Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment ---- the High Council

Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment ---- the High Council

by Jenny Hogg Ashwell


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As our companions through the current spiritual Awakening, Jesus, the archangels, and other spiritual teachers have gathered as the High Council and now share with us in Love's Curriculum their messages of enlightenment. These Divine messages have a clear goal: To awaken us to the Love that connects all. You hold in your hands the High Council's gift to you-a guidebook for this journey. Through Divine grace and enormous trust, Jenny Hogg Ashwell travelled a path from lawyer to student of spirituality and mother of three, to spiritual counselor and intuitive, to learn of her soul's assignment to scribe Love's Curriculum for the High Council and bring forth their messages to the world. It is with great humility, courage, and gratitude that she has done just this. Now, it is your turn. Let Love's Curriculum gently awaken within you the memory of Love as you uncover your soul's Divine purpose. Let it guide you to ignite Love in the world. The time has come to join in the Awakening. "We wish for you to read Love's Curriculum. Within its pages you will find the Bounty of Love and Light to which you have been called-for which you have been dreaming and desiring to fill within you the void. Within its pages are the answers contained, the magic brought forth, the truth illuminated, for all to hear and see. Let Love's Curriculum help you on your journey to awaken to Love. It is time." -The High Council

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ISBN-13: 9781504339865
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/11/2015
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Jenny Hogg Ashwell is a gifted spiritual messenger and mentor, dedicated to igniting Love in the world. Working with the High Council, she helps people worldwide remember that they are Love, Loved, and Divinely Guided, so that they may courageously live their soul's Divine purpose. To connect with Jenny and learn about her inspiring courses, programs, and events visit

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Love's Curriculum

Messages of Enlightenment The High Council

By Jenny Hogg Ashwell

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Jenny Hogg Ashwell
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-3986-5


The Communication of Light


Light is all around you, all the time. It lies in you. Love is a form of Light, and both are infinite as Love is like its source, Light, which is infinite; just as you, the Son, are like your Father. Light is all around and within all as you float in what is like an ocean of Love, and you are bobbing up and down in the waves. At any point you can direct your attention to a spot and formalize it — put it into form. You may spend a lifetime there, but you do not go anywhere as you spend that lifetime there. It is indeed like watching a movie. Just your attention and awareness seem to be in it. Your being is in the Ocean of Light and Love. As you tune in to your being, you may feel it within as waves going up and down.

When we remember the Light, we can choose anything. It is the fourth dimension of instant manifestation and no limit of time and space, or at least less limits. The higher dimensions have no limit, just light and instant manifestation from a thought; like the thought from whence you (your body ego illusion) came — that one mad idea.

You are journeying Home. I have made it and am also waiting. I have come back here in shadowy form and consciousness to appear here as a guide to Home. There are others who have come as well — lights to show the way. They are the lightworkers, like an army of Love. But even one day this form will be gone, as we return to the Source.

You are each part of the Whole that seemingly appears to awaken each little bit at a time. Like a sleepy lion that first wiggles his toe, then his tail, and then like a shiver that spreads through his body as each other bit awakes, until the lion opens his eyes and is fully awake and aware; little bits of consciousness waking up like a wave, a shiver, that spreads then to the Whole.

The Communication of LIGHT: Love, Intent, God (memory of God), Help and Healing, Trust and Truth


The vibration of Love is God. Love is all. Love is the Light of God shining in you and all on this planet, this earth. It shines behind and within all as the vibration of God, as the Light of God in form; this form that you have thought to make real or that seems real to your ego eyes, your body eyes. And yet it is all vibrating still in the Ocean of Love, in God's Love and Light beyond time and space.

Love is the Truth and the Light and the Word of God. God speaks in Love, and Love is beyond measure and words and form, and yet it is in all seeming form if you have but eyes to see it. We speak of spiritual sight that sees the Love of God in all as the truth that is Love and is God's action in form; God's hand at work in form (this illusion of form that you have seemingly created). Never forget that Love is all around, always. It is this to which you will begin to see.


From the vibration of Love, intentions and form are born. What is born depends on the level of Mind in action. Christ Mind creates thoughts of Love and Peace, thoughts of golden light. Whereas thinking with the ego, creating from the ego, acting with and listening to the ego mind, creates in the world of form symbols and situations and instances and actions of distrust, disease, demise, destruction, and devastation; all forms of believing in separation and the ego versus understanding the truth of the Voice for God.


Light is still a memory of God. God is beyond and more than Light. We experience ourselves as Light — a Creation of God, the Son of God — whereas LIGHT is infinite and beyond. God is Light and Love and Truth, but God is beyond in Pure LIGHT (beyond Light as LIGHT), which is infinite and beyond.

Help and Healing:

Always ask your guides for healing. There are Helpers everywhere. They help the highest part of the Mind manifest. We the guides are here and are sent by the Holy Spirit to help you.

Trust and Truth:

Trust in what you cannot see with these ego eyes (or body eyes). Trust in Divine magic, Divine helpers. They bring in the Mind of God, which is curious, creative, joy, all potential, Love, highest good, win-win, joining, and Oneness — Unity versus one limited mind, separate and on its own. Trust in us, your Divine guides, who are here to help you See(truly see with the eyes of Divine Oneness) at the direction of the Holy Spirit.


Belief and Belonging

Archangel Ariel

Belief and belonging go together. They are both the wings of an angel. Oneness and faith is another way you can put it. To experience the Love you must remember that you belong — that you are a child (that all of you are children) of the Universal Oneness. Those who remember first will join the University. We will speak to you more of this later.

We provide a quiet nudging in your heart that helps you awaken, remember, stir, the memory of belonging to Oneness; and thus stirring the fires of belief — belief in God and Oneness and belonging to the greater Whole. Those who are remembering will want to join and study at the University. They are waking up to their place in the Whole.

They will feel it gently in their hearts, as a gentle stirring that is gently awoken on such a deep, subtle level. It is like it is a homing beacon or a flame, a light that will be lit and draw to its source for comfort and reunion. It is in this way that they will join again in Union with the Source of all Love and Light, with God and all His beings of Love and Light that make up the whole entirety of LOVE and the world, the Word, which is like a Greater World, a world that is not just earth. The World of God is the Word — I AM; it resonates behind it all as Om. But even the vibration of Om is just a manifestation of form as well, coming from the formless, from the formless violet, white, swirling light of PEACE, HOME, and LOVE. It starts with everyone belonging and knowing they belong no matter who or what color or look or belief. And thus it creates an earth and world of peace; it creates Peace on earth. And during this presence and time of Peace on earth, all know that they belong and all believe in the Light and Love of God and the expansive connection to it all. And each person and being remembers his or her true place in this Whole and feels at Home; they know they belong and they have belief in GOD. This will present a time when all have faith and courage and motivation and actions of LOVE; actions of Love that begin to coil and curl and spiral out and out into the world, coming back multiplied. It will usher in a new level of LOVE and connection among people.

We are always in the background helping with love and acceptance of self and then others. We includes myself Archangel Arial and the elemental beings that I work with closely and the higher light beings that are associated with me. We are the gentle light beings. We speak of gentleness to you and your soul. There are those that help with more active Love; we are the ones who you find in the stillness, offering gentle, still, accepting Love — love for self and other and that creates a World of Peace. Listen in the stillness for us and listen to hear your heart light ignited — that memory that you are Love and belonging ignited toward reunion with the ONE, the Beloved.


Bring Love to Any Sickness


Bring Love to any sickness. Bathe it in Love. Forgive any sickness. Love through it, remembering the truth of self and other — that you are all immersed in the vibration of Love.

Bring Love to any sickness, for it is Love, truly, that does all healing. For make no doubt about it that Love heals all sickness, despite the avenue of healing modality. Medicines are just a form of Love in action if we remember the truth that all is Love and Love does the work. It is our natural state to be in the Ocean of Love, and we reveal and uncover it more than heal something that is wrong or broken. Love is the Truth and the Light and the Life. Love is the true magic behind all Life. Remember, my dear ones, that Life is Love is God. In other words, God created His Son as unto Himself, such that God and Love may be felt and expanded.

Sickness is the veil between you and the truth of Love. When we heal with medicines, we are still healing behind the veil in the illusion. When we remember Love does the real healing, or that it isn't really healing at all, just revealing our true nature and lifting the veil, then we have experienced the truth of Love. When Love reigns supreme, we may use medicines of the body, and yet we will see it is an illusion; it is healing in the illusion while the state of Love is ever present. As we remember the state of Love in this illusion, the medicines will heal more completely and always (reliably) because one is really seeing the truth — that of Love.

When Love's Brightness enters through the veil, there is no longer a block between the two (the illusion and state of Love). When Love enters through the veil, then we can manifest perfect health in the illusion as medicines that work. Then the next step beyond that will be instant health without medicines, as we drop the illusion and veil.

For now, it is as if Love will come into the illusion and manifest Love as medicines working reliably. Then it will be time for us to seemingly go the other way, through the veil into Love; and thus, leave the illusion of separation. We will enter into Love. We will drop the illusion and immerse in Love into a new age and new understanding of healing through thought and creation, where each thought manifests (and we learn how to keep manifesting) Health, Love, Connection, Peace, Abundance — LOVE. After living there for a time, we drop the entire form and return to Pure Light.

We use we because we the High Council are a part of the Whole and the journey of the separate ones of the Whole. So the use of we is accurate because we (the High Council) are included with you in the greater Whole. Like a big mothership and all of us on board, we will shift into the different stages, us included with you. You are a part of our Mind — the Mind of God waking again to itself like the lion.




Today we will learn about wisdom. Only the wise shall enter Heaven, although in time all will be wise. For wisdom is knowing one's true connection to God. When you are wise, you allow yourself to be vulnerable as you allow True Wisdom to fill your heart, mind, and being, the True Wisdom that you need not be perfect to enter Heaven. This is an important point to remember: No one need be perfect to enter Heaven. You need only be "perfect" in God's eyes, which means you remember your true place as a Child of God; you become wise and thus enter Heaven. All are on this journey of remembering, whether they have accepted this fact in their awareness as of yet or not, for Heaven awaits us all.

You have become fixated on doing it all just right in your traditions and religions and spirituality when the answer lies in accepting yourself as you are, for you are all Children of God, wholly perfect and Holy. We want you to remember that Love is the answer and Love does not require perfection. Love is perfect in its own right, for it is LOVE and it is All-There-Is and all-powerful.

Bring Love to all the parts you judge as scary, dark, nasty, wrong, ugly, broken, mistaken, critical, unloving, judgmental. Bring them into awareness and acceptance, and then enter into the Kingdom with them; allow Love to be there. For remember you are immersed in the field of Love, in the Ocean of Love. And as you bring these parts you judge as imperfect and unlovable into the center of your awareness, instead of pushing them aside or running from them, then you sit in the Ocean of Love and bathe these "flaws" in Love; you bring them to the Light. As I said in A Course in Miracles, let the Light heal all mistaken thoughts about yourself, for they are merely illusions that will dissolve as you keep them in Love's awareness, as you bring them consciously to Love; for only Love is real, and the flaws will dissolve as the illusion that they are.

In the end, we want to welcome each one of you wherever you are at. We lead you each by the hand across the threshold into the Light of Heaven that has always been here, just hidden from you by a fog. We lead you into Heaven in plain and bare clothes, naked, aware of all these "flaws." For again, these flaws are merely illusion and not to be focused on. They are not the focus!

You spend years trying to correct these flaws to get perfect to enter Heaven when we would welcome all of you just as you are. And yet each one of you does need mind healing, clearing, training, so that you can again become aware of LOVE, of the Truth, and take your focus onto the Voice for God and not the voice for the ego. But it is not about being perfect. It is about remembering the truth of you. And that takes some practice and training so that you can even see our outstretched hands and hear us calling you HOME.

So may all your endeavors and work be not to perfection, but to removing the barriers to LOVE so that we may greet you there, when you humbly remember that you are loved no matter what flaw for you are a Holy Son of GOD, a perfect Child of God. Please, remember this. We ask this of you now.


Remembering the Divine Oneness

A Great Teacher (Awakened One)

You are not broken, for Love is not broken and you are Love. A Great Remembering is upon us. It is remembering that Love is all there is and that you are Love. We are here to help you again to do this. We offer you a new reminder as your planet takes the next step.

You see, this remembering is beyond humans on this planet and the story in the illusion of Jesus leading us Home. The Holy Spirit has taken many forms to help lead all Home to God, and God goes beyond the earth and Jesus. Jesus himself is surrendered into the Pure Light but comes back in some shape and form to teach and guide you onward and upward, inward, to the Light.

I am a great teacher from your planet. I am overseeing. I am very angelic. I am Love and compassion, the wings of a dove. I am the leader of another story. Just as Jesus leads you Home here in this story on earth, I lead the other light worlds Home in other realms and dimensions beyond. And, again, I am you and you are me, as we are all One Mind.

Remember that you are not alone. There are many in other realms and other dimensions and on other planets, and all are evolving back to GOD. As the boundaries between the worlds fade, we may see each other and help each other and remember that we, too, are all ONE.


Excerpted from Love's Curriculum by Jenny Hogg Ashwell. Copyright © 2015 Jenny Hogg Ashwell. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword, ix,
Preface, xiii,
Introduction, xxvii,
Chapter 1 The Communication of Light, 1,
Chapter 2 Belief and Belonging, 4,
Chapter 3 Bring Love to Any Sickness, 6,
Chapter 4 Wisdom, 8,
Chapter 5 Remembering the Divine Oneness, 10,
Chapter 6 Manifesting your Highest Desire, 13,
Chapter 7 The University, 15,
Chapter 8 Knowing You Are LOVE, 17,
Chapter 9 Light and Darkness and the Power of ONEness, 22,
Chapter 10 Sexual Healing toward Divine Union, 26,
Chapter 11 Love of Self and Other: A Call to Love and a Critical Next Step, 32,
Chapter 12 Messages of Love and Light, 36,
Chapter 13 Forgiveness and Claiming Your Place as a Prince or Princess of God, 41,
Chapter 14 The Importance of Connecting with God in All Its Forms, 50,
Chapter 15 Invocation of the Angels, 57,
Chapter 16 Galactic Oneness: A Call to Lightworkers, 63,
Chapter 17 Grace and True Humility, 69,
Chapter 18 Surrender, 74,
Chapter 19 The Journey through Homesickness, 78,
Chapter 20 The Practice of Calling in Home, 83,
Chapter 21 LOVE in Relationships, 88,
Chapter 22 Special Relationships, 94,
Chapter 23 Darkness and Depression, 98,
Chapter 24 Guilt and Shame, Forgiveness and Free Will, 102,
Chapter 25 Working with the Nature Beings (Elementals), 111,
Chapter 26 Addictions, Abuse, and the Body, 115,
Chapter 27 Joining Heaven and Earth, 122,
Chapter 28 The Essence of the Soul, 127,
Chapter 29 Identifying with Your Soul, 131,
Chapter 30 Death, Dying, and the Other Side, 135,
Chapter 31 Prayers, 143,
Chapter 32 Going Forth in LOVE, 146,
Chapter 33 The I AM, 149,
Afterword, 151,
Appendix 1 More about the Scribing Process and Overcoming Doubts, 169,
Appendix 2 More on the Purpose of Love's Curriculum and its Relationship with A Course in Miracles,
Appendix 3 Additional Information from the High Council, 180,
Acknowledgments, 187,

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