Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings: Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom

Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings: Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom

by Wayne S. Peterson


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Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings: Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom by Wayne S. Peterson

All major religions of the world are expecting him. Christians know him as the Christ. Jews are still awaiting the Messiah. Hindus anticipate the coming of Krishna. Muslims are expecting the Imam Mahdi. And Buddhists call him the Fifth (Maitreya) Buddha. The names are all different, but many believe they all refer to the same person: a world Teacher who is among us now, and is called Maitreya. But he does not come as a religious leader. He is here as a guide for people of all religions, all countries, all societies. In this age of crisis, he is here to inspire all of us to put down the sword of religious, social, and economic strife, and to seek justice based on sharing and global cooperation of the human family. His message is that of all great teachers of the ageless wisdom: peace, love, the golden rule.

Some very prominent world leaders and celebrities, and many others, are aware of Maitreya's reappearance, but are not yet prepared to go public due to the possible effect on their professional reputations; however, many believe that it's just a matter of time before everyone will recognize that the world teacher is back, living among us.

Wayne Peterson, a former American diplomat and director of the Fulbright Scholarship program, tells the story of his own extraordinary encounters with Maitreya, and why Maitreya has returned. It is a story of strange, fascinating events and penetrating wisdom and an inspirational message of hope for the future. It is a story that deals with nothing less than humanity's opportunity to redefine its institutions and beliefs based on the ancient wisdom common to all traditions. Above all, it is a story, both personal and planetary, of love, and of those extraordinary spiritual beings who embody it to the world.

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ISBN-13: 9781571743763
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 04/28/2003
Pages: 190
Sales rank: 864,575
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It all began at Christmas when I had not yet reached my fourth birthday. As a child of three, the preparations for Christmas all appeared so extravagant but very welcome in an otherwise bleak, cold Wisconsin winter.

On Christmas Eve I remember asking my mother what purpose this all served. I recall not understanding why so much effort was being made to celebrate the birthday of someone called Jesus, the Christ child. However, while my mother arranged the small plaster statues of the holy family and accompanying figures of shepherds, animals and three wise men under the Christmas tree, she explained as best she could to a three-year-old that celebrating the Christ child's birth was a reminder of how God came to earth as a human.

When I asked if Christ would come and visit our home to see our tree before Christmas day, my mother must have realized that I had not understood her. It seemed natural to me at the time that this major effort to celebrate a birthday should not be missed by the person having the birthday. I liked the idea of having a birthday tree but was further confused when my mother told me that the Christmas tree would not be put up for my birthday in March.

She led me to the living room window and pointed to the stars and explained that Christ had died and gone to his father in the sky. This explanation made me curious as to the nature of God and I pondered the theme, as best a child could, while playing with the little statues, occasionally biting off the head of a lamb or shepherd when my mother wasn't watching.

Little did I know then that the lovely statue of Mary, mother of Jesus in the blue and white dress, would soon come to life for me on the Easter weekend that followed.

I remember being taken to the doctor various times that winter of 1945, because I had not been well. But on each trip the family doctor found nothing unusual.

It was not until Good Friday, a week after my fourth birthday, that I began to have severe pains in my stomach and complained to my mother. She tucked me under a blanket on the large living room sofa and went into our big country kitchen to serve dinner to my father and older sister.

I could hear them talking as I lay looking at the ceiling, but soon I heard a unique sound coming from the second floor. It was not footsteps but rather the swishing sound of silk or satin fabric rubbing against itself. I thought there must be a person upstairs who was about to come down the stairs.

From my location on the sofa I watched in anticipation for someone to appear. As the measured cadence of swishing fabric became louder, I wondered who it was. My parents had said nothing of a visitor in the house. Yet, someone was about to descend the stairs.

Then at the top step I saw a white slipper, shimmering like silk. Around it came a dress of the same white silk. Step by measured step, the flowing gown descended the stairs until I could see to the waist of this mystery person. At that point, a young lady bent forward to look me in the eye. She knew exactly where I was located in the room since her gaze focused directly upon me without the least hesitation. With a warm, friendly smile she continued down the stairs. Confident of her step, she locked her gaze on me alone.

I became fascinated with the clothing she wore. My first thought was that it was so different from that of my mother or her friends. As I gazed at the blue veil draped over her head, flowing down her white dress, I realized that this lady was an exact replica of the Christmas statue of Mary, identical in every way.

As she crossed the living room toward me, I began to sense that she was not an ordinary house guest but the real Mary, mother of the Christ child, the baby Jesus of the Christmas decorations.

She knelt beside me and asked, "Why are you so sad?"

I was thinking about all the things I could say, when she replied that she understood. I realized that she could hear my thoughts, and she told me I could hear hers.

She immediately proceeded to say that I was in grave danger. I was told that I must visit the doctor before the night was over or it would be too late, and then she would have to return for me. She asked if I understood what this meant.

I understood that I would not be able to come home again. She confirmed that I was correct. She then told me that I had a choice whether to stay or to leave with her. The choice was totally mine. To me she was so beautiful, so loving and understanding that, after only a moment's thought, I declared my intention to go with her.

She laughed softly and explained that my parents and sister loved me, and they would be very sad to have me taken away Her eyes turned toward the ceiling, and she was quiet for a moment. As she looked back down toward me her expression appeared more serious.

She said, "I am going to tell you a secret that few now know. If you stay with your family, you will see the Christ because he will come to live with the people of the world." She told me that I would be older, an adult perhaps, but he would come and I would be one of the first to see him and recognize him.

Although beyond my immediate understanding, I sensed that my life ahead could be wonderfully interesting. Her more urgent task with me now began. She explained that I had to go to the hospital as soon as possible

Table of Contents

List of Illustrationsvii
1A Message from Mary1
2Coincidence and Opportunity6
3Entering the Halls of Power18
4A Promise Fulfilled30
5Getting My Attention37
6Another Meeting with Maitreya50
7Hawaiian Night School59
8Spiritual Jaywalking64
9Waters of Life71
10Sai Baba Visits Again78
11Clues from around the World83
12Private Meetings with the Masters93
13A New Way to House Hunt102
14Those Who Look for Signs111
15The Master at Medjugorje123
16Las Vegas or Bust132
17Promises to Keep139
18What Does It All Mean?146
19Living in Las Vegas152
AppendixThe Ageless Wisdom Teachings157
Resources and Suggested Reading171
About the Author177

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Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings: Experiences of an American Diplomat with Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wayne Peterson has written one of the most astonishing first person accounts of divine encounter in our time. Having interviewed numerous individuals who have had similar experiences, Wayne's added clout as an officer in the US diplomatic core brings an otherwise esoteric topic down to earth with frank clarity. His writing style is light hearted and matter-of-fact, enabling the reader to become enjoyably enthralled from page one. Having interviewed Mr. Peterson for my own book, it is still amazing and refreshing to hear his tale right from the horse's mouth. Convincing, startling, and inspiring, Peterson's book will assuredly awaken the reader to an whole other realm of possibilities, of a deeper spiritual understanding and the context of spirituality as a vital element that's currently lacking in guiding the direction of international affairs as we enter the 21st Century. Wayne Peterson's message is a refreshing voice of hope in a time when conflicting ideologies and self-serving political agendas seem to dominate current world affairs. I highly recommend this book whether or not you ultimately agree with him after having read it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I picked up a copy of this shortly after attending one of the author's lectures. I started reading the book before turning in one night, intending to read a couple of chapters; three hours later, I was still reading, and nearly completed the book in one sitting-- it was that engaging. I'm a believer, all right, and this book, and Mr. Peterson's lecture presentation have contributed greatly to my own personal conviction that the world is in for some very profound changes, sooner than most of us would imagine possible. I can hardly wait!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I will say upfront that I'm biased having been involved with the same network that Mr Peterson belongs to for the last decade. But take it from me - out of all the books that our group has written on the subject I think this is the best place to start reading about it
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿He is credible and believable. This subject is dynamite.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wayne's experience in foreign affairs makes him instantly credible. His intimate knowledge of a spiritual teacher with demonstrated wisdom and the power to be seen where and in whatever form he chooses makes an empowering and exciting conversation.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a remarkable book¿A real page-turner, it carries the reader from one astonishing adventure to the next¿Few books convey this level of detail about personal encounters with Spirit Beings¿His life is a testament to the miracles that can and often do happen when we simply ask for assistance.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What a thrilling book. Full of adventure, miracles, inspiration and a vision of the future. This book just might change many lives.
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿I initially thought this book would be too far-out for credibility, but after reading it and visiting the web site I feel quite differently. It triggered memories of experiences I have had that I now believe were ordained on a higher level. -CS
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the real stuff.... Well-paced and thoroughly documented, this is the story of a man of courage and conviction who bears the heartening message that a bright future lies before us. -TJE
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mr. Peterson's personal accounts of most unusual spiritual encounters; previews of the future in combination with his obvious legitimacy as a respected high level U.S. diplomat has resulted in a book that will be unsettling to some and offer great hope for a better world to many.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Beings' is a most remarkable book. For the first time a person of ¿consequence¿ (retired US government official) confirms the reappearance of the Christ and gives invaluable information on its impact on the political, social and economic spheres. The message of this book is so powerful and inescapable that it will prove for many an intellectual ¿road-to-Damascus¿. In less than 200 pages of gentle prose the author covers a vast range of topics and moves subtly through many levels of reading and understanding. On the outset, the book is the spiritual autobiography of a distinguished American diplomat. As a boy of four, Peterson had a vision of the Madonna, who promised he would see the Christ in his lifetime. The promise was fulfilled four decades later, in a series of astonishing experiences that set him off to a fascinating spiritual journey. His awe-inspiring meeting with Maitreya-the Christ is also the dramatic highpoint of the book. Since the early 1980s, Peterson would lead a double life: as a Washington bureaucrat with a wide range of contacts in the corridors of power, and as a spiritual pilgrim. Soon the two paths would converge, as colleagues and friends would elicit his knowledge of the Emergence story or even confide to him similar experiences with the Masters. At this point and level the book shifts gear and becomes a commentary on the Christ¿s mission. Peterson realizes that the presence of such extraordinary spiritual beings among us is a natural response to humanity¿s need for new institutions. Consciousness evolving as anything else in the universe, it is crucial it finds expression through adequate social structures. It is the purpose of the Christ to inspire us into building a safer, just and peaceful world. In fact, His work has long started. Radical changes in the political field in the last decade were inspired by the Christ, and accomplished by disciples such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Nelson Mandela. The Masters have secured the cooperation of a number of leading minds, who work behind the scenes to prepare these new structures. While many more know about the story of His reappearance, they are reluctant to talk openly for fear of condemnation. Peterson¿s testimonial is an invitation and call to action for them to come forward and speak out. The book closes with one of the most comprehensive and lucid accounts of the state of humanity and its future that I have ever read. The child of four in the first chapter has indeed entered the Hall of Wisdom. Reading Peterson¿s book made me confident about the future, recharged my spiritual batteries, and deepened my understanding of the Christ¿s mission. I believe it will do nothing less for millions of readers in the years to come.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Extraordinary book'