The New Frontier: Multidimensionality

The New Frontier: Multidimensionality

by Cedar Rivers


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The New Frontier: Multidimensionality by Cedar Rivers

What is The New Frontier? How can we access it and participate in what lies beyond? How can we get in touch with our many multidimensional aspects?

Humanity is in the midst of transforming, and a new unity consciousness is emerging. In future history, this era may be viewed as an age of a monumental spiritual renaissance. Luminous humans are the midwives and way-showers who are unveiling the mysteries of the multiple realms of existence.

The invisible worlds are being revealed. Now, anyone with a digital camera and an interest in spirit beings can learn to photograph the vast variety of life-forms that inhabit our space with us. The New Frontier demonstrates how to journey through the remarkable dimensional worlds to photograph and interact with spirit orbs, nature spirits, light beings, UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Author Cedar Rivers' extraordinary photographs of nature spirits - including gnomes, elves and fairies - prove beyond doubt that they are real. Her authentic photographs show other fascinating phenomena of the finer vibrational realms and a variety of visitors from these vastly different cultures. Descriptions of her personal journeys accompany the photographs and can open doors to your own discoveries.

The New Frontier includes a guided meditation to deepen your understanding of the subtle realms of nature, and step-by-step techniques on how to photograph spirit beings. To see the photographs in colour please visit

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ISBN-13: 9781452506517
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 08/13/2012
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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THE New Frontier

By Cedar Rivers

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Cedar Rivers
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-0651-7

Chapter One

PART ONE The Elementals


Earth as Mother

More people are discovering what indigenous people, mystics, and earth-based spiritualists have known for eons—that Mother Earth is an intelligent, complex, and conscious being and our greatest source of sustenance, love, and wisdom. Many more are now working in collaboration with her with respectful and innovative methods of gardening, farming, manufacturing, eco housing, and land and water management.

As we learn to access the memories in the archives of the Great Mother, or Gaia as she is known spiritually, we have the opportunity to discover our own sacred connections with her. By doing this, we may come to experience unity with all things in creation.

Mother Earth has, indeed, waited patiently for the masses to connect with her, and more are learning to follow the example of those whose every footstep is mindfully placed where it will do the least damage and whose every action is accompanied by the awareness that she is a conscious, feeling being with a body, heart, and soul.

The Unseens

Knowledge of the worlds of spirit beings is no longer only the domain of sensitives with heightened abilities that are able to attune to the host of dynamic life dwelling within the so-called invisible worlds. Trance dance and drumming, meditation, intention, journeying with hallucinogenic plants, and the remarkable inventions of the digital camera and video recorder have provided others with effective means of connecting with ephemeral life forms, such as nature spirits and angels.

Social networking sites, websites, Internet forums, and a burgeoning number of books on the subject reveal that diligent photographers around the world are taking photos similar to my own, which appear throughout this book.

Pan and the nature spirits, along with all manner of other unseen light beings, are willing to help us connect with nature and assist us in our service to the planet. We may ask for their guidance about how we can cooperate with them as we grow our gardens, build our dwellings, and move through their domains and also in accessing the profound intelligence that interpenetrates all nature.

Meeting Goddess

Goddess is the divine feminine force from which all creation emerges, both here on earth and throughout the cosmos. Goddess is awakening in our hearts and minds, and our DNA is becoming more imbued with spirit as we move from the Age of Pisces and duality to the Age of Aquarius and oneness.

Goddess is revered in nature, homes, temples, ashrams, churches, sacred sites, and deep within our own hearts. She is nature, the land, the sky, the waterways, and the stars. Since the very beginning of civilisation and down through the ages, Goddess has been represented in a profusion of archetypes in stories, paintings, sculptures, carvings, and in song.

The sublime creative power of Goddess is known in indigenous teachings, mystery schools, in various spiritualities and religions by names such as Mother, Mother of Creation, Great Goddess, and the Divine Mother. As the most powerful being in the cosmos she assists us in turning the unknown into the known.

Mother Earth is approaching a 26,000-year cosmic cycle with an alignment with the galactic equator on the solstice of December 21, 2012. As we move towards an event horizon of what many are calling zero point or singularity, the divine feminine and the divine masculine within are naturally and simultaneously uniting in balance and harmony.

Under the loving guidance and influence of Goddess, unprecedented cosmic configurations are awakening us at a very deep cellular, energetic, and spiritual level. We are literally becoming luminous humans by absorbing and integrating more light, and the frequency or vibratory rate of our bodies is quickening to be more in alignment with those in spirit.

These profound inner changes that are spiritualising matter are causing a massive evolution of awareness in humanity, and only time will tell what the new conscious human will create.

Though it may be accurate to say that Goddess as creator is in every photo I have ever taken, I was honoured to photograph an encounter with an apparition of her in 2008. I was awoken around 2:00 a.m. on a cold, winter morning by a distinct feeling that a holy presence was wishing to commune with me. I hastily pulled on some warm clothes, collected my trusty camera, and followed my inner guidance to the rose garden.

When I reached the garden, I witnessed a glowing luminosity gently showing herself at the very edge of the screen of my camera, and I took a series of approximately twenty photos. The energy of this being felt gentle yet strong, loving, and maternal. She hovered close to me and seemed to be about eighteen feet tall. It was clear by her cautious approach that she was being extra careful not to frighten me.

The exquisite feeling that exuded from her presence was one of overwhelming love and tenderness. Nevertheless, I was still a little afraid while telepathically inviting her to reveal more of herself. She responded to my invitation, no more and no less, and although I later felt that in my anxiety and excitement I had missed having more meaningful communications, I know that I was changed forever by this remarkable meeting. Her presence seemed to recalibrate my energies, and I have no doubt that she opened me to a greater interest in exploring more of the mystery of the divine feminine.

Goddess Archetypes from Various Traditions

What follows is a small selection of goddess archetypes from a variety of ancient traditions, demonstrating the similarities in the expression of the divine feminine through many diverse cultures.

Amaterasu (Japanese)—Great goddess of the sun

Anastasia (Russian)—Nature, mystic, cosmic memory, enlightened human

Aphrodite (Greek) and Venus (Roman)—Love, fertility, beauty

Artemis (Greek) and Diana (Roman)—Moon, fertility, childbirth

Asherah (Hebrew)—Mother goddess

Athena (Greek) and Minerva (Roman)—Prudent war, wisdom and domestic crafts

Cerridwen (Celtic)—Magic, wisdom, rebirth, creative inspiration, nature

Demeter (Greek) and Ceres (Roman)—The perfect balance, life and death, love and sorrow

Freya (Norse)—Love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination

Gaia (Greek) and Terra (Roman)—Mother Earth, nature

Green Tara (Buddhist)—Bodhisattva of enlightened activity

Hathor (Egyptian)—Joy, music, dance, fertility, birth, motherhood

Hecate (Greek)—Wild places, childbirth, the crossroads

Ishtar (Semitic) and Inanna (Sumerian)—Goddess self, morning and evening star

Isis (Egyptian)—Healing, power, life, magic, sovereignty

Ixazalvoh (Mayan)—Weaving, female sexuality, childbirth, healer, orator

Kali (Hindu)—Eternal energy, fertility, death, regeneration, change

Lakshmi (Hindu)—Good fortune, wealth, joy, love, peace

Maat (Egyptian)—Truth, justice, balance

Mahatara Great Tara (Buddhist)—Creatrix and mother of all the buddhas and bodhisattvas

Mary Magdalene (Christian)—Partnership, inner strength, wisdom

Morrigan (Celtic)—Warrior, champion of the downtrodden, seer, shape-shifter

Mother Mary (Christian)—Integrity, strength of character, nurturing

Nut (Egyptian)—Afterlife, water, sun, stars, the celestial cycle

Quan Yin (Buddhist)—Compassion, unconditional love

Selena (Greek) and Luna (Roman)—Moon

Shekinah (Hebrew)—Holy Spirit

Sophia (Greek)—Wisdom incarnate

Saraswati (Hindu)—Knowledge, the arts

White Tara (Buddhist)—Compassion, long life, healing, serenity

God Archetypes from Various Traditions

In the realm of both mythology and matter, the divine masculine and the divine feminine come to us as archetypes reflected in our day-today experiences as impulses, dreams, interests, thoughts, emotions, and synchronicities that offer opportunities to discover more about ourselves.

What follows is a small selection of god archetypes from a variety of ancient traditions, demonstrating the similarities in the expression of the divine masculine through many diverse cultures.

An (Sumerian)—Heaven

Apollo (Greek and Roman)—Light, truth, sun, musician, archer, healer, prophecy

Ares (Greek) and Mars (Roman)—War

Buddha (Buddhist)—Contentment, compassion

Cernunnos (Celtic)—Virility, fertility, life, animals, forests, the underworld

Dionysus (Greek) and Bacchus (Roman)—Wine and vegetation

Enki (Sumerian)—Water, earth, and wisdom

Enlil (Sumerian)—Wind, air, and storms

Eros (Greek) and Cupid (Roman)—Love

Hades (Greek)—God of the Underworld and riches, harsh, reclusive

Hermes (Greek) and Mercury (Roman)—Messenger of the gods to humans

Krishna (Hindu)—Love

Pan (Greek and Pagan)—Nature, creativity, music, poetry, sensuality, and sexuality

Quetzalcoatl (Mesoamerican)—Creator, feathered serpent, intelligence, self-reflection

Ra (Egyptian)—Sun

Rainbow Serpent (Aboriginal)—Land, water, life, social relationships, fertility

The Green Man (Pagan)—Life energy, vegetation, plants, and forests

Wakan Tanka (Lakota Sioux)—Great Spirit

Zeus (Greek) and Jupiter (Roman)—Lord of the sky and supreme ruler of the gods

Pan – The God of Nature

Pan is the grand master of the natural world, who oversees the complex activity of nature on Mother Earth. He embraces nature in its entirety from the smallest elf to the largest sky spirit and from the tiniest flower to the ancient giant redwood. It is virtually impossible for the human mind to comprehend his colossal power.

Pan provides a conduit for connecting to the intricate design of nature. He is a multilevel being combining the fully realised abilities of both humans and animals. And in order to relate to us, he may take on the archetypal form of half man and half goat. As the spirit of nature, Pan manifests in ethereal matter, and as is true for all nature spirits, he can morph and change in appearance. He typically appears about twenty feet tall or taller. His torso and head are male, and he has a goatee and horns and the shaggy legs and cloven hoofs of a goat. On occasion, he may be seen playing a flute or pan pipes. Some clairvoyant forest trekkers have reported seeing him sitting on a rock or a log and hearing his laughter or music echoing through the forest. To the mindful observer, his presence may even be recognised as a strong mist of energy, accompanied by an unmistakeably pungent, earthy smell. His magnificent power is definitely not to be underestimated.

One evening, and not unusually, I felt a strong call to go into the garden. As I became quietly observant, I smelt the familiar earthy and pungent smell that I have come to know as the presence of Pan. I watched in awe as a huge mist swiftly swirled into this classic representation of Pan, inviting me to photograph him before he became mist once more.

The Green Man

The Green Man is also known as the Old Man of the Woods and the Lord of the Trees. He represents the spirits of trees and plants. He is the subject of sculptures and engravings on churches and cathedrals and appears as a gargoyle on buildings throughout the world, predominantly throughout Europe.

He is usually depicted as a wild man of nature with a very square jaw and hair and beard made of leaves and foliage. He is sometimes seen wearing a floppy hat. His natural mysticism is celebrated throughout the world at earth-honouring festivals.

Along with Pan, the Green Man has a profound reverence for Mother Earth and supports humankind in creating a deep connection to more fully understand her sacred mysteries. As guardian for Mother Earth, the Green Man represents the divine masculine or balanced masculine energies, and his modern renaissance encourages men in particular to explore their own manhood and inner harmony and divinity.

There are a number of fascinating features in my photographs of the Green Man. He consistently shows up with a strong presence, often with leaves forming his hair and his square jaw evident. This assures us that he is not only a man of mythology; he is as real as you and me and is just one of the infinite number of spirit beings who share the environment with us.


This little gnome was wandering around the garden near my studio late one night. He was about two feet tall, and although he seemed shy, he allowed me to photograph him as he continued about his activities.

Many etheric beings frequently inhabit the dominant spirit form. A closer examination of this gnome's perky cap reveals other little entities hitching a ride. Etheric beings, including nature spirits, sometimes also attach themselves to the auras of humans and animals.

Gnomes use the same ephemeral substance that they are created from to enliven the roots of a plant to help it grow. They have families and work harmoniously within their own well-organised societies.

Gnomes are intuitive by nature and have difficulty with left-brain logic and the negativity of so many humans. They permeate third-dimensional reality and can travel through stones, rocks, and metals without any resistance. Some also enjoy getting a little tipsy by consuming fermented berries and fruits.

Nature spirits, including gnomes, anchor cosmic forces by receiving energies from the moon and the sun and imprints from stars that filter through them and into the earth. Bringing light to darkness is an essential job. Humans can also assist Mother Earth by consciously anchoring cosmic energies and light.

Beings of the invisible realms love a really dynamic storm. I photographed this breastplate, portal, and spirit orbs during a particularly wild and windy night. Gnomes sometimes wear armoury like this on such stormy occasions. It took a great deal of manoeuvring to keep my camera dry. However, the results were quite unique and well worth the effort.


Pixies, fairies, elves, gnomes, sprites, and other nature spirits are multidimensional beings who may sometimes be seen as orbs and vortices of light. When we view them with our heightened vision, they may also appear holographic, transparent, and humanoid. We may learn about their exceptional magical abilities as we study the vast variety of nature spirits including the tiny winged pixies that sprinkle "pixie dust" to help make things in nature grow.


Writers such as William Shakespeare, JRR Tolkien, the Brothers Grimm, and JK Rowling have richly discussed the elven, elfish, or elfin worlds in their stories and mythology. Elves, or the "hidden folk," are diminutive humanoids of the etheric realms who demonstrate the light and dark polarities of existence, much as humans do. They live very long lives and some may well even be immortal. The elves of light are known as industrious little helpers and lovers of nature, singing, merriment, and dancing.

Private Domains

Spirit Animals

Animals are wonderful teachers if we have the sensitivity to observe and connect with them in this manner. I have been aware of different spirit animals and power animals accompanying me throughout my life as mentors, guides, and protectors.

I have only labeled their dominant forms in the photos that follow, and on close study, you will find all other beings in the misty forms.



Throughout history, human beings have been intensely interested in these tiny beings of light, and many photographs, books, paintings, movies, and costume parties feature their delightful antics. Fairies may also appear in our dreams.

Many adults, as well as children, know that fairies are real, and some tell of their magical encounters with these beings. It is now time for us to more closely examine their cultures, the roles they perform, and how we may connect with them in their work and play. It is respectful to give thanks for all they do and to find ceremonial ways to gift them with sacred offerings.

The spirit orbs that accompany me often alert me to interesting activity in the invisible realms. They work in concert with my intuition, which I feel as a warm and tingling sensation in my solar plexus. I have learned to take this feeling as a signal to collect my camera and allow the spirit orbs to take the lead. I would not have photographed this divine fairy in flight had I not been alerted in this way.

Celestial Insect Beings

Insects often get a bad rap, yet where would we be without insects such as bees, flies, and silkworms? What would pollinate our plants, break down what is no longer living, and provide the finest of threads for weaving exquisite cloth?

There is also a teeming world of celestial insect beings in the invisible realms that hold, as yet, untold secrets about healing and helping.

Angelic Presences

Angels are featured in all religions and spiritual traditions as comforters, guides, protectors, and assistants. Over the years, I have experienced their presence numerous times, most often when in the face of danger or in need of comfort or inspiration.

In the early days of writing The New Frontier, I was having difficulty finding a way to present my photographs, so I took myself to the forest and sat on a rock by the creek and simply asked for an appropriate framework. To my sheer delight, the unseens showed how I could honour the five elements and some of the other fascinating phenomena that I have photographed.

I also recognized the assistance of angels at those times when "someone" prevented me from stepping into the path of a speeding truck, when I received comfort in intensive care while I hovered between life and death, during gruelling inner work, and when making all manner of decisions both large and small.

Clouds often imbue the presence of angelic spirits. I have seen marvellous photos by others on the Internet and in books of wonderful light beings that appear to be from the angelic realms. However, the presence of angels come to me as hints in clouds, while others come as spirit orbs, which I intuitively recognize as angelic.


Excerpted from THE New Frontier by Cedar Rivers Copyright © 2012 by Cedar Rivers. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Welcome to the Unseen Realms....................1
Born a Boomer....................6
"Be a Tree" Meditation....................53
Spirits of the Tree....................58
How to Photograph Spirits....................61
Spirit Orbs: My Constant Companions....................69
Wonky the Wise....................74
Bright One....................75
Playtime with Spirit Orbs....................76
Anastasia's Sphere of Light....................81
Portals to Other Dimensions....................83
Unidentified Flying Objects....................85
Sacred Geometry....................88
Beams of Light....................89
We are Not Alone....................93
Energy Grid....................95
Window in the Sky....................97
Sacred and Celestial Music....................98
Aboriginal Spirits....................100
Do Spirit Orbs Create Crop Circles?....................103
Crop Circles and Glyphs....................104
The Remarkable Solstice of June 21, 2011....................109
Spirit Orbs and Streams of Light....................113
Consciousness and Experience....................115
Dimensions are Merging....................117
Unity Consciousness....................118
The New Frontier: multidimensionality....................120
Cedar Rivers....................122

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