You Never Dance Alone: An Uplifting Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

You Never Dance Alone: An Uplifting Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

by Carl Harmon, Sandra Harmon


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ISBN-13: 9781452583945
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/13/2013
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.35(d)

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You Never Dance Alone

An Uplifting Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

By Carl Harmon, Sandra Harmon

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Carl and Sandra Harmon
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-8394-5


    Cosmic Dust

    From cosmic dust we did come;
    To cosmic dust we'll return.
    Our spiritual journey is the sum
    Of all that we did learn.

    We are an accumulation
    Of particles of light,
    A cosmic concentration,
    And Spirit got it right.

    Created like the earth's crust,
    And even the ocean's shelf,
    Using more cosmic dust,
    God created our self.

    Every atom and every cell
    Has intelligence and more.
    Spirit inside us does dwell
    And fills our inner core.

    He gave us life, then gave us breath,
    And filled that inner hole
    With something that can know no death,
    The part we call the soul.

    As our spiritual journey continues,
    Before the great artist is all done
    And we peruse all the cosmic venues,
    We'll know we all are one.

    The irony of wishing on a falling star,
    Knowing the universe like we do,
    All your wishes actually are
    Being reflected back on you.

    So when you feel the pull from up above
    And a great yearning toward the sky,
    You are being drawn by cosmic love,
    Because your particles want to fly.

    Seeing through God's Eyes

    If we could see us as God does see,
    We would have a different reflection.
    So we could live happy and free,
    Enjoying our true perfection.

    Made in the image of eternal source,
    Our faith will help us find.
    We were set on this wonderful course
    By an energy that is divine.

    Wanting us to experience a wonderful life,
    With lots of love and pleasure,
    Desiring to keep us from pain and strife,
    And pointing us toward the treasure.

    Bad was never in the eternal mind,
    And your joy should never fade.
    If you dig deeper, you will find,
    God would not punish what he made.

    So all you must do is get in the flow,
    To embody divine adoration.
    Then the only place you can possibly go
    Is into God's own vibration.


The perfect part of you is made in the image of your creator. It is the part of you that is connected to your source eternally. When the darkness of all the illusions you have accumulated during your lifetime fade, the truth about you will remain. You are pure consciousness in the flesh, and you are deserving of every good thing. You are innately forgiven because the light of God is within you. Innocent by nature, yet clouded by the illusions of your own perception, you are still the light, just let it shine through.


As divine love flows within my being, I am so happy that I am perfect in nature. My light shines bright as all of my illusions fade. I am pure consciousness in the flesh, and I am deserving of every good thing, and so it is.

    The Gift

    While floating in a dreamy state,
    God came near and spoke to me,
    Absolutely filled my plate,
    And set my purpose free.

    What I learned is in my heart;
    It still rings strong and true.
    Now I will surely do my part,
    And share this truth with you.

    We have a precious gift inside;
    It is truly sacred ground,
    Where God himself does confide,
    So wonderful when it's found.

    The only way to bring it out
    Is to share it with another.
    The truth he said is all about
    Sharing it with your brother.

    Every single smile you give,
    Or when you happily respond,
    You live the life you were meant to live,
    Another pebble in the pond.

    Vibrating energy has a long-range effect
    Going out in fast-moving rings.
    Your good does more than you expect,
    When you give your gift some wings.

    So share the contents of your spiritual purse,
    Your lovely nuggets of gold;
    Then see what wonders the universe
    Will magically unfold.

    Feel the exquisite feeling of good
    When you practice this practice of gifting,
    Receiving all you ever hoped you would
    As you spend your life uplifting.


A gift from your heart has a long-range effect. The universal law of circulation puts perpetual energy into motion when you give your gift to another. In reality giving and receiving are the same, because they are both just the circulation of energy. The universe is continually responding to the energy that you are sending out, and your gift is the energy of love. So joyfully give in abundance, because what you give you will receive. The energy of your gift may go further than you think, because divine energy does have wings.


As divine love flows within my being, I am so happy that I am filled with generosity. I put energy into motion as I give freely and from my heart, and so it is.


    So many people dream their dream,
    But it seems to float away,
    And for some reason it begins to seem,
    That it will never come their way.

    But, oh, how close they really are,
    By doing what they naturally do.
    That childlike wishing on a star
    Can make it all come true.

    Manifestation is not a complex art,
    And is quite easy for the wise.
    You have to see it with your heart,
    As well as with your eyes.

    No matter how much a thing allures,
    You can only have what you believe
    Or truly possess what you know is yours
    And are able to receive.

    A step beyond what you visualize,
    Passing even what you feel,
    To a wonderful place where you realize
    That your dream is actually real.


Manifestation is creation. It is using pure positive thought to create your desires in the material world. When you learn to focus your intentions positively into universal consciousness, you allow what you desire to come into your experience. When you believe without a doubt and leave all resistant thoughts behind you, you are in alignment with the process of creation. As you learn to manifest your desires, you are getting into the flow of universal consciousness. You are aligning your mind with the divine mind as you are discovering your natural ability to create.


As divine love flows within my being, I am so happy that I am made in the image of my creator. My pure, positive, focused thoughts return to me because I have the power to co-create my reality, and so it is.

    The Sky Is Not the Limit

    I watched an eagle fly today,
    So high, so graceful and free.
    I longed that there could be a way
    That the eagle could be me.

    Oh, to feel the powerful wings,
    To float upon the wind,
    Way above the trees and things,
    The earth I could transcend.

    Being able to effortlessly fly,
    Seeing what the eagle can see,
    Traversing across the great big sky,
    And coasting on the breeze.

    Then suddenly it dawned on me,
    Right from my spiritual source,
    A transition that was to be,
    My soul's ultimate course.

    This realization came right through:
    My higher self is certainly free
    To do all that the eagle can do
    And to see all the eagle can see.

    I need not wait until I am dead
    To heed the heavenly call.
    My spiritual wings I can spread
    To be able to witness it all.

    To transcend this earthly bond,
    Even just for a minute,
    I must look to the great beyond,
    Where the sky is not the limit.


The sky is not the limit. Just like the eagle, you can fly free. When you decide that the ground is not enough, your higher consciousness can be your wings. When you choose the freedom of transcendence, you will go beyond your worldly limitations. As you rise above ordinary consciousness, your vision will begin to clear. While looking from above, you will see the whole picture at a glimpse. As your divine perception grows larger, the world will seem smaller and the truth will be so easy to see.


As divine love flows within my being, I am so happy to transcend ordinary consciousness. From this broader perspective I am now flying free, and so it is.

    Real Meaning Is Forever True

    Your cosmic phone may be off the hook,
    But you feel a spiritual leaning.
    It might be time to take a look
    At what has real meaning.

    Is it the money that sails your boat,
    Or does pleasure keep you alive?
    Search down deep and please take note.
    What motivates your drive?

    If meaning lies on the material plane,
    Your worries may start to mount.
    It may be time for you to maintain
    A heavenly bank account.

    Compare all things against the test of time.
    Think about when most things are faded,
    When you are no longer in this paradigm,
    Nor the things you've accumulated.

    Think deep into your future and into the past.
    How does it all make you feel?
    Imagine what you believe will last,
    And ponder what you think is real.

    Somewhere inside on a special shelf
    Lies an ingredient that is more than enough.
    It will connect you to your higher self,
    To this everlasting stuff.

    It's here that your soul will show its face,
    With goodness so strong and fine.
    And God will share this eternal place,
    Inside you where love is divine.


Pay attention to the cause of creation rather than its effects. The laws of creation are the laws that govern the whole universe, a reflection of the divine mind in action. These spiritual laws are the principles of true success. The principles of health, wealth, and great relationships all come from spiritual truths that are eternal in nature. As you put your spiritual and material lives in their proper perspectives, you will clearly see what will fade in time and what will last for eternity.


As divine love flows within my being, I am so happy that I live my life in alignment with my highest purpose. My time and energy are used wisely as I stay focused on what has real meaning, and so it is.

    The Power of Love

    The secret of life is yours to know,
    So you will truly be able to live.
    Fill yourself with love; then let it go,
    And give all that you can give.

    Love generates a magnetic ring,
    An energetic interaction.
    This is what creates the thing
    They call the law of attraction.

    The heart is the body's incubator,
    Allowing affection to flow through.
    It then becomes a love generator,
    Increasing that ring around you.

    The more joy that you can feel,
    And the more you can appreciate,
    Earth's greatest power will be so real,
    The more love you generate.

    If you aim with love you cannot miss.
    It makes light out of the dark,
    No power on earth compares with this.
    And it always hits its mark.

    There is nothing that you could desire,
    That the power of love cannot give,
    Including anything for which you aspire,
    As well as your purpose to live.

    So let this invisible force of love
    Do what it was meant to do.
    Allow this gentle power from above,
    Make all your dreams come true.


The power of love is the power of God. It is divine influence on earth and the foundation of every good thing. Love is the true power behind all human desires. This miraculous feeling is the gift you were given to create the life of your dreams. As you focus your attention on what you want with love in your heart, you magnetically attract the joyful experience of your desire into your life. So shine your light on the world with the power of love because it is the greatest power of all.


As divine love flows within my being, I am so happy that I create all the good that I desire with the power of love. The law of attraction magnetically draws what I love back to me and I see it in my reality, and so it is.


Excerpted from You Never Dance Alone by Carl Harmon, Sandra Harmon. Copyright © 2013 Carl and Sandra Harmon. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Introduction, ix,
Cosmic Dust, 1,
Seeing through God's Eyes, 5,
The Gift, 9,
Manifestation, 13,
The Sky Is Not the Limit, 17,
Real Meaning Is Forever True, 21,
The Power of Love, 25,
Dancing with the Universe, 29,
The Miracle Mind, 33,
Priceless Treasure, 37,
The Wolves, 41,
Gratitude, 45,
Cloud Nine, 49,
The Awesome Butterfly, 53,
Reality versus Illusion, 57,
Forgiveness, 61,
There Is No Death, 65,
The Power of Thought, 69,
Imagination, 73,
Let the Good Reign over You, 77,
Don't Hold Back Heaven, 81,
Let Your Heart Be Your Guide, 85,
When One Door Closes, 89,
Deeper ... Deeper ... Deeper, 93,
Emotional Locomotion, 97,
So Within, So Without, 101,
We Are the Fish, 105,
Prism, 109,
Ego versus Spirit, 113,
Don't Leave a Cosmic Hole, 117,
Dessert before Dinner, 121,
A Recipe for Expansion, 125,
You Are the Motor, 129,
Not Fighting to Win, 133,
You Will Have What You Become, 137,
Transformation, 141,
Sacred Journey, 145,
Who Am I, 149,

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