Planets in Play: How to Reimagine Your Life Through the Language of Astrology

Planets in Play: How to Reimagine Your Life Through the Language of Astrology

by Laurence Hillman

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ISBN-13: 9781101216019
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/20/2007
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
File size: 869 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Laurence Hillman is a highly regarded professional astrologer, teacher, and lecturer, and a force in the movement to merge astrology with depth psychology. He has lectured internationally and writes a monthly column at

Table of Contents

Introduction     1
Staging the Play     9
The Planets: Acting Out     17
The Aspects: Inter-Acting     18
The Signs: Costumes and Disguises     20
The Houses: Slices of Life     21
Getting Involved in Your Play     23
Pay Attention to the (Greatest) Tension     25
The Invisible Actor     28
The Lead Character     29
The Curtain Opens     32
The Solar Principle-How to Shine Light on What You Want     35
Introducing You to Your Sun     36
Too Much Sun: The Inflated Ego-Sunburn Is Painful     53
Too Little Sun: Low Self-Esteem     54
Practical Tips: Let the Sun Shine In(side)     54
How Is Your Sun Clothed? The Sun Through the Signs     55
Where Is Your Sun Acting? The Sun Through the Houses     59
The Lunar Principle-How to Embrace What You Need     65
Introducing You to Your Moon     66
Too Much Moon: The Emotional Wreck     84
Too Little Moon: I Feel Nothing and I Need Nothing     85
Practical Tips: Waxing and Waning with the Moon     85
How Is Your Moon Clothed? The Moon Through the Signs     87
Where Is Your Moon Acting? TheMoon Through the Houses     91
The Mercurial Principle-How to Grasp the Way You Think     95
Introducing You to Your Mercury     96
Too Much Mercury: The Smarty-Pants Liar     110
Too Little Mercury: Feeling Stupid     111
Practical Tips: Thinking Clearly     111
How Is Your Mercury Clothed? Mercury Through the Signs     113
Where Is Your Mercury Acting? Mercury Through the Houses     116
The Venusian Principle-How to Delight in the Way You Love     121
Introducing You to Your Venus     122
Too Much Venus: The Oversexed Come-on     146
Too Little Venus: "I Hate Everyone," Said the Spinster     147
Practical Tips: Love a Little and You Live a Lot     147
How Is Your Venus Clothed? Venus Through the Signs     149
Where Is Your Venus Acting? Venus Through the Houses     152
The Martial Principle-How to Apply Your Force     157
Introducing You to Your Mars     158
Too Much Mars: I'm Looking for a Fight     170
Too Little Mars: Please Don't Hurt Me!     171
Practical Tips: The Warrior Dance     171
How Is Your Mars Clothed? Mars Through the Signs     173
Where Is Your Mars Acting? Mars Through the Houses      176
The Jovial Principle-How to Enjoy Yourself     181
Introducing You to Your Jupiter     182
Too Much Jupiter: Fanatics Are Tiresome     190
Too Little Jupiter: Pessimists Are Not Popular     191
Practical Tips: Believe in Enjoyment!     191
How Is Your Jupiter Clothed? Jupiter Through the Signs     193
Where Is Your Jupiter Acting? Jupiter Through the Houses     196
The Saturnine Principle-How to Find Structure in Your Life     201
Introducing You to Your Saturn     202
Too Much Saturn: Depression and Sadness     217
Too Little Saturn: No Structure     218
Practical Tips: Organizing Your Life and Honoring Saturn     219
How Is Your Saturn Clothed? Saturn Through the Signs     220
Where Is Your Saturn Acting? Saturn Through the Houses     223
The Uranian Principle-How to Trust Your Intuition     227
Introducing You to Your Uranus     228
Too Much Uranus: The Misfit Genius     241
Too Little Uranus: I Am So Boring!     242
Practical Tips: Tuning In to Divine Ideas     242
How Is Your Uranus Clothed? Uranus Through the Signs     244
Where Is Your Uranus Acting? Uranus Through the Houses     247
The Neptunian Principle-How to Dream and Imagine (Again)     251
Introducing You to Your Neptune     252
Too Much Neptune: Needing to Escape     264
Too Little Neptune: Lack of Imagination     265
Practical Tips: Dream On!     266
How Is Your Neptune Clothed? Neptune Through the Signs     267
Where Is Your Neptune Acting? Neptune Through the Houses     276
The Plutonian Principle-How to Embrace Your Rebirth     281
Introducing You to Your Pluto     282
Too Much Pluto: Death Is Everywhere     297
Too Little Pluto: Shallowness Is Bland     297
Practical Tips: Change Is Inevitable-Learn to Love It     297
How Is Your Pluto Clothed? Pluto Through the Signs     299
Where Is Your Pluto Acting? Pluto Through the Houses     301
When Planets Act Up: Transits and Such     305
Planets on the Move     306
Conclusion     311
Resources     313
How to Get Your Astrological Chart     313
Your Natal Chart: The Basics     313
A List of the Aspects     316
The Astrological Elements     318
How to Get into Your Play     319
Worksheet     320
Contact Information      322
Select Bibliography     323
Index     325
About the Author     335

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