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Soul-Time Therapy: A Time to Be Still and Connect with Soul

Soul-Time Therapy: A Time to Be Still and Connect with Soul

by Charity Amy Murphy


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Charity Amy Murphy, MA BSocSc, combines the spiritual philosophy of east and west with the practical principles of positive psychology to bring you a unique guide to your own personal and spiritual development.

Through this journey you will be gently guided to reconnect with heart,
mind, spirit, soul and body.

You will learn how to:

• Identify and clear emotional blocks and negative thought patterns that may be holding you back.

• Learn to work in harmony with the law of attraction in manifesting a life you truly love,

• and start to bring a conscious awareness to your Soul Journey.

Live now how you wish to Live, be now how you dream to be. Heal your heart, balance your mind, free your spirit and connect with the wisdom and knowing of your Soul.

Awaken to your True Self

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ISBN-13: 9781982208998
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/04/2018
Pages: 184
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.39(d)

About the Author

Charity Amy Murphy is a qualified Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem Master; a Life and Yoga coach and a trained Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Social Care Practitioner.
Over the last twenty years she has worked extensively with adolescents and young adults, helping them to learn, develop and nurture their social and emotional selves, through building self-esteem, resilience and confidence.
Charity was born and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. She holds an Honors degree in Social and Political Science from University College Dublin and a Master's Degree in Film and Scriptwriting.
Charity runs workshops and retreats in body movement, energy awareness and personal development.

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Also by the author: Write it all down: Journal of Consciousness, Balboa Press: A daily journal for developing Soul Consciousness.

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A Question of Soul and a Bit about the Human Condition

Step into your Soul and find your way back to yourself. The beauty of all creation lies within you. You are a manifestation of your Soul-Self-Truth experiencing the joyful expression of life.

The Wisdom of the Soul Calls to Us

Each one of us holds within ourselves a wisdom that has not come from any book or been taught in any school. It is a wisdom of Truth and of Knowing, and it is held deep within us all.

All throughout our lives it constantly talks to us, guiding us on our journey - and if we will just stop and listen we will hear it as it guides us gently through our lives. If asked how we know, we answer – we simply know. In this state of being there is no logic, there is no explanation, there just is, and it is this is, that guides us throughout our lives and it is our Soul.

Stepping Out of Fear and Lack

Fear can hold us back from so much, and most of the time we don't even realize it. Fear stops us from really and truly being ourselves, from following our true path and from living from our hearts. It lives and breathes just like we do, because we allow it to exist in our world. We allow it to exist in our minds and in our own being.

Fear is a powerful energy that grows and spreads. It takes many forms and many disguises. It starts by entering our mind as a subtle doubt, and there it festers and grows, until one day we can find that it has come to consume us, trap us and control us. Fear of what to do, of who to be, fear of succeeding, fear of failure, fear of not being accepted, of not being loved, of not being liked, of not fitting in, of fitting in too much, of selling ourselves short, of choosing the wrong path, of choosing the right path, of not being understood. Fear, fear, so much fear.

Fear of this kind is an illusion of the ego-mind, a protective measure of limitation and separation learnt by the Self in absence of its connection to Soul. Its power for false truth pushes us to believe that it is real, and unfortunately over time we can learn to believe its false power and let it dictate our life choices. It can cause us to form walls around ourselves and even to block our own happiness.

We cannot allow fear of this kind to overwhelm us. It is a false low vibration that belongs to a part of ourselves that we have not yet come to understand and learn from. This part is our Shadow Self and it is full of learning and guidance. All we need to do, is start acknowledging it, seeing it and helping it to heal. Then the fear we have been holding gets to be dissolved, and we start living our lives from our true power, the power of our Soul.

This Shadow Self is very, very important. It will lead you through the path of your intimate being and it is crucial in helping you to move forward into who, as a Soul you really are, and to help you see the moments when you were shut off from yourself. The Shadow is a gift. It is your unconscious trying to gain your acceptance of who you are. Do not silence it, do not tell it to leave, for all you are doing is shutting a part of your Self off, a Self that needs listening to, a Self that feels it is unworthy to be. The disconnectedness we sometimes feel acts to throw us from our true path, our lifeline, our true essence, just remember we can get ourselves back on track just as quick.

We are always the one who holds the enlightenment into our own being.

So hold fast, all your emotions, both positive and negative. Let them work through your subconscious. We alone have the capacity to bring into our own consciousness the love and the light we choose to bring in. This is what is at our core truth. Feel it, allow yourself to honor your life. Allow your consciousness to open without ego, and honor your journey as you start to open yourself up to your Soul.

The Heart - Mind, Spirit - Soul Separation

The most common separation among people in contemporary society is with the heart and the mind. The growing emphasis on the hierarchy of the mind has led to the heart becoming something to be controlled, even denied. Placing such restrictions on matters of heart has led to people becoming disconnected, split and lost in themselves.

Sometimes this separation becomes so severe that the two parts learn to work in complete opposition to each other. The heart feels so much and the mind thinks so much, yet often each act in a state of not knowing what the other is doing, or why it is doing it. This not knowing often occurs with the two parts functioning at a level of impatient intolerance with the other.

Add to this the loss of a connection with Spirit and Soul and you find that it is no mystery that a lot of human beings live their lives in disharmony with themselves and their surroundings, being thrown from one state to the other, living their life in confusion and bewilderment at what they truly want, what will make and keep them happy, what they're doing with their lives and what they're not.

It is very important to know, and keep knowing that the Heart is the MOST powerful in all your interactions of life, all thoughts, all hopes, all fulfillment of you as a being of light. There is nothing higher than the heart and its essence can change worlds for the better.

Creating Harmony in Your Life

You cannot have harmony in your life if you do not have harmony in yourself. So even with the most basic level of separations you can find yourself living in a whirl of confusion, anguish, despair and conflict. And when in conflict, you are in battle. Only in this war - the enemy is yourself.

If this holds true for you, you will find you spend a lot of your life working against yourself, instead of for yourself, and this is simply because you do not know yourself in all your parts. You may have found that you followed certain paths only to discover at the end of them that they were not what you were really looking for.

You search for paths but really, what you are looking for is yourself and your own Truth. Life in all its joys and complexities teaches us how to disconnect. Not knowing how to reclaim ourselves we keep going forward in whatever direction we seem to be pointed, whether that direction is what we truly want or not, or whether it is what is truly best for us.

This is also true on a collective consciousness level and planetary level. Taking stock of ourselves and slowing down long enough to see, is the only way we can begin to step out and begin to create the life we truly desire and aspire to live.

Reclaiming Your Truth

So what's the answer? It's simple. Just stop. Stop battling with yourself, stop ignoring yourself and start listening. You and all your parts have all the answers. You can live your life blind, hiding from yourself, or you can choose to want to open your eyes and see. Going within, with Heart, gives your Soul air to breathe and unfolds your own divine wisdom so that you can heal yourself and follow your own unique guidance. Healing awakens Spirit and frees your mind to follow the journey of your Soul. We all have the power to create a heaven here on Earth. The first step is simply a stepping back, back into ourselves, and back into our Truth.

Connecting with Your Soul

In order to move yourself forward in your life you will in no doubt go through a time of shifting. During this time you will start to allow yourself to reflect on your life journey. You will also start to allow your curious nature to once again surface and begin asking questions of consciousness from your Soul.

Know that it is only by asking yourself questions can you ever hope to get to the answers that lie within you. So ask yourself and don't be afraid to hear the answers of Truth as they come back to you. Simply allow yourself to be open to your own inner wisdom and get to know yourself and all your greatness. Use your journal, do your daily practice and really begin to start being honest with yourself. This is your life and this is your journey, don't let yourself stay stuck. This is your time, a time for you to shine and grow, a time for you to get to know yourself. A time for you to let everything you couldn't say out loud out onto the pages for clearing. This is a time for you to heal and to claim your future for yourself.

Discovering A Want of Change

Discovering a want in yourself to change, heal and grow, can happen in many ways and at very different times in your life. Mostly people go through a process - a string of events brings a person to a conclusion and an acceptance of admitting to themselves that they have a desire of wanting to change. This process of wanting to change can happen many times before a person finally decides to take courage and face themselves.

It can happen slowly and gradually, until someday you find yourself picking up certain books or thinking differently about your life. Or, it can spiral out of a life-crisis. Just like every moment of every day holds a space in which you have the power of choice, every life-crisis brings with it an energy in which you have a chance to change the direction in which you are faced.

It is within this space that a gift dwells, a gift of time, a gift of reflection, and a gift of transformation.

Regardless of how you come here, this want of change always enters your life when you give it the space, and the chance to be. And for all, it is a time when you sense and know that somehow you want to be different. That your life needs changing, rearranging, growth, and you know that for this to happen it needs to come from within. You know that deep within your Soul you are not being completely true to yourself, and that life for you is lacking in some way.

You may feel that somewhere along the journey of life you have lost yourself and that as scary as facing yourself is, it is far scarier to face your future repeating the past and staying blind. You come at last to a place in your life where you want to discover who you really are and connect back fully with the beauty and essence of life.

You may not yet quite know how, or why your life has brought you to this place and that is okay, because your Soul does, and your Spirit does, and together with your Mind and your Heart you are going to figure it out; your way, and at your pace. You are the one in control and you sit in your Self by choice.

All you need do now is open yourself up to yourself, not just with your Mind or your Heart, but with your whole being. You want change; now give yourself permission to go where it takes you. Once you do that, all else will flow if you let it happen. Be gentle with yourself and slowly open your eyes, open your Heart, and allow yourself to get to know yourself once more.

The Gift of Choice

Choose to be true to yourself, to listen to yourself and your dreams, and you will be filled with a life of peace and fullfillment. Stop chasing rainbows and find instead the rainbow inside your own heart. Let it shine out and touch all the hearts around you.

Choose to forgive yourself for the choices you are not proud of, let them go and bless them, for they allowed you to learn and they brought you through your experiences of life.

Forgive yourself, and in so doing understand we are all here doing the best we can, and we all have frailties of heart and aspects of ourselves that need healing.

The past is the past, the future is the future and the now is the present. Let your past go and learn from it. We have all done and acted in ways that we feel bad about at some point in our lives. We are also all capable of being true to ourselves and of going against ourselves, and we have this capacity every single second of every single day.

Sometimes we make good choices and sometimes not. The choices we make have a power in them, but they do not hold us for they are only choices and they can be changed at any moment. You can change how you choose at any moment and you can feel good knowing that you are the one with the power over your choices.

You can change your experience of life by changing how and what you choose. Choose to fill your life with love, beauty and joy and you will have a life experience filled with those qualities.

Know that people for the most part don't heal because they don't want to, they don't heal because they don't know how to, and it is fear of failure that often keeps a person locked into believing they don't possess the ability to change.

Have compassion for those that are stuck in old pain and ways of conditioning, and offer them a helping hand of grace for courage and change. Let them know that what we forget so often, is that we are magnificent beings with tremendous potential, and our power to transform and heal is profound.

People who are stuck, if they were really honest with themselves, would admit that yes they really do want change. They want all they dream of, they want love and they want healing, but they are so afraid that they wont get it, that it stops them from trying. Let's get rid of fear and let everyone know that, Yes, you can have all that is within your heart, you can heal, and you can be happy and whole.

All we need to do is take courage and begin the process of stepping back into ourselves and learn to open our inner guidance and our hearts to bring about the change and awareness we need to come into our lives.

If you can allow yourself to truly live in your own Truth, you will find your way back to yourself, and you will heal and you will become whole. Give yourself this time and begin to see your life as a means for growth and expansion. Start to embrace all your experiences, good and bad, positive and negative and look to see the lessons of Soul.

Everything in our life offers us a chance to learn more about who we are and come back into our hearts. It is only our association with our emotional and behavioral baggage that leads us to believe in a lack of love, a lack of Soul and a lack of plenty.

We play tricks with our hearts and our minds and we believe what we want to believe. So take this journey with an open heart and free yourself from fear and restriction. Start now, and slowly begin to look at your life and all your moments of growth. Let your Soul guide you - it will never lead you astray. It is your true north, follow it.

Journal time ...

Take some time and think about an aspect from this chapter that stood out to you or resonated with you and write about it in your journal.

Exercise: Meditate for Five Minutes

Give yourself five minutes and meditate in silence and then write about your experience in your journal. See if you can do this every day for a week. And then expand it as you get more comfortable with it. Before you begin, either out loud or in your mind, say your full name. "I am..., I am my heart, I am my true heart." Then simply close your eyes and sit and be in your own energy.

Exercise: Practice Consciousness writing

This is an exercise in stream of consciousness writing: Take 10 minutes and write about anything that comes to you. Start the page by writing the day, date, time and place where you are and then just start writing. If you do this every day you will be amazed at how much starts to come out onto the page for you to uncover. You can set up a daily routine and do it with your morning coffee, or in bed before sleep or even on your lunch break. It's a really nice way to create a space in your day just for you and to have this time for yourself.


Living in Soul - Awaken to your True Self

Truth, Beauty, Innocence, Love. Your Soul is Love, Your Soul is Understanding. Your Soul is Beauty, Truth and Innocence, because all doings of the Soul are held in essence of God - Loving-Light-Energy

Slow Down See the Signs

Your Soul is ancient and wise, and at its rawest it is who you are. It is what connects you and what sets you free. Living your life in Soul is coming back to your Source. It is the living breath that keeps you going, it is the teacher within you, and if you listen to it with an open heart, you will hear it as it guides you through life and brings you back to yourself.

Slow down! See the signs and follow them! They will lead you back to yourself and towards your destiny. Your destiny is the life plan your Soul sets when and before it enters into this lifetime and it is full of life goals and life experiences that your Soul wishes to encounter so it can further grow in universal awareness and love.

All acts of the Soul are acts of love, they are pure and they are free and they hold only support and love because they do not come from mind, they do not come from ego and they do not come from fear, they come from Source.

Quiet Contemplation - Sitting in Self

Learning to still the Self and connect with Source to live in consciousness is perhaps a daunting concept to imagine achieving, yet it is one of the simplest things you will do in this lifetime. All that need happen to allow its emergence is to slow down.

Stop rushing in your life and in your head. Stop filling your Self up with things you know you don't need or want. Cut through the layers of distraction and take control of You. Slowly allow your Self to let go of all the unnecessary fillers that you have devised over the years to act as a diversion to seeing yourself, and slowly and gently get to know yourself once more.


Excerpted from "Soul-Time Therapy"
by .
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Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents

Excerpt: Your Soul is Ancient and Wise, ix,
Preface: How to Read this Book, x,
Part One,
Chapter 1: A Question of Soul and a Bit about the Human Condition, 1,
Chapter 2: Living in Soul - Awaken to your True Self, 10,
Chapter 3: Getting A Sense of Self: Getting A Sense of Soul, 20,
Chapter 4: Going - in: Setting the Path for Recovery of Self, 39,
Chapter 5: Living our Dreams, 52,
Part Two,
Chapter 6: Healing in Heart, 69,
Chapter 7: We are Energy - We are Light, 92,
Chapter 8: Healing in Body, 109,
Chapter 9: Family: Healing the Bonds that Brought Us Here, 122,
Chapter 10: Living in Spirit, Living in Soul, 142,
Epilogue: Seeing the New World, 159,
Meditation: This Moment, 163,
Invocation: Prayer for a Healing World, 165,
Notes to Self, 167,

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