Life Most Complex Problems: The Real Reason for Our Being

Life Most Complex Problems: The Real Reason for Our Being

by Betsyboo


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Wise wisdom words are so inspirational. Our subconscious mind knows the truth, but our conscious mind determines what we say differently. Our path in time come from each side of our family heritage and wise wisdom words.

We can all learn something new every day. As children, we all wonder about life and the reason for our being, but with the busy lifestyle, parents don't have the time to explain in detail what we as individuals wonder about. Mostly we only get half an answer, then later in life, these questions come back at us and cause tension, arguments, and confusion put together in our minds. It's part of how it can be done, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. Thoughts, theories, songs, words, wisdom of the past, old-time sayings, and nursery rhymes all have meanings, and adults can explain when in the future the meaning can be used to balance out weather patterns as we go.

Once we get this far, usually in our retirement, we can use the Bible verse to help us along the way. It's all connected, and all wise words of wisdom play the biggest part nowadays.

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