Future Times: Dreams and Visions of Disasters

Future Times: Dreams and Visions of Disasters

by Kathryn M. Hilton

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Through her dreams and visions and those of a few friends, Author Kathryn Hilton reveals the lost Continent of Atlantis and other major earth changes that will occur in the future.  Mostly about the U.S.A., there is information about a few other places on the planet.

Mt. Fujiyama explodes, destroying the island of Japan, setting up a chain of reactions around the Pacific.  At end of the chain, Mt. McKinley erupts in Alaska, causing a tidal wave that will submerge the state of California and part of neighboring states.

In Europe the submerged city of Athenai surfaces in the Mediteranean Sea as the coastline of Greece dramatically increases in size.  As the Sea becomes smaller, other areas of land will rise.

The island of Atlantis, landlocked for centuries, appears as half of South Carolina and part of North Carolina become submerged.  A tidal wave hits New York City, flooding Times Square and most of Manhattan.  Seattle is destroyed by a large earthquake and rebuilt.

From the East Coast to the West Coast, many states are covered to give an overall view of what will happen to the United States. With the Moon changing position, a planetary quake, and rotation of the planet temporarily stopping, creating darkness over half the Earth, this book gives a comprehensive look at the future of our world.  After these disasters have ended, there will be no more for 700 years.

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Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 04/06/2001
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1How It All Started15
Chapter 2The Key--Mt. Fujiyama20
Chapter 3Pacific Invades California27
Chapter 4The Moon and Planet33
Chapter 5The Mediterranean Mystery42
Chapter 6Bunch of Strange Things49
Chapter 7California Submerged54
Chapter 8California Earthquakes62
Chapter 9Other Western States69
Chapter 10Texas and More Water77
Chapter 11A Variety of Places84
Chapter 12The Big Carolina Island91
Chapter 13Eight Carolina Islands99
Chapter 14Atlantic Invades Carolinas109
Chapter 15Other Southeast States115
Chapter 16The Mixed Up Northeast125
Chapter 17War in the Southeast130
Chapter 18Darkness Upon the Earth137
Chapter 19Summary of Safe and Unsafe147
Chapter 20Be a Survivor152

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