Spirited Clearings: Negative Program Removal

Spirited Clearings: Negative Program Removal

by Meg Hoopes, Eli Galla


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Learn how to take back your life!

Who doesn’t deserve unconditional love? The only thing stopping us from being the love we are is the fear-based programming that we have been imprinted with. Spirited Clearings was originated by a truly extraordinary woman and teacher, Meg Hoopes. She laid the groundwork for us to work with our angels, ascended masters, and higher self, so we could take our power back.

• Remove negative programming based in fear.

• Find out who benefits from our negative programming.

• Remove negative entities.

• Stop behavior patterns that don’t serve us.

• Transmute all of the negative energy we have been harboring through these programs into unconditional love.

Have you wondered why something or someone will trigger fear or feelings within that don’t feel good? These clearings are the simple way to release what feels bad. Have you ever felt consumed with fear, doubt, jealousy, hatred, spite, revenge, etc.? Relax—it wasn’t your fault. You can forgive and transmute everything in your life that doesn’t feel good into love. We will show you how to get lasting results that will enable you to empower yourself.

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ISBN-13: 9781452544120
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 02/27/2012
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.31(d)

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Negative Program Removal
By Margaret (Meg) Hoopes Eli Galla


Copyright © 2012 Dr. Margaret (Meg) Hoopes & Eli Galla
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-4412-0

Chapter One

Expansion 101: Calling on Our Teams and Angels

When we are dreaming in a heavy sleep state, we go back to the other side of this life. This is the place from which we started our journey of being a human in this lifetime; it is there that we access the interdimensional aspects of our being, and this is the time we are the most expansive. This is the place that many of us call Home, and it is the place we return to before we start our next journey as an incarnated being.

Before we go to sleep, we can make a focus using our breathing. It is with our breathing that we slow down, connect from our heart center to Creator-Source, and bring in the higher frequencies being beamed to us from the central sun. We can ask for our guidance and angel teams to give us divine protection, both while we are awake doing our meditations and traveling all over creation and also while we are doing our sleeptime work. We can ask them to help us bypass the astral planes and to ensure that no lower dimensional beings or energies attach themselves to us.

It is quite beneficial to give our guidance teams and angels gratitude. When we are in a state of gratitude, we keep the gateways between us and the spirit open. Giving gratitude is a way to acknowledge that we chose to be here and are happy to be able to play our part in this divine dance of life.

We can call in our guidance before we go to sleep and after we wake up the next morning. We ask these unseen beings of light to keep us connected with Creator-Source. We ask them to help guide and inspire us throughout our day and night.

Giving yourself the intent to relax and let go with your breathing in a long, deep, slow fashion will enable you to bring in the higher frequencies of love and light, as well as strengthen the connection with your angels and guidance. You can do it basically anywhere, and it is helpful to keep your eyes closed, but it isn't necessary.

We are told by our mentors—Ashtar, Sananda, Mother Sekhmet, Mother Mary, Qwan Yin, St. Germaine, and our team of angels and guides, ascended masters, and other beings of light—that if we call them in, they will shine their light of love on us, and it will help us remember who we are and let us continue to feel the connection with Creator-Source when we are awake or in our sleeping state.

When we set our intention and allow ourselves to know it will work, it will. You can say, "Loving Sananda, with your gifts of unconditional love and forgiveness, please be with me today and help me retain memories of who I am. I ask you to prevent any astral beings from attaching themselves to me." Or you can say, "I ask and intend for the most benevolent outcomes." As soon as you say it, it is done. Gratitude is one of the surest ways that we stay connected with the Creator-Source. We cannot thank too much those unseen beings of light with which we co-create. Doubt and worry will limit the effects of what we are asking for.

Our angels and guides only want the best for us and are always with us. All we have to do is to say what we would like them to do, and it is done. All of the higher vibrations are expansive and pure. True love, unconditional and universal, is the highest vibrational healing tool in all of creation.

We are so much more than we have been taught to believe; who we are is beyond the limited structure of duality. We must learn to honor ourselves as interdependent, unlimited, divine, interdimensional, eternal beings of love and light. It is from this place of acknowledgment that we are here to fully expand our energy into that of Christed beings that we begin to accept we are here for a reason.

Each of us has unique gifts to manifest during our lives and share with all of creation. It is up to us to trust in the guidance we receive from our teams of angels and guides, whom we call in to help us carry out our plans for our journey through this lifetime.

Extending Ourselves into the Crystalline Grid

We are here on beloved Mother Gaia in this time of evolution. All of us came into this lifetime knowing that there was the opportunity to ascend to full consciousness while still being inside of a body. As I write this, that process for the planet and all beings on the planet is in full swing.

The upgrade from our cells being carbon based to being crystalline based is now approaching its apex. This transformation has been in process since the harmonic convergence in 1987. In this span of time, we have been learning how to balance the heart with the mind and body. We have been going through quite a challenging time as our brains have been rewired to hold these higher frequencies, which has caused us to expand our energy fields. All it takes is our conscious intent to lift ourselves up and raise the level of our vibrations, so that we can partake in the acceleration of these higher light frequencies coming into our planet's atmosphere.

Everything that isn't of the highest vibration will not function in the new earth that we have been building with the collective light of our love. It is up to us to continue to facilitate this acceleration of moving up in vibration, for the planet and us, to a light body. We do this by clearing the karmic residue of all the issues we have been working through during our many lifetimes on Mother Gaia.

Now is the time to do our housecleaning, as Ashtar has been saying for some time now. All of the issues we have been working on during this lifetime that haven't been healed are now coming up to be transmuted and raised to a higher level of consciousness. We can't stay in the higher dimensions while we have the lower vibrations around these issues attached to us.

Spirited clearings can be a vital part of this process. By clearing the negative programming attached to these issues, we allow ourselves to receive more of the higher light frequencies being beamed at us during this time of shift. Before we do the clearings, we call in the teams of angels and guides, which co-create with us, to help us to expand our energy. They are in mission with us to raise the level of consciousness for the All That Is.

Many of the higher light beings that are helping us are galactic beings. All of us on planet Earth are also of galactic origin. The higher light beings are helping us with our ascension. The rise into the higher dimensions is affected positively by us letting go of the negativity preventing us and Gaia from rising up. The galactics have a prime interest in seeing us evolve; they were responsible for designing our genetics and writing the codes to them inside our DNA.

The clearings will help you get back to a zero point. It took a lot of energy to hold the negative, fear-based programming in place. When we clear the negative programming the energy that has been transmuted is available to us to create from a place of unconditional, universal love. After we've done the clearings, our spiritual connection will be upgraded. This is where we extend our vibrations into the crystalline grid, which has been formed since the light became dominant on Gaia. Crystalline cities are being built, and this is indicative of us going back to unity consciousness, which is where we all came from before we started playing this game of being human on Gaia.

The clearings aren't about learning a specific process, doing it once in a while, and thinking you will get a quick fix from it. The clearings allow us to have dramatic lifestyle changes. This means it is up to us to make choices that will be in alignment with staying connected to the Creator-Source, expanding our consciousness by balancing the connection between our mind and body. This also means balancing the male and female energies inside of us, which you can think of as balancing the right and left lobes of your brain, or your emotional body with your mental body.

You can imagine that because of the negative programming and the karma that has resulted from it, we have been trapped in boxes of lower consciousness that benefitted those that controlled the money supply and resources of the planet. The clearings help us take back the energy stolen from us by mind control and many types of negative programming. It is up to us to find the pathways back into being centered in our hearts and continuously finding ways to bless and release anything that is not of the highest vibrations of love and light.

All of us must take back our bodies by allowing ourselves to connect our minds up with our hearts, so we can access the gifts we possess. The fear-based programming cut us off from being inside our bodies for so long, which has allowed the densest parts of duality to dominate our collective consciousness for thousands of years, since the last fall of Atlantis.

There are no limits to what you can create within the realm of using these clearings as a tool to accelerate ascension. When we clear the negative programming, we peel off another layer of the onion, as it were; this enables us to be more at the core of our essence and bring into the bodies of our being the love we all are.

Being Dendrite Sensitive

It will help us greatly to be what Meg called being dendrite sensitive. This means that we learn how to observe our thoughts and feelings. When we see and feel ourselves slide into an old pattern of not letting go and holding onto what doesn't feel good, we can train ourselves to observe the thoughts around these feelings. The energy becomes constricted, and the bodies of our being feel heavy. When we feel this we can muscle test and ask if there are negative programs, which negative dendrites are part of, active within us. We can also ask if handlers are active within us.

Not being in the "Now" moment, and finding it hard to open up to the wonder and possibilities of who we really are and why we came here, shows us that there is something blocking our energy. A heavy or uncomfortable feeling in the brain is a sign that some program or dendrite is sapping our energy and limiting our consciousness at some level. Some degree of fear is magnetizing us to lower vibrating thoughts.

We deliberately empower ourselves when we call in our guidance and connect into our heart center. You will find that the more layers of the negative programming you clear, the stronger the connection with Creator-Source becomes and the easier it is to stay connected.

When we go to the originating lifetime of a negative program and clear it, we gift ourselves with learning the message of why we created it. We ask questions of what it was like in that lifetime—what we did for a living, what our families were like, and what conflicts we had to deal with. It becomes possible for us to see the beauty of the journey we have been on, because we can develop a sense of compassion for all we have done to play out the polarities of the light against the dark.

The feeling of being in the state of universal, unconditional love is one of lightness, warmth, and expansion. You will feel you are in an effortless flow of energy. The opposite is being in a state of fear where we feel lack & limitation, tightness, a sense of longing, and not being at peace. It triggers the mind into giving you an alert that something is wrong. The ego feeds off of the fear, and sometimes it seems like a long time before we are back in a balanced state once more.

It is up to us to raise the level of our vibration. We can do this by taking long, slow, deep breaths and calling in our guidance. We can remember anything that gives us joy and focus on a person, place, or thing we love. It is up to us to allow the song of freedom to play in our hearts, stop our minds from wandering, and focus on the love and light of the One we all are.

When we empower ourselves with unconditional, universal love, it is as if we are drinking from a limitless fountain of wonder, inspiration, and joy. It is ours for the asking; it is unlimited; it is our birthright; it is the truth of what and who we are. When our minds tell us we are less than this, they are lying to us. It is up to us to trust in the feeling of connection with Creator-Source. It is an expansive, unlimited place where the lower vibrations, all based in fear, cannot penetrate.

Fear is the most powerful weapon that the dark forces have to control us on this planet. When we expand the light of our love and focus it where there is little or no love, the power of their darkness evaporates. No fear can grow where there is love.

The more of us who get rid of the old programs, the faster we will all raise the level of consciousness so that these changes of moving into ascension can take place—not just for ourselves, but for the All That Is. Nothing and no one are separate. All of creation is connected to every other thing in a most beautiful and integral way.

Using Our Gifts

When we call in the energy of the beloveds from the other side, some of us are able to visualize being in the higher dimensions. Some of us picture ourselves among the angels and ascended masters, or we see ourselves flying around the multi-verse, and we are able to see planets and stars up close. Some of us can hear messages from beings of light; others are vibrational healers and feel the joy of who they are when they sing, dance, or play music. Some make movies, take photos, draw, or paint to inspire themselves and others; some love to write. At the root of our gifts is the connection to the Source. It is here in this reservoir of unlimited inspiration where we fill our cups and create our masterpieces.

Many of us have inspired and comforted people by being good listeners and good friends. We've always been there for our friends and have helped instill joy within them by caring about them, playing with them, and being a reflection of their energy by being in love with the living of our lives. We see and feel no separation between them and ourselves.

Most of us don't know the effect we have on others, but nonetheless we have affected others in a very positive way when we open our hearts and shine out our love to the rest of creation. We raise the level of our consciousness whenever we are in our passion; this simply means being and expressing our love. The level of our passion reflects how much we are in love with the living of our lives.

Some people are passionate about other people. Some are passionate about their animals and growing gardens full of luscious vegetables or beautiful flowers. Some are passionate about sports and inspire others to live up to their full potential, to be confident and not let fear rule their lives.

Every one of us who participates in our lives at a level of self-love and joy raises our own level of consciousness, which raises the level of consciousness for the All That Is. Love is the highest vibrational healing tool. Others can't help but feel good when we are so much in love with being here and playing this game of life with them. They may not even realize the effect you have on them, but they always come to you for advice, to hear your stories, to be with you and feel your energy. When we express our love, it raises the level of vibration for the All That Is. However we express our love, it is a gift to ourselves and to others.

When we do the clearings, I encourage everyone to observe how their gifts, particularly their intuitive gifts, are coming into play, and I ask you to give intent to receive information about how to better utilize them. For instance, when we go to the original lifetime to clear a program, we may have vivid imagery come up of what that lifetime was like for us: what our role was, what we did for a livelihood in that lifetime, what the environment was like, who was in our family, et cetera. Sometimes we may hear information that will help us, or the person we are working with, to clear negative programs or fears.

Being Consistently Connected to the One

Doing the dreamtime work with your guides and angels, as well as intergalactic teams on the ships, will help you expand your consciousness. By asking for this gateway to the other side to stay open, there is less chance for the handlers to attach themselves to you and infect you with negative dendrites and negative programs. Also, the more you use your tools—meditation, the power of intent, and imagination—and these clearings, the more sensitive you're going to be when the repetitive, lower vibrational thoughts come up that indicate you have negative programming or handlers active within you. After a while you are going to find that any time negative thoughts start to come in and jabber in your mind, you're going to be able to feel them, and it will be easier for you to observe them and let them go.


Excerpted from SPIRITED CLEARINGS by Margaret (Meg) Hoopes Eli Galla Copyright © 2012 by Dr. Margaret (Meg) Hoopes & Eli Galla. Excerpted by permission of BALBOA PRESS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword: Eli's Introduction....................vii
Who Is Meg Hoopes?....................xiii
Expansion 101: Calling on Our Teams and Angels....................3
Victim or Victor?....................25
Core Fear Matrix Removal Program....................57
Core Fear Matrix Removal Procedures....................64
Exercise to Thank Fear for Its Lessons....................69
The Quickie Fear Release....................70
Removal of Handlers Blocking Particular Healings....................73
Negative Program Removals....................77
Removal of Negative Programs and Replicators....................79
Identification of Healings....................81
Negative Entities....................84
Master Stem Remnants....................89
The Master Stem Remnant Clearing....................92
Information about Disrupter Removal....................95
A December 2009 Update from Meg on the Completion of Disruptor Removals:....................95
Living in Your Compassionate Heart....................99
The Compassionate Heart Exercise....................102
Present Life Cleanse....................104
Outline for the Activity....................105
Bringing It All Home....................108
Appendix A....................111
Appendix B....................113
Appendix C....................115
Appendix D....................119
Appendix E....................122
Appendix F....................124

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