What It Means To Worship God: Tools To Help Master Your Craft

What It Means To Worship God: Tools To Help Master Your Craft

by Terrence J. White

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What It Means To Worship God: Tools To Help Master Your Craft by Terrence J. White

Before I go any further lets look at what’s in it for you to continue reading. The reality is everyone fits into one of four categories according to the type of personality you have. In additional to that, your leadership and the method in which you worship God varies in innumerable ways. What you will find in these pages are tools to you master your specific craft. As you apply the practical principals here the way in which you worship will intensify massively. These are very simple steps, but the action to become a master is where the challenge lies. Control, Creativity, Charisma, Compliance - if one of these four describe you than your tools for mastering you craft of worship are here.

Let’s say your task focused and you move at a fast pace. Driven by significance and through your energy you shape and move your environment. Because you like to take charge and achieve goals, your desire is to be a better leader and always keep things moving forward. The bottom line is you can’t be a better leader or worshiper unless you take some action and these next few pages provide the needed action to master your craft of worship and leadership.

You could be a great communicator, the life of the party, everyone knows you have amazing social skills. You are concerned with others and love doing things in a fun way. The passion and adventure are the excitement you seek simply because you like to entertain. This book will give you the vision for the adventure your about to take others on. The picture you will paint for them needs the brush strokes provided in the pages below.

Wait, you might be that thoughtful person, sensitive to what others are feeling. Love to be loved and hate to be hated. So cooperative and helpful. Connecting is important to you. You like teams and relationships. You are happy because others are happy, :-) there is a happy face for you because it makes me feel good that you are ready to take your craft to the next level. The tools provided here will help you make healthy decisions. There are directions that will hold you hand and walk you through the process.

Facts, figures, data, “show me the certainty.” Yes, I hear you over there waiting for the details and specifics. I can understand that you must plan ahead because its the systematic approach that ensures great precision. Well, soon you will hear about the greatest testimony of the greatest leader known to man. The image that the greatest leaders follow. One man who was the greatest even though there was direction given to this man who was a master of his craft. Why is He the greatest you ask? Well, grab your pen and buckle that seat belt. Get ready for this interactive growth experience!

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About the Author

Taking men from dreamers to leaders, Terrence J. White, owner of My Joy In The Morning, has a vision to take ordinary individuals and lead them into their destiny. Maximizing their potential by taking them through a process of self discovery, he asserts that "God has given each man and woman desires, those desires cause a yearning. This pulling on the soul is what is mentioned in the bible when God says He knew us before we were in our mothers womb. Also too, there are thousands out there that have no clue what their calling is or are fearful to walk into their destiny. God has given me - and continues to every day - the tools, resources and wisdom to help unlock the action needed to press others into their destiny." A strong statement for such a young man and he makes clear the process he endured in his book My Joy In The Morning: Rising From The Ashes. As many have already ideas of what God has called them to do he takes current leaders and ordinary individuals, then presses them to be the light in a dark world they are meant to be.

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