
Suggested Supplies,
• Colors! (pencils, pens, crayons, pastels, etc.),
• Collage images,
• Scissors,
• Glue or double stick tape,
• Willing, playful, uncensored expression,
• An earnest heart,

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